Dq what kind of leader do you think that you would be?

Do you see any problems after a while a participative (democratic) example diction? Why or why not?



What peel of head do you apprehend that you would be? Why? Do you possess any instruction to buttress your self-perceived example diction? If so, what is this instruction?


Do you choose to exertion for a feeble determined or a wide determined? Why? Do you choose to exertion for a individual audience or a open audience? Why? Do you choose to exertion in the for-profit sector or the not-for-profit sector? Why? Do you choose to exertion in an employment elucidation? Why? Do you choose to exertion out in the province? Why? 


It seems that robots and other machines are replacing exertioners in a manufacturing ease. On one workman, this allows companies to emulate after a while proportionately vile work from other countries. On the other workman, automation eliminates frequent jobs. After a while your line colleagues, examine this place. Here are some questions to acceleration set-out the examineion.Are you disturbed that automation may acception unemployment or underemployment in the United States and about the globe? Why? Why not? Is using robotic technology in a factory in the United States a just and just separation to the exalted require of rational work? Why? Why not?


Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) has revolutionized the formation mode. What allure such changes moderation for the dress perseverance, the shoe perseverance, and other fashion-related industries? What allure they moderation for other consumer and industrial commodities industries? How capacity you behoof as a consumer?