Unit vi you fail to reach an informal settlement agreement with the

You miscarry to strain an ambagious precipitation treaty after a while the area ruler. You rasp a Notice to Argue after a whilein the required 15-day time. Your subject is assigned to an functional law referee (ALJ). Prepare a instrument summarizing the subject you accomplish refer to the ALJ. The instrument should examine the subjoined at a insufficiency:
 which extracts and penalties you would argue,  the rationalistic subsequently each argueed extract and/or retribution,  instruments you would produce to the hearing,  individuals you would use at the hearing,  how the subject precedently the ALJ differs from the ambagious meeting,  what advice accomplish be introduceed precedently the ALJ that was not introduceed in the ambagious meeting, and   what advice you would ask from OSHA as sunder of indication.
You must influence your actions after a while legitimate sources. Your gait accomplish be inveterate on your ability to introduce a subject to your confessor, serving as the ALJ, to contract or annul either the hardship of some extracts or the total of some penalties. If you solely recite that you recognize the extracts and penalties as written, you accomplish assent-to a minimal jaw on the assignment. 
Your reply must be a insufficiency of two pages in protraction, using at lowest one allusion. All sources must be cited in the extract and on the allusion page, using APA style