The study of organizational behavior mcq

1.      The examine of structureal proceeding furnishs ________ that are suited for specials at is-sue to imply and estimate the sundry forces that move proceeding in an structures.

a. guidelines

b. rituals

c. beliefs

d. textbooks

2.      The examine of structureal proceeding furnishs a set of tools that acceleration ________.

a. specials to imply, irritate, and illustrate proceeding in structures

b. specials to husband their instinct and base judgment to fulfil duty decisions

c. engender trodden and tit acquisition for all stakeholders

d. specials imply their own strengths and weaknesses

3.      Which of the subjoined stipulations BEST illustrates various engineers is-sueing contemporaneously, closely and intently, to shapeed a contrivance amid a ardent date brace?

a. knot

b. team

c. structure

d. fellowship

4.      The account ________ instrument giving employees throughout an structure the warrant to fulfil essential decisions and to capture duty for their outcomes.

a. self-management

b. empowerment

c. outsourcing

d. globalization

5.      Which of the subjoined is NOT an cheerfuls of the changing global dispensation?

a. growthd craveevity by separate is-sueers at a unmarried guild

b. loftier hurry for separates to ameliorate skills and desirability

c. spent companies doing is-sue in divergent countries

d. growths in transient employees

6.      To contest cheerfulsively opposing private and global emulation, structures can use all of the  subjoined EXCEPT ________.

a. downsizing

b. self-managed teams

c. supply is-sueers

d. job enrichment

7.      Behavior and feelings that are lineal from parents is MOST LIKELY a conclusion of ________.

a. serve

b. biological forces

c. unity forces

d. sort

8.      Which of the subjoined BEST deciphers the indicationificance of serve and sort in the

bud of an separate’s unity?

a. Neither serve nor sort is expedient to the bud of unity.

b. Only serve has an collision on the bud of an separate’s unity.

c. Both serve and sort are determinants of an separate’s unity.

d. Only sort is expedient to the bud of an separate’s unity.

9.      If a elaborationer build same twins, part-amongd at extraction, to be almost same in unity,

what would he MOST LIKELY complete?

a. Sort is spent essential than serve in determining unity.

b. Serve is spent essential than sort in determining unity.

c. Sort and serve denote correspondent roles in determining unity.

d. There are no conclusions that can be drawn from the elaboration.

10.  Which of the subjoined statements is FALSE?

a. Selection relates to the sort aspects of power.

b. Placement relates to the sort aspects of power.

c. Grafting relates to the serve aspects of power.

d. Placement relates to the serve aspects of power.

11.  The regulate of correspondently matching is-sueers forthcoming a while jobs that capitalize on their abilities is determined ________.

a. selection

b. rankifying

c. placement

d. ranking

12.  Training CANNOT be used to ________.

a. growth employees’ skills and abilities

b. growth solemn intelligence

c. ameliorate fulfilance

d. transmute separateities

13.  A special’s is-sue values are ________.

a. proportionately crave durable

b. unroving aggravate date

c. unyieldingenedened to determine

d. theme to transmute perfect day

14.  People’s separate convictions environing what end states one should foresee from is-sue and how one should beaccept at is-sue gain is-sue ________.

a. attitudes

b. moods

c. proceedings

d. values

15.  Examples of inherent is-sue values apprehend all of the subjoined EXCEPT ________.

a. desiring to be challenged

b. establishing collective contacts

c. destitute to acquire new things

d. making essential contributions

16.  Which of the subjoined strategies would LEAST LIKELY elevate moveive commitment?

a. ask employees to words on a well-behaved origin and then donate proceeds

b. suffer employees to tend in topical considerate structures, unintermittently a month

c. ask employees to indication non-compete harmonizements

d. living environmental origins

17.   ________ commitment exists when employees are lucky to be members of an structure.

a. Affective

b. Continuance

c. Escalation of

d. Codependent

18.  Which of the subjoined is an employee forthcoming a while moveive commitment LEAST mitigated to do?

a. be deceased for is-sue

b. fulfil OCBs

c. forsake their job

d. capture days off

19.  When directors befit conscious of sign of undeveloped distinction, they should do all of the subjoined EXCEPT ________.

a. pay next circumspection to the problem

b. act proactively to discourse the undeveloped problem

c. critique the structure’s policies and habits

d. discourse the undeveloped discriminator unfairly

20.  The three components of sight are ________.

a. spectacle, hearing, and touching

b. observers, notice targets, and opinions

c. capacity, rendering, and explanation

d. footing, distinguishr, and target of sight

21.  The ________ is whateternally the distinguishr is unmanagepowerful to fulfil judgment of.

a. quandary

b. footing

c. target of sight

d. paradigm of possibility

22.  Despite the circumstance that she walked into the confabulation chewing gum, which Dan build very unprofessional, he remunerated Margaret, in sever, accordingly, approve him, she was born and violent in Ohio. On her chief two or three job fulfilance evaluations, Dan gave her proud ratings, well-balanced though she was repeatedly deceased and missed sundry deadlines, beorigin she made a cheerful aggravateall collision, distinctly compared to her very not-aconcern co-workers.

 Which of the subjoined biases has Dan NOT known to obscure his judgement when it ends to Margaret?

a. primacy cheerfuls

b. dissimilarity cheerfuls

c. halo cheerfuls

d. correspondent-to-me cheerfuls

23.  The variation grafting program at Toots Software Specialists, Incorporated, has end beneath sifting in the spent various years. According to those who accept filed sicknesss, the guild has not executeed sufficient to truly retinue employees on the government of a different is-sueforce. This, some accept claimed, has led to a close than acceptpowerful is-sueplace environment. As a remunerated is-sueplace variation consultant, which of the subjoined variation grafting programs would you MOST LIKELY applaud to the leader’s at Toots Software Specialists?

a. self-awareness activities, in which severicipants’ own prejudices and stereotypes are


b. grafting techniques that emphasize the avail of subordinates’ counterfeit of


c. role-playing that emphasizes the suitedness of despotic correction in sight

d. None of the overhead would be cheerfulsive grafting techniques.

24.  Bonnie is-sues for Thermal Appliances, Inc. as a salesperson. In her twelve years forthcoming a while the  company, she has familiar intermittent footings in which virile employees accept told sexually-explicit jokes in her influence, sent sexually-explicit emails, and made irrelevant comments environing her dress and presumption. Aggravate the years, Bonnie has apprised her superiors of the irrelevant proceeding, but no measures were eternally capturen to cast it. She  recently ruled that this proceeding was bothering her to the top of moveing her is-sue and her covet to arrive forthcoming a while the guild. Beorigin of this she made an ordinance to say forthcoming a while a counsel environing her options. What succeed her counsel’s instruction MOST LIKELY be?

a. She should accept made the sickness when the sexual harassment chief began beorigin

 now she has no predicament.

b. She has a cheerful predicament opposing her guild for unfavorpowerful is-sue environment sexual


c. She has a cheerful predicament opposing her guild for quid pro quo sexual harassment.

d. She does not accept a predicament for sexual harassment beorigin her superiors did not confront

 reason sufficient to coercion the men confused.

25.   ________ is a proportionately persistent transmute in enlightenment or proceeding that conclusions from  habit or experiment.

a. Learning

b. Reconstruction

c. Proceeding species

d. Operant conditioning

26.  Learning does NOT claim a acquireer to ________.

a. acquire in a indubitable date frame

b. experiment any permutation in enlightenment or proceeding

c. experiment any persistent or crave durpowerful transmute

d. acquire via habit or through experiment

27.  In operant conditioning, acquireing occurs when the acquireer recognizes the conjoin betwixt a(n) ________.

a. proceeding and its consequences

b. conditioned stimulus and its counterpart

c. beyond and a successor

d. indirect subscription and its outcome

28.  According to Peter Senge, which of the subjoined is NOT a key distillation accessible to a acquireing structure?

a. promising low self-efficacy

b. promising acquireing in knots and teams

c. developing deep schemas

d. communicating a shared confidence for the structure

29.   ________ BEST strengthen(s) structureal members to imply is-sue activities.

a. Daily carriage

b. Hardened is-sue

c. Deep schemas

d. Thoughtful beliefs

30.  An essential ingredient for a acquireing structure is ________; that is, nature powerful to capitalize on the enlightenment that members of the structure accept, which capability not be written down or codified in correct documents.

a. grounds mining

b. instruction government

c. enlightenment government

d. infrastructure analysis

31.  Which part of is-sue motivation answers the investigation, “How unyieldingenedened does a special is-sue to fulfil a separated proceeding”?

a. flatten of effort

b. openness

c. flatten of persistence

d. troddenion of proceeding

32.  A collective schoolman examineing motivation would MOST LIKELY decipher that arriving at is-sue deceased or ignoring structureal rules are the conclusions of ________ motivation.

a. belowneath middle

b. dysfunctional

c. poor

d. misdirected

33.  ________ is an evaluation of the conclusions of a special’s proceeding.

a. Motivation

b. Performance

c. Flatten of effort

d. Flatten of persistence

34.   ________ right is restless forthcoming a while the distinguishd openness of the regulatees used to fulfil decisions environing the disposal of outcomes.

a. Distributive

b. Procedural

c. Interseparate

d. Informational

35.  ________ right pertains to employees’ sights of the quantity to which directors decipher their decisions, and the procedures used to fulfil them, to employees.

a. Distributive

b. Procedural

c. Interseparate

d. Informational

36.  Preliminary elaboration has shown that sights of ________ right may be distinctly essential when outcomes approve pay and benefits are proportionately low.

a. instructional

b. distributive

c. procedural

d. interseparate

37.  Job ________ is the regulate of conjoining particular tasks to particular jobs and of deciding what techniques, equipment, and regulatees should be used to fulfil them.

a. dissection

b. particularation

c. contemplation

d. species

38.  All of the subjoined are existing approaches to job deindication EXCEPT ________.

a. philosophical government

b. job expansion

c. job enrichment

d. job intercession

39.  Scientific government is a set of principles significationing job ________.

a. simplification and specialization

b. expansion and enrichment

c. fulfillment and meaning

d. grafting and bud

40.  The instruction schemes function at Wilson and Davis Co. was ardent the particular and unamenpowerful aim of acquireing how to program a new computer scheme amid 20 days of the  equipment’s coming. Although the function has familiar and fitted programmers, two months forthcoming equipment investation, the function has tranquil not acquireed how to program the deep scheme. This intelligible illustrates that ________.

a. employee severicipation in aim enhancement is fastidious to its success

b. aim enhancement may not is-sue for entangled tasks that claim a considerpowerful sum of acquireing

c. structureal citizenship proceeding is essential in regulate to terminate aims

d. aim enhancement cannot is-sue when the is-sueers noncommunication the skills to fulfil at a proud flatten

41.  The expedient parts of a happy MBO program apprehend all of the subjoined EXCEPT ________.

a. particular aims

b. unamenpowerful aims

c. penalties

d. rapport and duty betwixt the director and the subordinate

42.  When subjoined the government by objectives regulate, if stipulations transmute which of the subjoined is FALSE?

a. It can be essential to accept a succeedingness to transmute objectives in midstream.

b. It may no craveer be alienate to use the initiatory objectives.

c. There is no top in stpowerful is-sue inland irrelevant objectives.

d. There is no deficiency to transmute objectives.

43.   ________ is the experiment of opportunities or browbeatings that specials distinguish as essential although they fright beorigin they capability not be powerful to feel or trade forthcoming a while cheerfulsively.

a. Stress

b. Anticipation

c. Excitement

d. Expectancy

44.  The superior circumstanceors of signification that move perfectone are browbeating, occasion, avail, and  ________.

 a. uncertainty

 b. expansiveness

 c. proceeding

 d. emotion

45.  If an structure wanted to minimize the jeopardy of is-sueplace injustice it would be LEAST LIKELY to ________.

 a. determine that employees are conscious of the is-sueplace injustice policy

 b. furnish employees forthcoming a while cell phones

 c. invest warranty schemes in the is-sueplace

 d. prproffer a rugged caution for the chief wrong of injustice

46.  When job ________ is used, two or spent employees are imperative for a unmarried job and harmonize on how to part-among job-related tasks and is-sueing hours.

a. sharing

b. rotation

c. enrichment

d. diversification

47.  For an mistress, which of the subjoined is NOT an usage of telecommuting?

a. loftier productivity

b. lowly absences

c. remonstrance of valupowerful employees

d. coordination of is-sue

48.  Which of the subjoined is LEAST LIKELY to be a rank dressed beneath an employee heartiness government program?

a. prioritize cheerfulsively

b. plug smoking

c. eat a heartinessy diet

d. ameliorate your separate well-being

49.  The two basic attributes of a knot are ________.

a. that members of a knot interact forthcoming a while one another and regard that there is undeveloped

 for reciprocal aim shapement

b. that members of a knot interact forthcoming a while one another and are safe the

 accomplishment of a base aim

c. that members of a knot accept correspondent aims and syngestic capabilities to shape

 their objectives

d. that members of a knot accept intent interactions forthcoming a while one another and estimate spent

 than three specials

50.  A ________ is a set of two or spent specials who interact forthcoming a while each other to terminate indubitable aims or encounter indubitable deficiencys.

a. circumstanceion

b. knot

c. gathering

d. quorum



Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior

Sixth Edition, 2012

ISBN-13: 9780136124436

Jennifer M. George and Gareth R. Jones

Prentice Hall