Assignment 3: compensation at microsoft

Review Microsoft’s atonement temporization using the Argosy University online library instrument and the Internet. Review the organization’s urbane temporization in its annual description. A couple to Microsoft’s most ordinary annual description is in the Webliography labeled: Microsoft Annual Report.

Read the aftercited tenets:

Based on the notice in the tenets, the annual description and other scrutiny, transcribe a 3–4 page brochure in Word format aftercited APA standards which conceives the aftercited:

  • Prepare a board to bestow Microsoft’s atonement temporization on the aftercited five factors: objectives, alignment, competitiveness, employee considerations, and address. Create your board in Word format.
  • Compare Microsoft’s atonement temporization as specific in the proviso delay their urbane temporization as indicated in their annual description. What are the points of crowd and dispersion in the urbane and atonement strategies?  Assess the alignment among Microsoft’s urbane objectives and its atonement temporization.

Write a 3–4-page brochure in Word format and conceive your board. Apply APA standards for congruity title to your operation.

deliver your assignment to the M1: Assignment 3 Dropbox.