Case: off-duty conduct | Human Resource Management homework help

  Read the predicament consider subordinateneath and defense these 2 questions.

  1. Add your idea encircling the selects and decisions nature made—if this was your audience would you perform this select? 
  2. What would you do variously?   

The minute Southwestern city of Happy Hollow, delay a population of approximately 17,000 nationality, is a new bedroom nationality that is located fair a 15-minute push abroad from a superior city. Happy Hollow maintains a leader section delay one leader rank serving an area of 12 balance miles. It is staffed delay 15 full-time leaderfighters and 15 originate leaderfighters. The International Association of Leader Fighters (IAFF) represents all enduring, full-time employees of Happy Hollow’s leader section.

Four years ago, Tim Nelson was paid as a leaderfighter and indulged paramedic for Happy Hollow’s leader section. Previously, he fruited for 3 years as a leaderfighter for another minute city. Behind getting off fruit at 4:30 p.m. one late, he subsubjoined a adherent at a restaurant in the superior city a 15- or 20-minute push from where he lives and fruits. Nelson and his adherent had dinner and distinct quaffs at the restaurant and stayed there until behind midnight, when Nelson troop the adherent abode and then agoing on the push to his own abode.

Upon receiving calls at 12:43 a.m. encircling someone driving changefulally in a pickup deal at a tall scold of accelerate, Happy Hollow’s police section dispatched a police official to defy. Official Brian Jones observed someone driving the vivid deal at an exorbitant scold of accelerate. He followed for approximately one-half mile time observing changeful driving precedently respite the deal. Official Jones detected a hale redolence of alcohol hence from the pickup deal when he approached it. Official Jones then methodic the pushr as leaderfighter Nelson, who appeared unenergetic, delay red, infirm eyes. He noticed that Nelson had awkwardness performing the unadorned toil of retrieving his pushr’s indulge and scrutiny of protection coverage, and his oration was slurred. Official Jones concluded that Nelson appeared to be drenched. Meanwhile, another Ford pickup deal and a cooperate city sentry walk pushn by Sgt. David Martinez arrived on the colonization. The pushr and itinerant in the other pickup advised the police officials that the deal pushn by Nelson had borderswiped their walk precedently nature sealped by Official Jones, and they besides said that Nelson had failed to seal behind the garb. The crash agentd impairment to twain deals, ripping the mirrors from the itinerant border of the deal pushn by Nelson and the pushr’s border of the other deal.

Officer Jones solid that there was abstemious agent for apprehend and advised Nelson that he was nature apprehended for driving subordinate the swing (DUI) and leaving the spectacle of an garb. Upon arrival at the police rank, Nelson elected to debris to acquiesce to a Breathalyzer ordeal for measuring his rank alcohol. He was cited for a DUI and leaving the spectacle of an garb resulting in estate impairment to another walk. He was booked into jail and stayed for a few hours precedently he was released on fetter.

Firefighter and paramedic Tim Nelson was after placed on administrative liberty delay pay time the stuff was nature defyd. Following a 3-day inquiry, the leader section held a predisciplinary hearing where Nelson had an convenience to exalt picture his statement of what had happened immanent up to his early-morning apprehend. Nelson vivid sensitiveness a abrupt jolt when his deal hit celebrity time he was driving abode, but he claimed that he did not apprehend what he had hit or if he had hit everything at all. Nelson notorious that he had too greatly to quaff that late and that he should guide had someone push him abode. He said that although the limpid had occurred time he was off covenant, he was ready to do everything needful to guide his job.

Fire Section Chief Calvin Moore sharp out that he had apprehendn that Nelson had been previously apprehended for a DUI time fruiting as a leaderfighter for the other minute city but that he had paid Nelson as a leaderfighter for the Happy Hollow Leader Section anyway. Chief Moore explained that he had already ardent Nelson a cooperate fortuity when he paid him, and he was unready to present Nelson a third fortuity. Chief Moore periodical that Nelson had violated distinct rules and policies of the leader section and had failed in his covenant to the general as a leaderfighter and paramedic by not respite to repress to see if he had damaged anyone in the crash that he agentd that night. The limpid besides garnered speaking instrument care, including descriptions in Happy Hollow’s persomal intelligencepaper and on at meanest one intelligence description from a persomal television rank—thus hypothetically subordinatemining the general’s credit in the Happy Hollow Leader Department. For these reasons, Chief Moore conscious Nelson that his avocation was nature terminated “for agent.”

The concord filed a hardship alleging that Nelson’s forfeiture was too keen gone the limpid occurred time he was off covenant. The concord requested Nelson’s vindication delay forfeiture, such as a abstemious deprivation delayout pay and a notice. The city’s skill responded that they had a covenant to determine the general credit in the leader section. They besides said that the city’s rules and policies, as written in the concord–skill strive concurrence, periodical, “Employees shall guide themselves off covenant in such a kind as to parade reference as a part of the leader section. Guide unbehence a part of the Happy Hollow Leader Section gain be matter to disciplinary resuscitation, up to and including dismissal.”