SOLUTION: CS 3336 American College of California Chinese Wall Model Questions



Surspectry 1
1. The Chinese glacis copy is a copy of warranty plan. Explain the Chinese copy stride by
stride after a while an specimen. Besides collate and transcribe the destruction among Bell-LaPadula and
Chinese Glacis Copy (10 points)
The chinse glacis is a duty account that describes the counsel separation an form
faces, and it was put in assign that leads to a engagement of interests. The Chinese glacis was erected to
isolate and disjoined vulgar who shape investments from those who are special and want their
counsel to be encrypted and private.
It is a available copy of the Chinese glacis accordingly it facilitates probe forced as courteous as the
properties complicated in it.
Step by stride

The original stride is the form of the axiomsbase


Coming up after a while a warranty structure


Setting up objectives of the regularity


Looking ate the entranceibility policies such as the vulgar who keep private


Sanitize the counsel.

Surspectry 2
The chinse glacis copy is fiteous an amendment of Bell LaPadula and Biba accordingly it provides
private counsel and axioms single-mindedness. Whereas bell provides single-mindedness alone
2. Explain clinical counsel regularitys stride by stride after a while an specimen. Also, collate and
transcribe the destruction among Bell-LaPadula and clinical counsel regularitys. (10 points)
The clinical counsel regularity is made for medical history. This is due to the engagement of
interest, and it is not in a momentous gist. Patients are besides assured due to the authentication
of annotators and history as courteous as the single-mindedness. In the entities, patients are recitative after a while their
health trial.
Step by stride

Medical coerces succeed keep entrance coerce

One clinician on the entrance coerce must accomplish the fit to add others on the platform.

The chargeable on clinician should acquaint the patient’s spectrys

Recording the spectry of the clinician and the date

The destruction among the two is that clinical counsel regularity is oral and
focuses on twain despatch single-mindedness.

3. Explain DES by stride by stride after a while a specialty title of each stride. (10 points)
The DES is a axioms encryption type. It is the most widely used encryption regularity in the world

Surspectry 3
The original stride is to c...

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