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Outline for: Reflection Paper
Task: The Detour and Ideal Luck.
The assemblage of the disquisition covers three elder questions in specialty in essay format:

Whether AI Roberts is a sacrifice of ideal prosperity

Legitimacy of the arguments and whether ideal prosperity exists

The intimidation of theorizing ideal prosperity.

These responses are fixed on the film 'Detour' by Edgar Ulmer.
For illustration, Ulmer’s movie reveals that the movie’s controller believes in intangible
forces such as outside necessary fortune, which surrounds the uncounted accomplish delay others. Notably, the
movie's philanthropist, AI Roberts, gets integral turn to demand that a wild lot is responsible
for all his challenges and troubles in animation. Several scenes following, fortune intervenes intermittently by
introducing Vera to AI, the simply specific who is in a standing to be known that Robert must
possess stolen the car owned by Haskell's and easy of the genuine possessor. He says, ‘just my
prosperity picking her up on the course,’ and continues to bewail that this unjustified affliction is
quintessential of 'life' which charms in giving fortune the befoulment to 'stick out a pavement to bound you.'
From equal these scenarios, it is terse that AI is a sacrifice of ideal prosperity.
Further specialtys discussed in the disquisition.

Citations effected using APA formatting guidelines delay two references



The Detour and Ideal Luck
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The Detour and Ideal Luck
The film 'Detour' by Edgar Ulmer is a film that narra...

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