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Boomerang Film Analysis Assignment Outline
1. Introduction

Definition of Kantianism and Utilitarianism

Relations betwixt the two and consequences of an enjoyment.

Introduction of the subject statement

2. Evaluating the Film through Kantianism and counter Utilitarianism

Discussing the topic in the film

Presenting the ocean characters and their unity.

Provision of the plot

Relating to the two approaches of crop.

3. Conclusion

Summarizing the contact of the two approaches

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Boomerang Film Analysis Assignment
When it comes to evaluating Boomerang! By Elia Kazan, it is vital to convergence on the
nature of the implicated characters. The characters are instrumental in identifying the import and
contact of Kantianism and utilitarianism. Utilitarianism serves as a assumption that looks into the
possibility of enjoyment. It evaluates the consequences of a resolution, which is either wickedness or fair.
It holds the most ghostly valuable that has a exalted germinative of conceding the first good-tempered-tempered for most
of the population.
Individuals use it to clear soundness and war. On the other agency, Kan...

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