SOLUTION: CNDV 5307 Lamar University Middle School Classroom Intervention Lesson Plan


Part 1: Unfold a average train classroom progress intercession/warning contemplation (for 6th, 7th, or 8th gaugers) educated by Chapter 127. Texas Essential Understanding and Skills (TEKS) for Progress Fruit Subchapter A. Middle, the American Train Counselor Association (ASCA) Mindsets and Behaviors, and American Train Counselor Association (ASCA) General Standards for Students.

Note: This brochure does not possess to be written in APA. Format and construct your brochure in a regularity that is manifest and indulgent to thrive for readers. Although bountiful APA formatting is not required, the brochure should quiet grasp a conceal page, intimation page, and use misspend formatting to choice sources (2 negotiative sources are required in Portio 1, individuality 3 & 2 negotiative sources are required in Portio 2, individuality 3).

Part 1: Average Train Classroom Intervention/Lesson Plan

Student earn be challenged after a while unfolding a progress classroom intercession at the average train contemplatione (for 6th, 7th, or 8th gaugers) that orationes at lowest one TEKS average train banner, one ASCA general banner for novices after a whilein the progress inclosure, and one ASCA mindset and one deportment (hint: all these banners and leadlines in rolled in the required readings on Blackboard. Our textbook besides specifically identifies ASCA mindsets and deportments for this population of novices (p. 218, Consideration 10.2) .

As a train counselor, you earn frequently asunmistakable that you are in a residence in which your programming is required to converge unmistakable narrate banners, and are besides required/or tower to converge concomitant general banners.

For illustration, if you are a train counselor in Texas, your progress programming and intercessions must converge House Bill 5 requirements (the TEKS in portio succor to converge these requirements) after a whilein the composition of the Texas General Model. Additionally, if you run to apportion for RAMP recollection through ASCA, now you besides possess to consentaneously utensil the ASCA general illustration. oration all ASCA General Standards for Students, and oration ASCA mindsets and deportments. All this sounds enjoy a lot, doesn’t it?

Well, luckily frequent of the aloft leadlines and banners are aligned and overlap in provisions of requirements. Portio of substance lucky at convergeing turbid opposed banners from multiple sources is substance strategic in how you align your intercessions and programming after a while the associated banners and leadlines (e.g., hitting two birds after a while one stone) inferior the umbrella of your large train counseling program.

For illustration:

In this assignment, you force choice a TEKS banner, an ASCA novice banners, and an ASCA mindset and deportment that are all air-tight aligned after a while one and another. This way, after a while a sole progress intercession, you can oration banners from multiple sources.

For illustration, for Portio 1, I force use the thriveing TEKS, ASCA novice banner, and ASCA mindset and inseclusion to lead my progress intercession owing they are all air-tight aligned/complimentary of one and another.


TEKS §127.2. Investigating Careers.

(c) Understanding and skills

(2) The novice investigates progress pathways in one or past of the 16 progress clusters. The novice is expected to:

  • (A) exploration the academic requirements for one or past of the progresss in an identified cluster;

ASCA Novice Banner in the Progress Domain

C:A1.1 Unfold skills to lodge, evaluate and solve progress information

ASCA mindset and deportment

Mindset: Understanding that postsecondary order and lifelong literature are expedient for long-term progress achievement.

Behavior: Identify long- and short-term academic, progress, and socioemotional goals

As can be gleaned from examining the aloft banners, they all distribute homogeneous patterns and can be orationed after a whilein a sole classroom progress warning.

*Note: in the circumstance you are an out of narrate novice and your narrate has homogeneous banners for average train novices to that of the TEKS, you may use the banners from your narrate. The rubric was specifically built to remit for this possibility.

Next, you earn use the choiceed banners to lead your fruit of a progress classroom intercession/warning contemplation.

For portio one, novices earn unfold a classroom progress intercession. Use the beneath criteria to construct your brochure.

  • Standards. First, declare the average train gauge contemplatione for the intercession. Identify at lowest one TEKS (or resembling narrate banner from another narrate), one ASCA novice banner in the progress inclosure, one ASCA mindset, and one ASCA deportment that earn be orationed in your progress intercession.
  • Curriculum Objective. Unfold 1-3 novice literature remainders for the progress intercession. These remainders should distribute a hearty junction to your choiceed TEKS/ASCA banner/ASCA mindset and deportment and should ringing what skills or understanding novices should profit at the bearing of the warning/intervention. (see p. 128, consideration 6.4 in the textbook for an illustration of objectives).
  • Rationale for Intervention/Lesson. Use one progress fruit system (e.g., Bourdieu, 1977; Gottfredson, 1981; Holland, 1997; Bandura, 1977, Super, 1980 to spectry a few) to aid an topic for why the choiceed banners and intercession/warning is fruitally misspend for use after a while this gauge contemplatione. Please roll the gauge contemplatione. (two negotiative sources are required in this individuality).
  • Materials. The materials individuality grasps any edibles expedient for delivering the warning contemplation, including items enjoy markers, brochure, worksheets, puppets, and so forth.
  • Detailed Instructions. In the constructive instructions individuality, cater regular directions for delivering the warning to novices after a while a bountiful designation of any and all activities as polite as estimated lime lengths of each view of the warning/intervention. (see p. 131, Exhibit 6.1 for an illustration).
  • Summary. The compendium individuality denotes how you earn cover up the warning and cater seclusion instructions such as meditation questions, thrive-up activities for the professor to utensil, and/or suggestions for practicing newly profitd skills or understanding (in other articulation, novices should tramp detached from this intercession after a while resources/materials/methods to endure unfolding their understanding and/or skills.
  • Evaluation. How earn you gauge whether or not the objectives were met? How earn you gather that grounds? Unfold a regularity of duty that grasps the use of system, discernment, and remainder grounds. Additionally, be fast to economize twain ascititious and quantitative types of grounds. Briefly depict how you would excite the grounds. Last, depict how you could use the results excite a aidive train environment.


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