Hrm 150-Negotiations In Organizations By Professor Jeffrey Berman

Please view a brief, 13 minute video on YouTube: http: //www. youtube. com/watch?v=ZWL3GXTpMeMIt’s a lecture on“Negotiations in Organizations” by Professor Jeffrey Berman of Salem StateCollege. You can feel free to skip Professor Berman’s lecture portion. You cando so by placing the cursor just above the play (arrow) button. You will see acircle with bars inside. Slidethat circle to 8: 02 to view the “Feedback Roleplay: Negotiation Skills. ” You will need to view this 5 minute portion for this week’sconference room activity. Your assignment is to answer the following questions based on the“Feedback Roleplay. ”: a. What are Lauren and Anthony’s specific goals in the negotiation?b. What is used to address the issue–a tactic or strategy or both?Explain. c. Do the individuals follow the steps you’ve learned about in yourreading in Fisher and Ury?d. Who was more persuasive: Lauren or Anthony?Explain. e. Are any particular perceptions readily noticeable?How was thecommunication between Lauren and Anthony? Did either use anyethically questionable tactics? Who was in the most powerfulbargaining position? Why?f. Who won? Explain.

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