How Does The Program Fund The Services It Provides

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper evaluating the financial aspects of your chosen social program. You will want to use information from your programs state services website for this paper, along with possibly other sources as needed. How does the program fund the services it provides? ( Be Specific, include examples). How reliable are the organization’s funding sources? How are you measuring this stability? (Be specific). Does your chosen program implement financial accountability measures to ensure that funds are being used properly? (Be Specific). What questions might you ask your state or local program provider if you had donated a large sum of money to support them? (Local state is NY)How would you want your donated money to be used for services? (Be specific and include examples). Format you paper consistent with APA guidelines. The social program you are going to write about is The NY Family Health Plus program. Be specific and include examples in the paper for every question and make sure there are no grammar errors. Thank you!

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