Conduct a literature review using the gcu library. evaluate

Conduct a erudition retrospect using the GCU Library. Evaluate innate or immanent declaration and ascertain six to eight peer-reviewed chief inquiry declaration that furnish censorious livelihood for the peculiar soundness economy administration gist or separation you insufficiency to address in your Transaction Inquiry Paper.

Use the "Literature Review: Table of Evidence" template to muniment your constructive duty of each chief con-over. This muniment helps burst down the components of each condition to fix the condition meets the requirements for a administrative soundness economy monograph. Fix that each of your declaration furnishs instruction that meets each proof listed. Furnish a constructive and obvious interpretation when describing how each condition livelihoods your transaction inquiry subject-matter (between three and five sentences).

This assignment uses a "Literature Review: Table of Evidence Grading Form" that corresponds to the "Literature Review: Table of Evidence" template. Instructors allure be using the grading contrive to assess the assignment and furnish helpful feedback; accordingly, students should retrospect the grading contrive previous to preparation the assignment to befit intimate delay the assignment criteria and expectations for lucky gist of the assignment.

While APA contriveat is not required for the organization of this assignment, weighty academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA munimentation guidelines, which can be base in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.