How Does The Marketing Concept Apply To Non-Profit Organizations

Each of the following five questions is worth 20 points. It is possible to get partial credit for your answers. Iam looking for depth of thought in your answers. Therefore, I would expect that you will use one full page foreach answer. I am also looking for original thought in your answers. I am not looking for you to repeat whatwas stated in the lecture or written in the text. Last, you need to defend your answers and illustrate your points. 1) How does the marketing concept apply to non-profit organizations? Are there aspects of the marketingconcept that do not apply to non-profit organizations? Refer to specific theory presented from thelectures and the text in your answers. Please use original examples to illustrate. 2) Explain all the possible ways that you could use market research if you worked for Mattel on the Barbiebrand. Make sure that you also explain the benefits from each piece of market research you define. 3) Choose a brand. What are all of the associations, both positive and negative, that you have with thatbrand? Assuming that your associations are comparable to other consumers, how would you use theseassociations in your marketing of this brand? Please present your marketing plan, considering all fourP’s of marketing. 4) Explain how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs plays a role in marketing. Please use original examples toillustrate your points. 5) Define the forces in the micro-environment? Which of these forces do you believe has the greatestimpact on marketing? Why? Define the forces in the macro-environment? Which of these forces do youbelieve has the greatest impact on marketing? Why?

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