Understanding and managing organizational behavior quiz set 1

1) A indicative segregate of a superintendent’s job in an construction is to use the tools and techniques open through constructional manner scrutiny to acception constructional

A) perplexity.

B) ethicale.

C) constitution.

D) capability.

2) After a while self-manantiquated teams, the superintendent’s new role is to

A) confabulation and choice new team parts.

B) afford information and help as a coach.

C) select service for the team.

D) suite new recruits for the team.

3) Once the construction has gathered the requisite instrument, the ________ quantity begins.

A) input

B) recordry

C) conversion

D) output

4) The ethics of an construction are fixed on all of the forthcoming except

A) strategies.

B) ethical rules.

C) values.

D) beliefs.

5) Rick Ward, anthropological instrument superintendent for May and Simmons Company, is enucleateing a new benefits package that can be usageized to afford circumspection for uncombined vitality segregateners and productioners caring for antiquated parents. Such a program would engage the ________ investigate of managing dissimilarity.

A) fairness

B) exploit

C) sensitivity

D) flexibility

6) Which of the forthcoming is not gentleman of global differences?

A) Americans keep an indivisibleistic orientation inland production.

B) In Europe, the middle employee receives from indelicate to six weeks remunerated holiday a year.

C) Level of exploit is the ocean determinant of advancement opposing the world.

D) Japanese mob keep a collectivist orientation inland production.

7) ________ is the manner by which constructions cut costs by laying off superintendents and productioners.

A) Downsizing

B) Outsourcing

C) Strategic planning

D) Corporate empowerment

8) It has been estimated that encircling ________ of the U.S. productionhardness today consists of segregate-period employees.

A) 15 percent

B) 40 percent

C) 30 percent

D) 20 percent

9) According to OB scrutiny, which of the forthcoming accomplish not designate constructions in the forthcoming?

A) Organizations accomplish oceantain a capacious, full-period drudge hardness.

B) Freelancers accomplish be compensated when deficiencyed.

C) Part-period employees accomplish not be “gentleman constructional employees.”

D) Core employees accomplish be exceedingly suiteed and rewarded.

10) Which of the forthcoming was not a drift when Standard Textile Company opened its pliancy in Linyi, China?

A) Defective usage record segregates

B) The heating system

C) The accoutre of low-cost drudge

D) Polluted water

11) Standard Textile Company’s Chinese employees are not frequently commodious

A) attainments new techniques.

B) enacting their jobs courteous.

C) presentation the commencement.

D) All of the above

12) Experience from scrutiny on disconnected particular twins suggests that almost ________ percent of the departure in mob’s specialalities can be attributed to genetic factors.

A) 50

B) 35

C) 65

D) 25

13) It is very relevant for superintendents to know that

A) they deficiency to select into recital indivisible differences in individuality.

B) they can exexvary a productioner’s individuality singly after a while the allowance of the productioner.

C) a productioner who complains a lot probably has individuality drifts.

D) individuality does not assume how mob enact at their jobs.

14) Which one of the forthcoming is not one of the big five traits of individuality?

A) Neuroticism

B) Interlocution

C) Extraversion

D) Conscientiousness

15) Individuals after a while an ________ admire that their own actions and manners keep an contact on what happens to them and their lot.

A) inside locus of control

B) exterior locus of control

C) extrasensory individuality

D) formal self-image 

16) Scales used to mete multiform individuality traits are fixed on

A) suiteed professionals rating the actions of observed subjects.

B) indivisibles echoing a sequence of questions encircling themselves.

C) procedures that are dear and period consuming.

D) None of the above

17) A special who can unexceptionably determine who is the most competent part of a production bunch from a sequence of comparisons opposing parts is displaying

A) the power to see relationships.

B) spatial power.

C) reasoning power.

D) auricular power.

18) Cognitive and natural abilities can grow-worse or befit mixed owing of

A) enormous weight.

B) garbage abuse.

C) malady.

D) All of the above

19) A special’s thoughts and handleings encircling the import and truth of production itself are called

A) values.

B) emotions.

C) moods.

D) attitudes.

20) Production values are relevant for knowing and managing constructional manner owing they

A) exexvary from hour to hour and detailed to detailed.

B) unearth how mob handle when they are enacting their jobs.

C) ponder what mob are up-hill to close through and at production.

D) empower superintendents to touch their productioners.

21) Assuming employees accomplish be motivated by over sensational production assumes that ________ production values are relevant to employees.

A) intrinsic

B) psychological

C) economic

D) extrinsic

22) Which of the forthcoming can a manger or construction do to raise real moods in the productionplace?

A) Promoting political interaction

B) Giving compliment when it is deserved

C) Providing agreeable, commodious productioning conditions

D) All of the above

23) Which of the forthcoming is gentleman of hope?

A) Hope is an indication of faith in another special or bunch that you accomplish not be put at endanger, harmed, or damaged by their actions.

B) A failure of hope among employees and superintendents is repeatedly symptomatic of over favorite drifts.

C) Hope can repair partnership.

D) All of the above

24) The facet design hardnesss superintendents and scrutinyers to avow that

A) jobs do not assume employees.

B) jobs assume employees in poor ways.

C) jobs assume employees in multiple ways.

D) None of the above

25) Employers’ attempts to enucleate “family-friendly” policies and benefits are an exertion to

A) subdue insurance costs.

B) subdue governmental authority.

C) resort to all employees’ motivator deficiencys.

D) discourse an relevant job facet for abundant employees.