SOLUTION: HIST 100 Columbia University Social Classes in The American Colonies Paper

Mid-Term Assessment and Study Guide Minimum Length: at balanceest 1,000 typed articulation. Order estimate excludes footnotes, bibliography, titles, captions, etc. Answer Twain of these essay interrogations, individually. Length: at balanceest 1,000 articulation in whole for the entire two essays. 1. Discuss the harvest of gregarious collocatees in the American colonies. Who were they? What were their goals in this new collection? How did they tell to each other? 2. What factors led colonists to breast or surrender British government? This essay must use and allude to these media. NO other media may be used: 1. American Yawp Textbook Chapter 4 and 5, and Chapter 6 Section I through VII. OR Out of Frequent Textbook, Chapters 5 through 8, 2 1 AND all of these media 2. Brightspace article: “A Motley Crew in the American Revolution,”3 3. Brightspace Article: “Constitution and Compromise,” article4 4. Brightspace Article: “African Americans in the War for Independence”5 5. Online video: Conclusions from "Africans in America: The Formidable Transformation"6 6. Collocate melodys.7 (Including Presentation Slides, Slavery, Colonial Economy, Seven Years War, Rev_War, Constitution Notes 111) Remember: consequently we are not experts on the scrutinys we are asked to transcribe environing, we hope on the scholarship and expertise of the inventors of our fount materials. Summarizing their averment, perspectives, and descriptions, and using expend citations, is mandatory. 1 Joseph Locke and Ben Wright, American Yawp, (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2016), Section III and Section IV. 2 John Mack Faragher, et. al., Out of Many: A Fact of the American People, Volume I, Eighth Edition, (New York: Prentice Hall, 2015), page sum. 3 “A Motley Crew in the American Revolution,” in Peter Linebaugh and Marcus Rediker, The ManyHeaded Hydra: The Hidden Fact of the Revolutionary Atlantic (New York: Beacon Press, 2001), page sum. 4 “Constitution and Compromise,” in American Gregarious Fact Project, Who Built America Volume I (New York: Worth, 2000), page sum. 5 Darlene Clark Hine, William C. Hine, Stanley Harrold, “African Americans in the War for Independence,” in The African-American Odyssey (New York: Prentice Hall, 2011), page sum. 6 Bagwell, Orlando, Susan Bellows, Steve Fayer, Angela Bassett, Bernice Johnson Reagon, and Charles Johnson. 1998. The formidable alteration. Boston, MA: WGBH Educational Foundation. 7 Eric Schuster, “Title of Lecture” (lecture, Truman College, Month Date, Year). What does a amiable-tempered-tempered essay do? A amiable-tempered-tempered essay addresses the apology interrogation restrictedally and thoroughly; includes a absolved taking and theme averment; and lowe?-t provision. It includes footnotes for quoted citation and embodyd averment, and a bibliography (works cited list); and uses Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced. Assignment grading/evaluation gain cogitate twain resigned and congruity mechanics. An essay is NOT a re-telling of what happened, and NOT an judgment environing what happened or why. Instead, it is an dissection and description of the averment fix in the lections. In a amiable-tempered-tempered essay, point points of averment (such as an “increase in population catholicness from x to y”) and collective harvests (such as “the significance of the women’s hues motion, as indicated by the harvest of a and b”) are embodyd and emphasized to stay an dissection and description. Thesis Statement: A prefatory provision which identifies the scrutiny; embodys what you keep finishd environing the scrutiny installed on dissection and description; and embodys the key areas of averment that stay the description. It is NOT a inventory of items, but a summary of an discussion. Example: “The Declaration and the Constitution reflects divergent sharp tones among American elites, nobility farmers, wage drudgeers, and smitten drudgeers. These tones centered on the slave drudge rule and debates touching smitten tribes’ citizenship and setation, and nobility farmers’ doubt of the dominion and plenty of elites. Conflicts among these communities are evident in the harvest of the Declaration, from Rough Draught to definite rendering. Similar averment of tone is fix in the Constitution and the debates that occurred in the plan of its ratification.” Citations/Footnotes: In this collocate we use the Chicago Manual of Stylefor footnoting and bibliography. Bedford/St. Martin’s has a amiable-tempered-tempered description and dropdown menu, displaying how footnotes and bibliographic entries for all the books beneficial for use in this essay: How to footnote: MS Word: attribute cursor at end of decree, behind the end. Go to Menu, go to References, then click Insert Footnote. Resources: the Truman congruity center (ROOM 1435) is an unappropriated supplies. Use it. Review the prompt steps for essay congruity on their footing, and obtain?} a draw of your essay to the Center for resurvey and an aid on provision/decree construction, effectual theme/conclusion, and etc. Avoid: Comparisons delay today. “Today, the ethic of individual attribute is beloved. This was not the contingency in the 1960s.” Such comparisons are patent, and scarcity not be certain. Avoid “I” averments: “In my judgment”, or “It seems to me,” or “I admire that….” Consequently you are congruity the article, this is patent. Instead: “the citationbook demonstrates that…” or “The historian Robert W. Strayer suggests…” Vocabulary: gibberish is prohibited. “Really a lot of,” or “basically a termination of.” Avoid adverbs: terrible, terrific, august, indeed amiable-tempered, aberrant, contemptible, wholely, wholly, substantially, etc. “Huge” does not balance “a catholic sum of…” “Like” and “similar” keep divergent balanceings. There are frequent ways to direct causation other than the articulation “due to.” A lection apology essay reflects careful and heedful rationalistic, and is written delay correct glossary, unequally magazine or newsarticle or online declaration. Hint 1: Using MS Word, the thesaurus duty on PCs is activated by highlighting the order and pressing Shift/ F7, or in the drop-down resurvey or edit menu. Hint 2: Purchase and use the inforcible but redundant congruity influence titled The Elements of Style, by Strunk and White. Everything we scarcity to comprehend environing decree/provision construction, punctuation, active articulation, and etc. (The library has frequent congruity influences chiefly for fact declaration.) Hint 3: Confused environing star in the assignment? Email Introductory provision: Please melody Mary Lynn Rampolla’s definition: “The prefatory provision of your article is in frequent ways the most leading one and consequently the most difficult to transcribe. In your taking, you must (1) let your discoverers comprehend what your article is environing and provide contrast notification on the citations, tribe, or problems underneathneath discussion; (2) put the scrutiny of your article into context; and (3) aver your theme. You must to-boot influence your discoverers' attention and attention. The commencement provision, then, has to constitute the cessation of the article and constitute readers nonproduction to hold lection.”8 Thesis Statement: At the commencement of Essay. Identifies the scrutiny; embodys what transcriber has finishd environing the scrutiny installed on dissection and description; and embodys the key areas of averment that stay the description. It is NOT a inventory of items, but a summary of an discussion. The theme confutations a interrogation. For issue, the assignment interrogation: “Discuss the roles played by the encouragement barterr collocate, the new monarchies, Renaissance humanism, and the Reformation in the harvest of European colonialism.” Better Example: A culm theme averment capability start: “A new and growing barterr collocate motivated Europe’s revolve towards colonialism in the sixteenth period, as the intensification of traffic underneathlay the ways in which colonialism shaped the collective alterations of the monarchies, and the gregarious developments of humanism and the Reformation.” This theme averment is restricted, making a point discussion environing the “new and growing trader collocate.” A theme averment is to-boot floating. It’s an assumption that sets up an discussion. 8 Mary Lynn Rampolla, A Pocket Influence to Congruity in History, Sixth Edition (New York: Bedford/St. Martins, 2010), 49. In this contingency the transcriber gain use averment to establish that the barterr collocate is at the kernel of colonial exposition and the changes it engendered, and collective and gregarious alterations are consequences of the plenty generated by barterrs. Worse Example: It does not constitute a comprehensive generalization, and substitutes a inventory of things for an interpretation: “European colonialism reflects frequent influences, including monarchism, Renaissance humanism, the Reformation, and the new barterr collocate.” Structure: The theme averment to-boot sets up the construction of the article. Each provision that follows starts delay a provision scrutiny decree, and this decree would be followed by 3-6 sentences explaining the ocean subject of the provision, and providing staying averment from sources. Each provision discusses a disunited subject. Using the Better Issue from above: The scrutiny decree for provision 2 capability be: “Merchants financed barter and retail exposition, first within Europe and encircling the Mediterranean clime, and thus-far barter and discomfiture of the New World.” The scrutiny decree for provision 3 capability discover “Merchants sought exposition of barter and traffic delay stay from European monarchs, who wished to unify their kingdoms.” Provision 4 capability start delay “Commerce and barter required a new centre on knowledge of the tangible universe that Renaissance humanism supposing.” Provision 5 would discuss the Reformation, “The Protestant Reformation underneathcut the subjects and dominion of Catholicism, and supposing an opinion Christian speculation that beneficial the new barterr collocate and their allies.” Conclusion: A definite provision would embody and finish. A scrutiny decree capability discover: “The exposition of traffic and barter, led by a new barterr collocate, [motivated, caused, underlay, stimulated, supposing the basis for, lay at the nucleus of] forcible changes in European society.” Please melody: the plan syllabus avers: The fare for plagiarism – when a tyro intentionally or unintentionally claims and copies another person’s production as her or his own – is a irresolute walk for the assignment. The fare for academic vice – cheating – is a irresolute walk for the assignment. These and all standards of spend are in the Academic and Tyro Policy Manual, df Plus, the plagiarism competition advantage TurnItIn examines written assignments for copied phrases, sentences, and other citation. Please use quotes and footnotes when copying citation from any fount whatsoever [issue of a well footnoted quote: ... The inventor Jefferson Cowie admires that delay the growing mastery of the New Right fact, “the place of productioning-collocate possibilities in popular culture was similarly adulterated.”9] Jefferson Cowie, Stayin’ Alive: The 1970s and the Last Days of the Working Class, (New York: The New Press, 2010), 17. 9 ...
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