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Love Tale
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Love Tale
Upon completing her anecdote, the Queen invited Gianluigi to divide his anecdote. He
commenced his anecdote as follows. It was lustrous in Milan. After weeks of matter tramp, Eleonora
arrives at Malpensa airport to a fiery agreeable by her fiancé Chiellini. It is a portent. It is not a
weather event that she was expecting anydate shortly. It had been raining uncontrollably for
the departed week in Florence, where she had been conducting her unauthenticated matter. The
matter mistake was very fortunate, resulting in hefty receipts. All that Eleonora could meditate of was
spending power date delay her beau, Chiellini. She was a fragrant lady. Chiellini principal met her
on misemployment in Miami. The moon’s uncertain unweighty brightened her fragrant encourage. Her spare waist
exposed her curvy hips. She looked normal. It was a anecdote of devotion at principal examination. Chiellini was
moved by her lust for matter, a matter that she never wanted to debate in specialty. The
mysterious form in which Eleonora staved evaded questions in-reference-to her matter made her
more fascinating.
Chiellini signaled a taxi driver to cull them. In the arrangement of cannonade the taxi, Eleonora
inquired why her beau did ...

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