Mba 525 professional development comprehensive assessment 2016


Question 1


Flexible consequence technology is casually referred to as:


(a)    Just-in-duration manufacturing


(b)   Quick technology


(c)    Lean consequence


(d)   Stefficient consequence


(e)   Unscheduled manufacturing


Question 2


Learning possessions are a end of:


(a)    Automation


(b)   Learning by doing


(c)    Sound consequence projectning temporization


(d)   Diseconomies of layer


(e)   Product scaleization




Question 3


Effective confidence declarations embrace:


(a)    All strategic directions of the erections


(b)   A scanty declaration of the crew’s direction


(c)    Strategic posturing and advenient objectives


(d)   Financial objectives and designed figures




Question 4


Sam Walton wanted Walmart to sustain consumes low. There’ vigor, as an copy to others, he myriad his own car and gifted his duty delay unvarnished, steel desks. In this predicament, Mr. Walton was displaying his:




(a)    Commitment.


(b)   Vision


(c)    Astute use of command


(d)   Emotional intelligence


(e)   Eloquence




Question 5




In contrariety to an erection’s confidence, its sidearm should:


(a)    Be incompleteer in prolixity.


(b)   Encompass twain the aim of the crew as well-behaved-behaved as the cause of competition


(c)    Encompass all the senior rules and courses of the oppidan work vigor


(d)   Be end details






Question 6




The instrument and capabilities that govern to the make of distinguished competencies are mainly created at which projecte of the erection?   




(a)    Business


(b)   Functional


(c)    Corporate


(d)   Global


(e)   Industry




Question 7




Cost decline pressures can be especially intent in industries producing:


(a)    Commodity-fashion consequences


(b)   Highly differentiated consequences


(c)    Goods that do not adequate on the cause of figure


(d)   Goods servicing barely defined bargains.


(e)   Highly advertised amiables




Question 8


The nucleus erectional arrangees as attested by Christopher Bartlett and Sumantra Sumantra Ghoshal are entrepreneurial arrangees, ability architecture arrangees, and:




(a)    Coordinating arrangees


(b)   Control arrangees


(c)    Revival arrangees


(d)   Renewal arrangees


Question 9


Which one of the aftercited activities is most slight to be a governership earnestness?


(a)    Coping delay erectional confusion


(b)   Formulation temporization


(c)    Problem solving to secure temporization is implemented


(d)   Planning and budgeting












Question 10


Which of the aftercited cognitive biases appears when rootedness makers assign smooth further instrument if they accept feedback that the project is gliding?




(a)    Prior theory bias


(b)   Reasoning by analogy


(c)    Illusion of govern


(d)   Escalation assignment


(e)   Representativeness


Question 11


Which of the aftercited is used to promptly appraise the mean scale of prop athwart countries?


(a)    Real GPD


(b)   Nominal GDP


(c)    Purchasing command parity


(d)   GDP per person




Question 12


What is the peculiar progression of the exposure of a transaction cycle?


(a)    Peak, defilement, trough, exposition, replacement.


(b)   Peak, defilement, replacement, trough, exposition


(c)    Peak, defilement, trough, replacement, exposition


(d)   Contraction, peak , trough, replacement, exposition


(e)     Recovery, trough, peak, exposition, defilement




Question 13


In the Confused States, by far the abundantst figure element in GDP ( Gross Private Product) is___________.


(a)    Gross special private boarding


(b)   Government escheatments of amiefficient s and utilitys


(c)    Consumption figures


(d)   Net exports


(e)   None of the overhead












Question 14


Unencroachment insurance:


(a)    Raises unencroachment and educes inquiry endeavor


(b)   Lowers unencroachment and reduces inquiry endeavor


(c)    Increases inquiry endeavor and raises unemployment


(d)   Increases inquiry endeavor and decline unemployment




Question 15




At academy X, students pay end than the makeweight discipline. At academy Y, students to-boot pay end than the makeweight discipline. If the afford is the corresponding at each academy, it follows that the incompleteage conciliate be grave at ________.




(a)     College X than academy Y


(b)   College X than the overplus at academy Y


(c)    College Y than the overplus at academy X


(d)   College X than academy Y if the insist is grave at academy X


(e)   There is not sufficient inmake to vindication this interrogation.




Question 16




Oil yieldrs await that oil figures instant year conciliate be inferior than oil figures this year. As a end, oil yieldrs are most slight to___________.




(a)    Place further oil on the barconstruct this year, thus mutability the give afford flexion of oil suitableward


(b)   Hold some oil off the barconstruct his year, thus mutability the give afford flexion of oil leftward


(c)    Place further oil on the barconstruct his year, thus increasing the measure furnishd of oil at inferior, but not remarkable, figures


(d)      Hold some oil off the barconstruct this year, thus decreasing the measure furnishd of oil at inferior, but not remarkable, figures


Question 17


A afford flexion that is correlative to the mawkish axis recommend that_________.


(a)    The perseverance is arranged monopolistically.


(b)   The interdependence betwixt figure and measure furnishd is inverse


(c)    A substitute in insist conciliate substitute the figure in the corresponding direction


(d)   A substitute in insist conciliate substitute the makeweight measure but not the figure.




Question 18


If the afford flexion and insist flexion for lettuce twain displace to the left by an correspondent aggregate, what can we say about the ending substitutes in figures and measure?


(a)    The figure conciliate acception but the measure may acception or decline.


(b)   The figure conciliate acception and the measure conciliate acception


(c)    The figure conciliate decline, and the measure conciliate acception


(d)   The figure conciliate arrive the corresponding but the measure conciliate acception


(e)   The figure conciliate arrive the corresponding but the measure conciliate decline




Question 20




If the escheatment and sale of marijuana beseem allowableized, _________.




(a)    The makeweight figure and measure delay twain soar.


(b)   The makeweight figure conciliate drop, but the substitute in makeweight measure depends upon whether the insist flexion displaces, further or the afford flexion displaces further.


(c)    The makeweight measure conciliate soar, but the substitute in makeweight figure depends upon whether the insist flexion displaces further or the afford flexion displaces further.


(d)   The makeweight figure and measure conciliate twain drop.


Question 21


Based on the aftercited crew declarations, which crew is most slight to be in the bargaining crew era?


(a)    Our sales vigor was efficient to hawk intermediaries further of our new consequence than they can rehawk in all of this year.


(b)   Our bargaining supervisor is coordinating pricing, consequence rootednesss, succorment and classification to acceleration us demonstration a benefit-utility at the end of this year.


(c)    The well crew is in amiefficient figure and insist exceeds what we can yield.


(d)    Our desire file project open by our bargaining supervisor is to dilate so that we can benefit-serviceably confront the desire-term needs of our customers.


Question 22


A crew which unravels a unique bargaining mix for the well barconstruct and does not portion the barconstruct uses which of the aftercited bargaining strategies?


(A)   Niche Marketing


(B)    Differentiated Marketing.


(C)   Undifferentiated Marketing.


(D)   Focused Marketing.






Question 23


The bargaining command of suppliers conciliate be violent when:


(a)    Suppliers cow to solidity ready into the perseverance.


(b)   The perseverance is a key customer collection to the suppliers.


(c)    There are few buyers and abundant suppliers.


(d)   The consequences are undifferentiated.




Question 24


With regard to perceptual maps, the way unconcealed as MDS stands for:


(a)    Memory Ascititious Scaling.


(b)   Multi-Dimensional Survey.


(c)    Marketing Digital Survey.


(d)   Multi-Dimensional Scaling.


Question 25


_______ is the arrange of naming consultation consequence-markets and then portioning these consultation consequence-markets in arrange to chosened target bargains and unravel suitefficient bargaining mixes.


(a)    Market positioning


(b)   Market Segmentation


(c)    Mass bargaining


(d)   Diversification




Question 26




A Marketing philosophy summarized by the turn “ a stronger convergence on political and holy concerns in bargaining” is distinction of _____________




(a)    The hawking concept


(b)   The barconstruct concept


(c)    The political barconstruct concept


(d)   The uncooked barconstruct concept




















Question 27




The mental sight for the bargainer is to discover a(n)______ collection of customers whose needs they can abundantly and benefit-serviceably confront.




(a)    Quality


(b)   Unmet


(c)    Untapped


(d)   Competing






Question 28




Knowledge of the _________ plainly enters into the rootedness of which portions the crew should smoothtually target.




(a)    Market


(b)   Company


(c)    Customer


(d)   Competitors




Question 29




Regarding the turn “duration is specie, “what fashion of consequence does duration seemingly keep on specie?




(a)    Positive consequence.


(b)   No Effect.


(c)    Little consequence.


(d)   Negative consequence.


Question 30


Which of the aftercited is crucial for prosperous bargaining implementation?


(a)    Researching the barconstruct and delivering violent appraise consequences.


(b)   Getting and sustaining end to the customer.


(c)    Maintaining figures at general projectes.


(d)   Adverting further than competitors.






Question 31




Which of the aftercited is NOT penny of the global matrix make?




(a)    It is repeatedly used to modeobjurgate the disadvantages associated delay the geographic area make.


(b)   It is repeatedly used to modeobjurgate the disadvantages associated delay global consequence diconfidence makes.


(c)    It is repeatedly used for sharing and coordinating responsibilities betwixt consequence dissolutions and geographic areas.


(d)   This make benefits front-line manages who now keep barely one boss-either a kingdom supervisor or a consequence diconfidence supervisor.


(e)   The matrix make may add layers of skillful-treatment.




Question 32


The staffing device cosmicalized on the reliance that social crowd are most after a whilehold is an copy of :




(a)    Ethnocentrism.


(b)    Hybrid admission.


(c)    Polycentrism.


(d)   Regiocentricism.




Question 33


Which of the aftercited is an discussion in huskness of decentralization?


(a)    Capability to prepare oppidan-wide coordination.


(b)   Consistency in rootedness-making.


(c)    Permits grave hasten, flexibility, and reversal.


(d)   Sufficient command for oppidan-plane supervisors to start expedient actions.


(e)   None of the overhead.




Question 34


The fashion of cognizance that is codifiefficient ( that is, it can be written down and transferred delayout losing fur of its fruitfulness) is projectated ____ cognizance.


(a)    Explicit


(b)   Implicit


(c)    Tacit


(d)   Lucid


(e)   Clear




Question 35


The Cosmical Bud Index was unravelment Initiative.


(a)    The oxford indigence and Cosmical Bud Initiative.


(b)   Sir Richard Jolly, Mahbub UI Haq, Gustav Ranis, and Lord Meghnad Desai.


(c)    The New Economics Foundation (NEF).


(d)   Bhutan’s husk Jigme Singye Wangchuck. 


Question 36


Which one of the aftercited is not an economic rationale for traffic agency?


(a)    Employment.


(b)   Balance of payments consequence.


(c)    Preservation of social identicalness.


(d)   Protection to private perseverance.


Question 37


Which one of the aftercited is to-boot unconcealed as Gross Social Consequence (GNP)?


(a)    Gross Private Income.


(b)   Gross Social Income.


(c)    Net Social Income.


(d)   Net Social Product.


Question 38


Which kingdom uses “ Gross Social Happiness” as an indicator of unravelment?


(a)    Thailand.


(b)   Bhutan,


(c)    Australia.


(d)   China.


Question 39


The instrument issued by the shipping crew in exports is projectated:


(a)    Commercial invoice.


(b)   Letter of faith.


(c)    Airway mandible.


(d)   Bill of freight.










Question 40


Government course of the figures attackd by cosmical monopolies is an copy of _______.




(a)    A security course.


(b)   An economic course.


(c)    An anti-trust course.


(d)   An anit-trust course.


(e)   An antimerer course.






Question 41


 In the aspect of demographic pressures practice delay an aging workforce, abundant masters try to induce____Among their older workers through coming seclusion spur programs.


(a)    Wage and allowance penalties


(b)   Work penalties


(c)    Involuntary


(d)   Attrition


(e)   Voluntary compunction




Question 42 




Title VII  of the ______ Act indentifies the aftercited as guarded collections: women, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islander Americans.




(a)    Fair Hiring


(b)   Equal encroachment


(c)    Equal turn


(d)   Civil Rights


Question 43


An practice of Statistical forecasting ways is that________.


(a)    Under the suitable modes, they furnish predictions that are fur further ceremonious than judgmental ways


(b)   They are especially profitable in dynamic environments


(c)      They are especially profitable if grave smoothts that appear in the work barconstruct keep not unromantic precedent


(d)   In the smootht of a allowable debate, they are further acceptefficient as manifestation by juries




Question 44


The leading march in the cosmical resources projectning arrange is _________.


(a)    Forecasting work insist and afford


(b)   Goal enhancement


(c)    Program implementation


(d)   Program evolution


Question 45


Which one of the aftercited is NOT an inner augmentation temporization?


(a)    Vertical integration


(b)   Market unravelment


(c)    Joint luck


(d)   Innovation


Question 46


Which one of the aftercited declarations about employee referrals as a job relief way is penny?




(a)    Compared delay other inner recruiting ways, employee referrals end in the violentest one-year action objurgate.


(b)   The employee referral adsidearm benefits barely the master and not the employee.


(c)    The circumlocutory employee referral adsidearm is a very low-consume relief way.


(d)   The employee referral arrange is a profitable way of increasing dissonance.


(e)   An erections that relies heavily on employee referrals conciliate keep no difficulty in complying delay correspondent encroachment turn sights.




Question 47




If a crew has a federal agree of further than $50,000 and has 50 or further employees, it________.




(a)    Must pay its courageous and fecourageous correspondently


(b)   Must keep job cognomens for full job


(c)    Is allowablely required to repress ascertained enumetrounce of juvenility employees


(d)   Must keep and delay by an correspondent encroachment device


(e)   Must keep  a sidearm declaration that supports dissonance








Question 48


Webb Greenhouse is looking for an courteous gardener/salesperson. Studies keep demonstrationn that the best recruiting way to grow this position is / are_____  




(a)    Ads in the social newspapers


(b)   A regard in the social gardening club newsletter


(c)    Posting the position on the crew Bulletin consultation


(d)   Applications from stride ins


(e)   None of the overhead, reinquiry demonstrations no disentangled differences in encroachment experiences from any one cause.


Question 49


Which term describes the arrange of gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing inmake about the jobs that are vitality executed and any new jobs that are envisaged?


(a)    Job cognomen.


(b)   Job separation.


(c)    Job demonstration.


(d)   Human resources list.


Question 50


__________ is the arrange of attempting to place and succor undeveloped applicants to devote for real or anticipated job openings.


(a)    Recruitment


(b)   Selection


(c)    Compensation


(d)   Placement


Question 51


Which declaration gives a mode that makes blowing the rejoice on a crew not sound uprightful but inexpedient?


(a)    A intimidation of thoughtful wound exists.


(b)   The rejoicebinferior has empty all inner channels for resolving the quantity.


(c)    The wound to be nullifyed overrides the wound executed to the rooted and to other employees


(d)   The rejoicebinferior has amiefficient deduce to regard that blowing the rejoice conciliate princident the wound.












Question 52


To act so that no wound is executed to a client would be defined as :


(a)    Nonmaleficence.


(b)    Autonomy


(c)    Beneficence.


(d)   Justice


Question 53


A Salesperson is dedicated national avowal and a abundant douceur for making a appraisefficient sale that he or she obtained using unholy temporization. This is an copy of :


(a)    Creating a field for recompense for unholy proceeding


(b)   Creating a field for recompense for holy proceeding


(c)    Failing to uplift barriers across holy proceeding


(d)   Failing to uplift barriers across unholy proceeding


(e)     Obedience to warrant.


Question 54


Although about______percent of American companies keep a written decree of ethics, surveys point-out that holy decrees are found________ constantly delayout the Confused States.


(a)    90; further


(b)   90:Less


(c)    50; further


(d)   50; end


(e)   50; end


Question 55


Which of the aftercited IS NOT an copy of the devotion faculty?


(a)    Endowing national libraries.


(b)    Supporting location houses for insufficient.


(c)     Supporting a governmental security agency.


(d)   Donating specie to a family-counseling nucleus.


Question 56


Many contamination govern endeavors keep:


(a)    Relatively incomplete payback epochs.


(b)   Lon-term express possessions on benefit-serviceability


(c)    Relatively incomplete payback epochs and desire-term express possessions on benefit-serviceability


(d)   Relatively desire payback epochs.




Question 57


The suitable to self-determination and immunity from the govern of others is projectated:


(a)    Beneficence


(b)   Justice


(c)    Fidelity


(d)   Autonomy.


Question 58


Reina hawks fatigues at exceedingly violent figures in her residence kingdom. However, uniformly a point standard of fatigue is outdated, she hawks the fatigues in another kingdom at a consume inferior than the consume of exporting the fatigues. Reina is participating in:


(a)    Price gouging.


(b)   Evacuating


(c)    Extricating


(d)   Dumping


(e)   Unloading




Question 59




Human suitables are :




(a)     The scales of texture to which all crowd are entitled.


(b)   Can safely be ignored by intersocial companies


(c)    Defined in the Confused Nations Global Compact


(d)   Of no profit to customers of intersocial companies.


Question 60


Bribes or payoff request:


(a)    Are acceptefficient if they are in the fashion of abundant currency disbursements.


(b)   Are ilallowable in the confused Sates barely if specie is the middle of shift.


(c)    Have been reputed acceptefficient by the U.S. Foreign vitiated Practices Act.


(d)   Are constantly associated delay nondurefficient consumer amiables.


(e)   Are constantly associated delay abundant erection agrees  










 Question 61


A Journal initiation annalsing an accrual:


(a)    Results in a meliotrounce matching of revenues and expenses.


(b)   Will compledge a something-due or faith to currency.


(c)    Will influence weigh shuffle assertions barely.


(d)   Will most slight embrace a something-due to a impost assertion.


Question 62


The aim of the pay declaration is to demonstration the:


(a)    Change in the untarnished barconstruct appraise of the property from the precedent pay declaration


(b)   Market appraise per divide of hoard at the determination of the declaration


(c)    Revenues attentive during the epoch expert by the declaration.


(d)   Net pay or net damage for the epoch expert by the declaration.


 Question 63


A fiscal year:


(a)    Is constantly the corresponding as the register year.


(b)   Is constantly chosened cosmicalized on the rooted’s unoccupied cycle.


(c)    Must constantly end on the corresponding determination each year


(d)   Must end on the decisive day of a month


Question 64


In an inflationary economic environment, the hawking figure set for a rooted’s consequences conciliate:




(a)    Not be influenceed by the consume issue effrontery used.


(b)   Be remarkefficient if decisive in Leading Out is used than if Leading In Leading Out is used.


(c)    Be remarkefficient if Leading In Leading Out is used than if Decisive In Leading Out is used.


(d)   Be ascititious from the weighted mean consume of list.


Question 65


The leaning of the objurgate earned on hoardholders’ equity to disagree disproportionately from the objurgate earned on aggregate property is casually referred to as:


(a)    Leverage.


(b)   Solvency


(c)    Yield.


(d)   Quick property






Question 66


Which of the aftercited is not a transition to be chronicled in the assertioning archives of an existence?


(a)    Investment of currency by the owners.


(b)   Sale of consequence to customers.


(c)    Receipt of a plaque recognizing the rooted’s succorment of employee competition in the Confused Way capital stimulate.


(d)   Receipt of Services from a “ quick-print” supply in exsubstitute for the pledge to furnish advertising project utilitys of equipollent appraise.


Question 67


The Journal initiation to annals the sale or disposition of a depreciefficient projectt asset constantly embraces:


(a)    Recognition of a construct.


(b)   A something-due to the accumulated backbiting assertion and for the cognate accumulated backbiting


(c)    Recognition of a damage.


(d)   A something-due to the asset assertion for the capacity appraise of the asset.     


 Question 68


The aggregate of the mean boarding for a designed boarding of $60,000 in a urban asset, delay a profitable vitality of immodest years, straight-line backbiting, o residual appraise, and an awaited aggregate net pay of $ 21,600 for the 4 years, is:


(a)    $10,800


(b)   21,600


(c)    5,400


(d)   $30,000


Question 69


For which of the aftercited reconciling items would an adjusting initiation be expedient?


(a)    A guard in transit.


(b)   An blunder by the bank.


(c)    Outstanding checks.


(d)   A bank utility attack.




Question 70


The faculty of consistence resources that:




(a)    The assertioning ways used by an existence never substitute.


(b)   The corresponding assertioning ways are used by all rooteds in an perseverance


(c)    The consequence of any substitute in an assertioning way conciliate be disclosed in the financial declarations or notes thereto.


(d)   There are not choice ways of assertioning for the corresponding transaction