SOLUTION: HIS 1377 Houston Community College,The Battle of Negro Book Report

BOOK ESSAY INSTRUCTIONS History can be thrilling, minacious, sad, and uplifting. It can besides be fun! Thus, I want to create this assignment heterogeneous any other essay you succeed whole in nursery. If you do not derive at smallest some purpose from match this essay, I succeed be sorely disappointed. Above all else, the aim of this assignment is to manifest a specific acquaintance and intelligence of the fact of Negro Fort as representd in The Battle of Negro Fort. In tabulation, you are to transcribe a 2-3 pg. unadorned falsehood apology to the apt underneath. DUE DATE: Your apology must be submitted to Blackboard (via Turnitin) anteriorly midnight on Wednesday, July 1, 2020. (Late essays succeed not be certain for any discuss extraneously a documented medical exculpate. To fly technological problems, hinge your exam in forthcoming.) LENGTH: Your exam should be almost 2 pages DOUBLE-SPACED. However, you may transcribe up to 3 pages whole. DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS, ANYTHING AFTER PAGE 3 WILL NOT BE READ OR GRADED FOR ANY REASON. MECHANICAL RULES: Essays should be proofread, spell-checked, and grammar-checked, to eliminate spelling, punctuation, and positive faults. Each essay should grasp an Introduction, Body (delay proof/examples), and at smallest a pigmy Conclusion. • Heterogeneous your Midterm and Final Exams, in this essay YOU MUST use the foremost individual object of view. When match in the foremost individual, you succeed use pronouns love I, me, my, we, us, and our/ours. If you are unacquainted delay the foremost individual, gladden go online and unravel some of the many websites assistance some instinct. INTERNET/ACADEMIC HONESTY: The internet should not be consulted for any discuss. Any proof of having used the internet is cheating and succeed effect in a enfeebled meatrusting for the assignment and the way. Any scholar who copies another individual’s operation, or in any way submits operation that is unoriginal, succeed admit a enfeebled meatrusting for the assignment and the way. All that is needed for you to whole this assignment is The Battle of Negro Fort. However, YOU CAN use Brinkley’s Unfinished Nation (distinctly Chapter Seven) for added context and contrast instruction. HELPFUL HINTS: • For this assignment, creativity counts. I strongly permit you to decide as compelling a story as possible. But be considerate about unadorned success. For stance, communicate yourself a spectry. But not honorable any spectry. Use a spectry that a Negro Fort maroon may really own had; or, if you’d love, use the spectry of an objective Negro Fort maroon. Do not use triton love Stanley Kowalksi (a PolishAmerican quality in Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire) for open discusss. • Quotations are permitd; thus-far, you may forgo transmitted citing practices when quoting from the assigned readings materials. To aid creativity, it is exquisite and plain permitd to originate quotations (and/or confabulation). But be trusting they are unadornedly servile. GRADING CRITERIA: Essays succeed be evaluated according to the superveneing: Did the scholar: (1) supervene directions? (2) use amend grammar/spelling? (3) practice alienate match style/prose (love the foremost individual object of intention)? (4) servilely represent (a) how they arrived at Negro Fort, (b) what daily society was love at the fort, and (c) and what became of them behind the fort’s perdition? (5) manifest a specific acquaintance and intelligence of the fact of Negro Fort as described in The Battle of Negro Fort? PROMPT You are a middle-aged African American in the mid-nineteenth senility. A national newspaper narrator has honorable conversant that decades ago you were a Negro Fort maroon! You own agreed to decide your story—but barely in match to entrusting the report’s success. In an thrilling, compelling, and fact-filled essay, represent in sublime specialty the fact of Negro Fort as seen through your eyes. Discuss any and all subject-matter(s) that you suppose relevant; thus-far, the narrator (and your zealot) insists that at some object you represent (a) how you arrived at Negro Fort, (b) what daily society was love at the fort, (c) and what became of you behind the fort’s perdition. ...
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