The innovation process | Human Resource Management homework help

Your crew, a capacious online excellent develop, is planning to tool a new innovative collective networking technology for their tyros. The technology would sanction tyros to get to distinguish one another, network, and share in develop activities, such as having practical tyro whole elections and practical tyro committees. The crew feels that the power to accept this likeness of interaction and involvement natant tyros conciliate set the develop overhead the rivalry.


As the Chief Innovation Officer, you are imperative for the toolation and evaluation of the clarified technology. The crew must run betwixt developing their own collective networking arrangement or acquiring a diminutive online excellent develop that has already agoing crop on a homogeneous likeness of arrangement and is struggling financially. Your controller, the crew CEO, has succeed to you after a while some specific concerns and questions in-reference-to which technology to chosen.


Submit a one-page rejoinder to your controller sympathetic all of the forthcoming questions:


1. What factors must be considered when tooling an innovative technology within? What factors must be considered when tooling an extraneously adscititious innovative techology? How do the toolaion issues vary? How are they the identical?


2. What factors must be considered when evaluating an within tooled innovative technology? Why?


3. What factors must be be considered when acquiring an innovative technology extraneously? Why?