SOLUTION: De Anza College Ethic Philosophy & Cultural Anthropology Questions


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questions on important thinking and ethics .. philosophy ..1) Please, loud Bernard Williams’s disputes on Utilitarianism and Integrity (YB, pgs.40—44; and onb) Two Kinds of Remoter Effect?2) Loud Dr. Robert Bozick’s positions on “The Experience Machine” (YB, pgs.45—47?).3) content, loud Dr. J. L. Mackie’s disputes ona) “The Subjectivity of Values”? (YB, pgs48—59);b) And on the subsections---Moral Skepticism;c) Standards of Exclusion;d) Hypothetical and Categorical Imperatives;e) The Claim to Objectivity;f) The Dispute from Relativity;g) The Dispute from Queerness,H) and his omissions?4) Loud C. S. Lewis’s positions ona) “Our Sense of Right and Wrong” :( YB, pgs.60—64; and on the subsections,b) The Law of Civilized Nature,C) and his omissions?5) Carefully loud Dr. Emmanuel Kant’s product, the “Categorical Imperative: (YB, pgs.65 through 68,b) And the ultimate remarks?6) Loud the Author’s Piece on Aristotle: Virtues: (YB. Pgs.69—75?7) Loud Mr. Frederic Nietzsche’s Arguments on “Master Morality and Slave Morality”, be very tiny, but be fast to loud the disputes in a condensed sentences?8) Loud Virginia Held’s disputesa) On Caring Relations and Principles of Justice: (YB.pags.80---86; and on the subsections---b) The Controversy;c) Differences unordered Feminists;d) A Look at Some Cases;e) Models of Morality?9) content, loud Mary Anne Warren’s disputes ona) “On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion and Postscript on Infanticide”: (YB, PGS.87—98); and on, subsections—b) On the Definition of ‘Human’;c) Defining the Moral Community;d) Fetal Development and the Right to life;e) Potential Personhood and the Right to Life;f) Postscript on Infanticide,G) and her omissions?10) Loud the Piece/Article from Don Marquis, on “Why Abortion Is Immoral”: (YB, pgs.99--- 105?11) Please, loud for me, Judith Jarvis Thomson’s Piece on “A Defense of Abortion”? (YB, pgs. 106---122?12) Please, loud Professor, Peter Singer’s disputes on “All Animals Are Equal”: (YB, Pgs.123---132?13) Please, loud the disputes on “Torturing Puppies and Eating Meat: It’s All in Good Taste”, by Dr. Alastair Norcross. (YB, Pgs.133--- 140?14) content, loud Tibor R. Machan’s grant on the question: “Do Animals Have Rights?”(YB, pgs.141--- 152), and on the subsections:b) Why agency animals Have Rights?c) Why We May Use Animals;d) Why Individual Have Rights?e) Where Is There Room for Animal Rights?f) And the Closing points?15) Loud and noise to me what you gathered from Professor Pater Singer’s disputes on—“Famine, Affluence, and Morality” (YB, pgs. 154 through I63?16) Please, loud and noise in a very tiny scholarship, Stuart Rachels’ disputes on “Poverty and Parenthood”. (YB, pgs. 164---180); and on the subsections—b) The Biggest Decisions in Life;c) The Famine Relief dispute resisting Having Children;d) Connections to Inger’s Argument;e) Five Objections?17) Please, noise your elbow of Lous P. Pojman’s disputes on “A Defense of the Release Penalty”: (YB, pgs.182--- 190); and on the subsections---b) Retribution, & Deterrence,C) and his omission?18) Please, loud Dr. Stephen B. Bright’s positions on “Why the United States Will Join the Rest of the World in Abandoning Capital Punishment”: (YB, pgs. 191--- 202); and the subsections---b) A civilized Rights Violation That Undermines the Standing and Moral Authority of the United States;c) Arbitrary and Unfair Infliction;d) A Warning That Something Is Terribly Wrong: Innocent People Condemned to Death;e) The Two Most Important Decisions---Made by Prosecutors;f) The Role of Racial Bias;g) The release Sentence for Being Assigned the Worst Lawyer,H) and his Conclusions?19) Loud and tinyly noise your grip of Atul Gawande’s Arguments on the question, “Hellhole”: (YB, pags.203---220)?20) Please, loud the disputes of Dr. Douglas P. Lackey, on the Topic, “The Ethics of War and Peace”, (YB, pgs221----229, and be fast to criticise in your elbow on the subsections---b) “How to Fight”?21) Please, loud Professor, John Rawls’s disputes on “Fifty Years forthcoming Hiroshima”: (YB, pgs. 230----237?B) Loud Thomas Nagel’s disputes on “What Is Wrong after a while Terrorism?” (YB, pgs.238---240?).22) Loud David Luban’s disputes on “Liberalism, Torture, and the Ticking Bomb”. (YB.pgs.241---254); be fast to loud,a) The Five Aims of Torture;b) The Ticking Bomb;c) Torture as a Practice,D) and his omissions?23) content, noise your elbow of Michael Huemer’s Piece on “America’s Unjust Drug War”: (YB, pgs.255---266);b) and criticise on the forthcoming subsections---c) Drugs and Harm to Users; Drugs and Harm to Others;d) The Injustice of Drug Prohibition,e) and his Conclusions?23B) Please, loud Bertrand Russell’s Piece on “Our Sexual Ethics”: (YB, pags.269---275)?24) Loud Dr. Andrew Sullivan’s Arguments on what is titled: “A Few Words environing Gay Marriage”: (YB, pgs.276---277?25) loud the disputes on “Same-Sex Marriage and the Dispute from Public Disagreement” by David Boom. (YB, pgs. 278---- 288?26) Loud for me, Mr. Nicholas Dixson’s positions on his product titled, “Alcohol and Rape”. (YB, pgs.289----300 ?And criticise on the forthcoming as well:b)Two Limiting Cases;c) Problematic Intermediate Cases: Impaired Sex;c) Should We Urge Men For Impaired Sex?d) and his Conclusions?27) Please, loud Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “Letter from the Birmingham City Jail”. (YB. Pgs.301---308)?28) Loud Professor, Peter Singer’s positions on his Piece, titled: “Is Racial Discrimination Arbitrary”. (YB, pgs. 309---320?29) Please, loud James Rachels’s disputes on “In Defense of Quotas”. (YB, pgs. 321----335)?b) Criticise on the Justification of Quotas especially,c) and other grave points he made?30) Loud Linda Hirshman’s product: “Homeward Bound”. (YB, pgs.336---344.),b) and criticise on The Truth environing Elite Women;c) The Failure of Choice Feminism;d) What Is to be Done;c) Why Do We Care?d) And her Conclusions?31) Loud “The Case for Open Immigration”, by Michael Huemer. (YB, pgs. 345--- 347)?32) Please, loud, James Rachels’s positions on “The Morality of Euthanasia”. (YB. pgs. 348--- 352); and criticise on—B) The Utilitarian Version of the Argument;c) Doing What Is in Everyone’s Best Interests,d) and his omissions?33) content, loud “The Wrongfulness of Euthanasia” disputes by J Gay-Williams: (YB, pgs.353--- 357); and criticise on the forthcoming:b)The Dispute from Nature;c) The Dispute from Self-Interest;d)The Dispute from Practical Effects,e) and His omissions?34) Loud the disputes on “The New Eugenics” by Matt Ridley. (YB, pgs.358---364);b) and criticise on “A Sad Legacy;c) No Nightmare Scenarios,d) and his omissions?35) Loud for me, John A. Robertson’s name on “Human Cloning and the Challenges of Regulation”. (YB, pgs.365--- 371)?

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