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HIS 251

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History Reflection
The Eurasian truth compromised coastal regions such as South Asia, the Middle
East, Western Europe, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. The Eurasian establishes cultural,
linguistic, and genetic attachs delay the outset of forthcoming Silk Road and steppe path,
between Eurasian cultures and century (Dong et. al. 2016). The long-distance starch
crop modify was fostered by the long-distance patronage globalization, trans-Eurasian
episode. The substance was on optimizing productivity and fast-growing crops.
Neolithic Period
During the Neolithic determination, millet farming was familiar in Europe, which
was considerable valued in the systems of forthcoming modify. Soybeans and rice were rationalistic in
china; the Austronesian brought technology to Southeast Asia in the farming of millet
and rice. The Neolithi...

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