HR employment law

HR employment law

HR employment law I worked for a company who violated laws I reported this through the Open Door Policy and i recieved harsh punishment such as manufactured false adverse actions with suspensions, and a wrongful termination(submitted false docments to hide the truth, denied benefits) .

I was injured on the job and I reported to my superiors in a timely manner. I was told by my superiors that this would effect their bonuses so the HR Director stuck in a drawer and hid the truth.

I was denied benefits (workers compensation, unemployment) and they continue to win in each court based on false submission. I am petitioning the Supreme Court for my rights and the injustices that I recieved in the lower courts. I filed a discrimination Title Vll and because I was pro se and did not have an attorney I was denied, moot and closed to justice.

The laws did not apply to me as a black minority with protected rights. I am a role model employee and was in full compliance of laws but my employer was not. I did not commit the adverse actions that I was sanctioned, terminated for (No Call No Show).

At the Supreme Court Level what laws should I cite as the reasons they should take my case. What are the federal rules and laws for my employer not being in compliance and filing and submitting false information into federal courts (Department of Labor, Court of Appeals,

The State Board of Workers Compensation and the Workers Ccompensation Court of Appeals, The Federal District Courts 11th Circuit and the Court of Appeals, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Also list the rules and laws for noncompliance of employers and for misconduct and fraud.