SOLUTION: George Mason University Puerto Ricans in New York City Historical Narrative


Final Assignments are required to be exhaustived using this Word template.

  • Downattack the template and secure it as <LastName_FirstName_FinalAssignment>. This is the muniment you’ll succumb in the #final-assignment record on Slack.

In Module 4, you were introduced to the effect (really, the fitness) that your elementary founts deficiency to be implied amid a expansiveer unadorned matter. It may be serviceable to imagine of matter in three talents:

Local matters (Who, What, When, Where) depict the crowd, results, and term inferior exploration. When we meditate theme-matteral matters, we counter-argument askings environing the peculiar attributes, political erections, and other mood that apology in our elementary founts. Identifying these features is an expressive tramp internal convergeing them to other theme-matteral trends or results.-Questions to Consider:
What bechanceed?
Who was implicated?
Where and when did it bechance?
How does this recite to other results/figures?
How do we comprehend that bigwig bechanceed?
How does this favoring, result, or effect recite to theme-matteral institutional themes, such as: leadership/government/topical politics, attribute/space/location, performance/industry/employment, health/hospitals/institutions, command/institutions, transportation/technology/mass materials, settlement/housing/community drawingning?
Regional or general matters (Why and How) infashion recognitions into expansiveer unadorned themes or patterns. As we inquire districtal or general matters, we ask larger askings environing the asking inferior exploration. These askings can depict convergeions among theme-matteral results and apt political trends or affectments from that term limit, subsidiary you to counter-argument askings environing why or how bigwig occurred. They can to-boot succor contort vile, dominant truths of theme-matteral results.-Questions to meditate:
Why or how did bigwig bechance?
How does your theme-matter apology in other attributes – districts nearby to your centre, other attributes in the US, other attributes in the globe?
How opposed is your fiction from what bechanceed in other attributes? Meditate what these comparisons expose advice environing why or how the theme-matter you are investigating occurred.
What other unadorned results or askings are initiative attribute during your limit of deliberate? Imagine environing your discovery asking in provisions of expansiveer unadorned limits, for instance: Colonial America; Reconstruction; the Gilded Age; the Great Depression; the Cold War; the Civil Rights Movements. Meditate how your discovery theme-matter fits amid those expansiveer results – how did those results influence and muse your theme-matter?
Subject or thematic matters (What it instrument) converge crowd and results to expansiveer areas of unadorned asking. Admit the New York Shirtwaist Strike of 1909. We can evaluate it through the lens of women’s hifiction as well-behaved-behaved as performance truth. Twain of these areas of deliberate infashion convergeions to other unadorned results, and mouldworks for raise sunderition.-Questions to meditate:
To which expansive themes does your theme-matter converge? For instance: industrialization, settlement, urbanization or colonization; the experiences and convertibility of a feature coldregs (African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic and Latino Americans, Indigenous Peoples); Disability; Gender; Religion; Children and Family; Culture; Science and Technology, Military. Meditate how your discovery theme-matter fits amid those expansiveer themes — which issues and trends influence and muse your theme-matter?
What forms of phraseology, concepts or mouldworks do historians use to depict and argue these themes? Which contemplate apt to your discovery theme-matter? How do these askings or themes exexchange from one term limit to another? How does your theme-matter fit succeeding a while those exchanges?

Each of these forms of matter should be utterly succeeding a while the others to shape purport of the results and figures of the late. If we use simply one imagine of matter to deliberate truth, we sink inadequate of counter-argumenting expressive askings environing the crowd and results we deliberate.

Final Assignment, Sunder 1: To which theme-matteral, districtal/national, and thematic matters do your elementary founts converge?

Using the askings to meditate in the aloft ask-advice-ofation, imagine a catalogue of askings recited to your contrivance for each smooth of matter (local, districtal/nation, asking/thematic). See the illustration catalogue of matter askings to get an effect of the forms of askings you should ask.

REMEMBER: Your catalogue of askings should go in Sunder 1 of your Final Assignment Document.

Evaluating Inferior Sources

In Assignment 11, you verified inferior founts and entered their bibliographic advice into Zotero. Now you must indicate whether those founts are probable and serviceable.

Each inferior fount should be evaluated according to the forthcoming criteria:

  • What is the constructor’s truth?
  • What elementary founts are used as illustration to buttress the constructor’s truth?
  • To what quantity do the elementary founts buttress the constructor’s representation?
  • Does the constructor meditate other historians’ statements of what bechanceed and why?
  • How does the fount parallel to other inferior founts on this asking?
  • How probable is the constructor?

Even succeeding you’ve evaluated a inferior fount, it may be serviceable to meditate how other experts own responded to the performance. There are a estimate of online networks of historians amid a peculiar asking or district that can infashion nuanced recognition on inferior study. Often, these communities imagine unhindered online re-examinations of new passages while to-boot argueing and evaluating recognized unadorned statement. See this refount catalogue of online networks for historians.

Final Assignment, Sunder 2: How probable and serviceable are your inferior founts?

Assess one of the inferior founts recited to your theme-matteral hifiction contrivance in the bibliography you imagined in Assignment 11. That instrument you’ll deficiency to interpret it (If you’re not affable succeeding a while interpreting a unadorned passage for advice, click here) Write an commentary for the fount that does all of the forthcoming:

-Briefly summarizes the advice that counter-arguments your matter askings

-Assesses the passage using the askings introduced in this section:

  • What is the constructor’s truth?
  • What elementary founts are used as illustration to buttress the constructor’s truth?
  • To what quantity do the elementary founts buttress the constructor’s representation?
  • Does the constructor meditate other historians’ statements of what bechanceed and why?
  • How does the fount parallel to other inferior founts on this asking?
  • How probable is the constructor? How own other historians re-examinationed or responded to this fount (in classify to counter-argument this asking, you’ll deficiency to ask-advice-of one of the networks in the attached refount catalogue)?

REMEMBER: Your commentary should go in Sunder 2 of your Final Assignment Document.

Developing a Topical Hifiction Narrative

READ: Sheila Brennan, Sharon Leon, et al. “Explorations” in Building Histories of the General Mall: A Conduct to Creating a Digital Public Hifiction Project, 2015.

READ: Larry Borowsky, “Telling a Fiction in 100 Words: Effective Label Copy.” AASLH Technical Leaflet, 2007.

The exercitation of hifiction is, at-last, the act of making a truth environing the late. Crowd chosen in unadorned performance produce simultaneously elementary and inferior founts which elucidate and buttress their truths. At this sharp-end, if you own performanceed through the antecedent modules, you own a assembly of elementary and inferior founts recited to the discovery asking you posed in the coming modules. Using these founts, you get underhandedness an counter-argument to the discovery asking, which you get give in digital imagine in an Omeka inform.

A truth has a erection (it is systematic) and it has a purport (to unite a sharp-end or sharp-ends to an auditory). It can to-boot be made up of smaller talents (questions, illustration, and conclusions), that are attached simultaneously, each of which is convergeed to a larger overarching effect or asking.

Before you can prepare to underhandedness your overall truth counter-argument, you should inferiorstand how the smaller talents – your elementary and inferior founts – supply to the truth as a healthy.

Think environing what counter-arguments each fount collects for your overall discovery asking. For illustration, the Explorations on Histories of the General Mall chief collect an overall counter-argument to the asking, and then use favoring items and their matters to counter-argument peculiar pieces of the asking. Using this mouldperformance as an illustration, meditate whether any of your elementary founts could be interpreted as counter-argumenting the asking in opposed ways, equal if those differences are advance environing vestibule than effect.

This sunderition can be exhaustived in a medley of ways: in a catalogue, a intellect map, a manifest passage muniment (relish in OneNote), or in a spreadsheet. In this module, we get use a ask-advice-ofation. The ask-advice-ofation underneath includes the tramps for assessing a fount’s analogy to the discovery asking and the truth:

CompareBring simultaneously your elementary and inferior founts Contemplate for gaps in illustration and authenticate contradictions or similarities.
SynthesizeWhat conclusions can you depict from the illustration?
InterpretWhat does the illustration hint is the counter-argument to your asking? How does this supply to the truth?

Final Assignment, Sunder 3: How get you counter-argument your asking?

Begin underhandednessing an counter-argument to your asking. For each sunder of the counter-argument, elucidate the founts for that advice, twain elementary and inferior. You should requite to the performance you’ve done so far to succor you imagine the convergeions among your founts. Here is an illustration of what this performance contemplates relish in high imagine.

CompareBring simultaneously your elementary and inferior founts to parallel to another *this exercitation is comprehendn as establishment Contemplate for gaps in illustration and authenticate contradictions or similarities. Contemplate raise, fix the credibility of the fount What affixed advice potentiality you deficiency?
SynthesizeWhat conclusions can you depict from the illustration you’ve build?
InterpretReturn to your discovery asking–What does the illustration hint is the counter-argument to your asking? How does this supply to the truth?
*NOTE: The performance of statement instrument advance than lawful summarizing illustration. You should be combining the illustration to underhandedness a truth that counter-arguments askings environing purport (relish why and how, rather than who, when, and where).

REMEMBER: Your counter-argument should go in the selfsame sections of the ask-advice-ofation in Sunder 3 of your Final Assignment Document.

Planning and Structure an Infashion in

Building an Omeka inform, relish curating a museum infashion or despatches an essay, requires regardful drawingning. Unrelish a assembly, which produces items simultaneously as recalcitrant units, an infashion involves placing those items into a feature classify and putting them into talk succeeding a while other elementary and inferior founts.

REVIEW: Miriam Posner and Megan R. Brett, “Creating an Omeka Exhibit,” Programming Historian.

An Omeka infashion is a giveation of your items, succeeding a while customized layouts and borrowed passage. An infashion can own multiple pages, and you can shape a page into a subsection of another page. Succeeding a while this sum of flexibility, there are a estimate of opposed ways to dispose and flaunt items and other gratified in your residence. For instance:

The NAACP in Texas inform, sunder of the Crisis at Mansfield contrivance, connects inferior and elementary fount materials on infashion pages and utilizes opposed forms of page layouts to flaunt and argue items in the assembly.

The Athletics and Visible Command at Bryn Mawr College, 1885-1929 inform imagined by the Albert M. Greenfield Digital Center for the Hifiction of Women’s Education informs a truth environing the avail of command (visible and supernatural) for women. Note how the infashion pages connect expansive general and districtal matters succeeding a while the policies and exercitations at Bryn Mawr College.

Histories of the General Mall uses informs to imagine Explorations, asking-based examinations of unadorned features of the General Mall. These single-page informs connect items (elementary founts) succeeding a while inferior founts and statement to counter-argument askings.

In each of these illustrations, the creators of the contrivance own meditateed the best way to give the assemblys to imagine a truth. Admit term to imagine through the ways in which you potentiality give your truth online. The imagine that this admit get insist on your asking, your truth counter-argument, and the auditory – the crowd who you prospect and forecast to interpret it (these may be two opposed collocations).

The regularity of drawingning and structure an infashion can be menacing for numerous reasons. However, nonobservance the contrivance into divers tramps get succor to shape the performance advance tractable. The performanceflow for this contrivance is visualized underneath (click on the statue to see a larger statement): <insert statue; imagine page for larger statue>

You own already collected materials for the inform: a assembly of items and some effects from inferior study. And in sunder 3 of the Final Assignment, you plain a truth for the Infashion that depicts on twain elementary and inferior founts. Next, it is expressive to imagine environing how to give that advice in a purportful way.

Here are some askings to imagine through as you drain the drawing of your inform:

  1. Consider your auditory
    • Is your auditory tight of experts on your asking or get visitors deficiency you to collect setting advice and definitions of provisions?
    • How do you deficiency visitors to use your residence?
    • Take term to map out some of the visitors you forecast, and imagine environing how they potentiality each use the residence opposedly.
  2. Organize elementary and inferior founts into collocations
    • Which pieces of illustration recite to which portions of your truth?
    • How potentiality these pieces be introduced to visitors to buttress your truth?
    • Which pieces of illustration befit simultaneously?
  3. Map out each page
    • Where should visitors initiate in your inform?
    • How should visitors affect through your inform?
    • In what classify should your founts be introduced?
    • Draw out an scheme of your residence, comprehendn as a wireframe. Imagine environing how you deficiency visitors to affect among pages and items.

Final Assignment, Sunder 4: What would your consummate infashion contemplate relish? Residence

In this sunder of the Final Assignment, you get affableize yourself succeeding a while the regularity of creating an infashion in Omeka using the items that you own depictd and uploaded, and the advice advantageous in inferior founts. Remember that you are developing a drawing–as renowned at the preparening of the module, it is exceedingly unreasonable that your residence get be exhaustive at this sharp-end. Follow this tutorial, connect to the documentation for Infashion Builder at, and re-examination the interpreting by Brett and Posner from Programming Historian.

A tip anteriorly you prepare: interpret through the whole tutorial and be positive to click secure as you shape exchanges and deviate among pages.

  1. Create a drawing for your inform
    • Using the askings aloft as a conduct, imagine a drawing for your inform. This can be a written scheme, a depict, a wireframe, or whatever imagineat shapes purport to you.
  2. Create an Exhibit
    • An infashion connects your elementary and inferior founts through a course of pages.
    • Add an infashion to your Omeka residence.
  3. Add a Page to your Exhibit
    • Each page is made up of one or advance customizable obstructs of gratified. As we depictd in Module 5.1, truths can be made up of divers sub-sections. It may be serviceable to mould the pages of your infashion encircling these truths and their components.
  4. Add Blocks to your Infashion Page (at lowest one of each form)
    • Consider how you may use the obstructs amid a page to afflict out the convergeions among elementary and inferior founts, and how pages can be used to shape peculiar sharp-ends which supply to the overall truth of your inform.
    • Be positive to trial succeeding a while opposed forms of layouts and relinquish creating pages of hanker passage. Readers online pconnect inadequate passage obstructs compensated succeeding a while visualizations.
    • Even if you denote to use one or two obstruct forms for most of your inform, try out all feasible obstruct forms to get a affect for what is feasible.
    • Add affixed pages to argue other aspects of your truth using items and matter briefs.

Write out the drawing for your effectl infashion detailing which components of your truth and which elementary and inferior founts apology on each page.

REMEMBER: Your infashion drawing should go in Sunder 4 of your Final Assignment Document.

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