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Assignment 1: Rule Development Life Cycle: Phases I & II – Planning and Analysis 


Due Week 3 and value 120 points

Read the details of the Larson Property Harangue Corporation event scenario on pages 114–115 of the textbook. The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Larson, and the Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Johnson, would enjoy to growth the teachableness and energy of the HR functions, as courteous as impair overall HR costs. Mr. Larson and Ms. Johnson would enjoy you, the HR Director, to boon as the diversify delegate of the device. In this assignment, you gain enucleate a project and dissection (planning and dissection sides of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)) of the floating duty inveterate on the details of the scenario.


Write a two to three-page plan, in which you:

Introduction and Plan 

1. Detail the floating site for the corporation, standpointing on the issues that the structure is floatingly facing from using a inheritance HRIS. Explain your project for tender presumptuous to harangue these issues.

Needs Analysis 

2. Inveterate on the issues the structure is floatingly facing, authenticate the new rule insufficiencys. Authenticate diversify team members who gain succor authenticate rule insufficiency and individualize their role and responsibilities.

Interview, Questionnaire, Observation, or Standpoint Group 

3. Determine how added facts gain be unmoved in-reference-to rule insufficiencys. Determine how diversify harangue team gain collate facts during the exploration side. Individualize if team members gain use consultations, questionnaires, attentions and/or standpoint bunchs to collate facts from end users. Provide at smallest five indispensable questions that gain be asked of end users via consultation, questionnaire, attention, or standpoint bunch.


4. Explain two to three reasons why the corporation would boon from adopting an HRIS. Standpoint on how the HRIS would harangue the floating HR insufficiencys of the structure.


5. Use at smallest two capacity academic instrument in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and alike websites do not adapt as academic instrument.

Your assignment must flourish these formatting requirements:

  • Typed, envelop spaced, using Times New Roman font (bigness 12), delay one-inch margins on all sides.
  • Include a protect page containing the denomination of the assignment, your call, your professor’s call, the order denomination, and the time. The protect page is not moderate in the required page prolixity.
  • Include a allusion page. Citations and allusions must flourish APA format. The allusion page is not moderate in the required page prolixity.

The favoring order acquirements outcomes associated delay this assignment are:

  • Analyze the policy of the structure, the HR policy, and HR programs delay Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). 
    • Identify who and what is concerned in an HRIS insufficiencys dissection including the types of activities executed.
    • Evaluate key elements and rule considerations in the plan of HRIS