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Khan Fact 7B Spring 2020 Primary Origin Paper #2 (revised) Find and Share a Principal Origin that Interests You! Deadline: Sunday, May 10, by 11:59pm on Canvas Purpose: To habit the perturbation of ancient unvarnished inquiry, in a short, week-hanker assignment, termliness demonstrating momentous thinking, research, and despatch skills Instructions: 1. Perceive a principal origin that interests you, that is ○ Part of U.S. History ○ From 1865-2000 ○ Not assigned in class 2. Do some enhancement lection on the subject, identifying at lowest two legitimate minor sources (legitimate web posts are honorable, see tips underneath) 3. Transcribe me a communication at lowest three paragraphs hanker, in which you ○ Describe the origin in detail--keeping in memory that I may own never seen it! ○ Explain what this origin can promulgate us environing its unvarnished tenor. How does this origin dare us to plod beyond of our give-minded fabricate of reference and see things from a unvarnished perspective? How does it report to the fact we discussed this semester? ○ Explain what this origin has to promulgate us environing our own cosmos-people. How does it connect to the give? Why did you elect it? ○ Adduce your origins (see this Guide to Citing Unvarnished Sources), and conjoin a copy of your principal origin (in the produce of a with, an representation, etc.). And yes, I comprehend, we don’t usually adduce our origins in communications; but I demand to be talented to see and understand what you are referencing! What counts as a principal origin? A principal origin is a origin of advice that was created in that term determination, and that provides a first-hand statement of smoothts. Remember, as-well, that a principal origin does not own to be in written produce, but can be a behalf of voicelessness, a structure, a carol, etc. (If you own questions environing what qualifies as a principal origin, proportioned ask me.) How do I perceive a principal origin? If you own a local subject in memory, you can try penetrateing your pursuit subject into the pursuit box of the Library of Congress Digital Collections, or smooth by doing a rudimentary Google pursuit for your subject + “principal origins.” Khan Fact 7B Spring 2020 If you are unsure environing a subject and looking for intuition, you can perceive principal origins organized by subject area on the “Teachers Principal Origin Sets” of the Library of Congress web site, or on the “Primary Origin Sets” page of the Digital Public Library of America. How do I perceive enhancement advice (minor origins) reportd to my principal source? You may weakness to perceive origins that report to twain the broader and the over local tenor for your principal origin. (For issue, if you weaknessed to transcribe environing a carol by Langston Hughes, the Harlem Renaissance bard, you would weakness to decipher up on the Harlem Renaissance as well-behaved as the recital of Langston Hughes.) You are grateful to use either legitimate, informational/educational websites (see this weak film prune for tips on perceiveing legitimate online sources), or read origins--using one of the fact electronic databases on Berkeley City College Library’s web post (you gain demand to penetrate your novice ID to vestibule). 2 minor sources are satisfactory for this assignment. How do I adduce my origins? You demand to use in-line citations as well-behaved-behaved as a Works Cited Page, and to produceat your citations in MLA produceat. See this Guide to Citing Unvarnished Sources for local instructions and issues. ...
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