SOLUTION: BA 302 Upper Iowa University WK 2 Research Article Organizer Reflection

Research Designation Organiz Article Title Author(s) Topic Problem Purpose The Perceptions of K-12 Administrators' Self-efficacy on the Usage of Skype as an Online Communication Software Tool Kiriakidis, P. Online Communication Tools Need for online communication systems to livelihood administrators Examine whether or Selfnot a software determination program such as Skype Theory (SDT) can aid school administrators in professional fruit in providing livelihood to administrators “Circle of Friends” (CoF) Autism Intervention for Older Students The completion is the need for effective gregarious skills inoculation for effect after a assistableness ASD The intention of this con-aggravate was to understand individuals' interpretations of the CoF phenomenon Implementing a Schlieder, M. “Circle of Friends” Peer-Mediated Intervention for High School Students after a assistableness Autism Theory The conceptual frameresult that guided the con-over was constructivism, which postulates that learners construct knowledge based on a combination of previous experiences and social interactions Research Designation Organizer Research Design Qualitative Case Study Research Method Research Questions Analysis Method Findings Open-ended interviews that were transcibed; Member checking Case analyses conducted for each participant All dissecticipants reported that they fabricate a more positive self-efficacy via interactive skype and insightful online communication experiecnces granted via Skype. Inductive dissectition to code for themes: Hand dissectition involved coding information from sources, the interviews, and partnering action documents. In order to do a cross-case analysis, a comparison table was created organizing information generated from parent, facilitator, and partnering action. Four deep themes emerged from a cross-subject dissectition of the facts. The research uncovered the govern a CoF co-operation initiative has on inclusion, gregarious skills improvement, empowerment, and sense of wellbeing. In importation to benefits, dissecticipants shared challenges and recommendations for advenient CoF utensilation. Several unforeseen perceiveings also came to inconsiderable. A collateive Qualitative subject con-aggravate was used to investigate experiences of parents, teachers, and community action leaders participating in this design. 1. What are the experiences of group facilitators, parents, and nonprofit community action directors in three area lofty schools implementing “Circle of Friends” (CoF) PMI? 2. How do the contributions of the community organization providing professional development, funding, and ongoing livelihood govern CoF implementation in three area lofty schools Notes environing article The intention of this template is: 1. Provide you after a assistableness an unembarrassed way to conduct notes on the subscription you collate. This enables the designation notes to be corporeal and feasible in the advenient. You obtain perceive that you obtain scantiness to conduct course of all subscription that you use throughout your program. 2. The components interjacent in this template align after a assistableness those base in research articles. This template helps you remain nucleused on those components assistableness lection. You obtain perceive that you are very agreeable after a assistableness these components when it comes time to transcribe erudite result yourself. This is one model of an organizer that can be used. You may perceive any calculate of methods that may best assist your organizational title. The great art is to create and use an unembarrassed scheme. Corporate and Non-Academic Learners Subject Con-aggravate Outline Scenario You are dissect of a team at a feeble medical cognizance startup interest denominated Setem Technologies that is looking to speedily diffuse aggravate the present five years. The CEO/Founder of Setem Technologies is resulting on present year’s budget and sees no conclude to apportion funds for inoculation and fruit (T&D). Others in the society vary after a assistableness the CEO and see lucid benefits to the interest of a comprehensive similarity to inoculation employees. The suggestions for proportioned T&D into the budget file from a inoculation policy plain in-house to solutions based environing hiring superficial inoculation vendors. It is your operation to fashion a recommendation to the CEO as to the space the society should nucleus on inoculation absorbed the budget constraints and whether beyond vendors or internal staff should be occupied to utensil the society’s inoculation programs. Stakeholders Company Founder, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Director of Human Resources, Program Director, Sales Representative Document Set 1 • Document 1: Society aggravateview from the organization’s Founder (includes estimate subterfuge). • Document 2: E-mail from Director of Human Resources advocating for boarding in a inoculation and fruit policy. • Document 3: Summary from distinguished T&D dealing concourse arguing that investments in inoculation can be measured in the society’s depth line (sent via e-mail from the Program Director). • Document 4: E-mail from CFO making the subject that the society should outsource inoculation. Document Set 2 • Document 5: E-mail from Founder of society arguing that T&D is not a good boarding for Setem Technologies. • Document 6: E-mail from Director of Human Resources advocating that the society would produce a competitive practice by conducting a needs toll after a assistableness an current aggravateview of how to erection a needs assessment. © 2014 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 1 of 2 • Document 7: Cost/benefit dissectition of the divergent types of inoculation (inperson, eLearning, etc.) shared by the Program Director. • Document 8: E-mail from Director of Human Resources environing attrition rates after a assistableness an egress meeting of a Sales Representative. © 2014 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 2 of 2 ...
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