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Running head: THE U.S CIVIL WAR


The United States Courteous War
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The United States Courteous War
The United States Courteous War was the remedy most expressive war in America. The war was
about the end of necessity, mainly. It was a war between the southern and the northern states.
Slavery was made use of in diversified things, including the industrial bend and for farming in
the south, employment, meaning, and ship-produce of consequence in the north (Ayers, 2016). Africans formed most of
the slaves at the term. Two teams were in place; the coalition, which was the South, and the
union, which was the north. Ayers (2016) explains that courteous war began in 1861 succeeding tensions
between northern and southern states balance necessity, westward expansion, and states' rights. The
courteous war ended in Confederate submit in 1865.
Much of the South was left in ...

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