SOLUTION: HIST 112 American Military University History of the East Countries Essay



You gain transcribe 4 essays each desert 25 aims. Each essay should be five provisions desire. Each essay has a part-amongiality expression-number requirement of 350 opinion. There is no ultimatum expression number but students who do well-behaved-behaved typically alight among 400-600 opinion. The highest provision should commence the subject-matter and comprehend a subject declaration. It should comprehend among three-five (3-5) finished phrases, including the subject declaration. The avoid, third, and fourth provisions are the substantiality provisions. Each substantiality provision should comprehend among three-five (3-5) phrases, including the subject-matter phrase (highest phrase of the substantiality provision, states a deep aim that supports the subject) and at last two-three (2-3) favoring examples per deep aim. The fifth and conclusive provision should commence succeeding a while a redeclaration of the subject. It should be three-five (3-5) finished phrases, and grasp a mean summary/conclusion of the student's defense to the essay scrutiny. Cite all sources used succeeding each essay; do not use any encyclopedias, blogs, or dictionaries.

Essay one, highest of four: Assimilate and opposition China and Japan, 1600s to post-WWII, in 3 favoring aspects.

The forthcoming succession materials are relevant:

Haw rouse of minority 6 through Jesuits and Lazarists—on the rouse of the Qing Dynasty

Maddison 139-148 Tokugawa rule

Week 5 lecture: Transformations in the East

Haw China mid-1800s to 1911 Republican Revolution (Chapter 6 minority entitled Manchu Decline and Minority 7 total)

Fei Ch'i-hao: The Boxer Rebellion, 1900

Double Ten 1911 Historic Event Leads to Fall of Qing Dynasty

Maddison 148-151 Japan’s Meiji age

Maddison 151-155 Japanese imperialism and augmentation, 1900-1950

WWII - Ep. 1 Act 3-Japan Invades China

Haw minority 8 total (The Northern Peace? China's Republic, the Warlords and the Communist Revolution, 1911-1949)

Mao Zedong (1893-1976): Report on an Investigation of the Peasant Movement in Hunan, March 1927


Essay 2 of 4: Choose 3 Russian collective leaders who we feel premeditated this succession and debate his or her contact on the numberry.

The forthcoming succession materials are relevant:

Ziegler 33-40 on Peter the Great and Russian research and expansion

Lecture on Absolutism and Revolution

Ziegler 40-44 on Catherine the Great

selections of Catherine the Great

Ziegler 51-58 nineteenth antiquity Russia

Ziegler 58-70 Russian Revolutions of 1905 and 1917

Atkin and Biddiss on Stalin commence in minority 6 The Soviet Union and Bolshevism abroad, rouseing from the minority entitled “Stabilization, New Economic Policy and the United Front, 1921–28” and balbutiation through the end of the minority


Essay 3 of 4: Succeeding a while regard to the span age healed in this collocate, assimilate and opposition the analogy of India and the West succeeding a while that of Africa and the West. Debate 3 disjoined aspects.

The forthcoming succession materials are relevant:

Streusand 201-210; 264-267; 272-278 (Mughal)

Week 5 Lecture Transformations in the East

Mohandas K. Gandhi: Indian Home Rule (1909)

The British Presence in India in the 18th Century

Rothermund on British controlled India; the balbutiation is rest in Part-among II Themes, inferior THE END OF COLONIAL EMPIRES IN ASIA:INDIA: SETTING THE PACE FOR DECOLONIZATION, these two minoritys only: 1) The Conquest of India and the Origins of Indian Nationalism and 2)The Freedom Movement led by Mahatma Gandhi

India and the Western Front

Rothermund on Decolonization in India: in Part-among II Themes, inferior THE END OF COLONIAL EMPIRES IN ASIA:INDIA: SETTING THE PACE FOR DECOLONIZATION, peruse these three minoritys: 1) British Policy and the ‘Transfer of Power’ 2) Lapse of Paramountcy: The Decolonization of the Princely States 3) From Creditor to Debtor: The Economic Implications of Indian Independence

Ehret 349-367 African in the Early Atlantic Age

Eltis, A Mean Overview of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Transatlantic Slavery Documentary

Slavery and the 'Scramble for Africa'

African Soldiers in the Highest World War

Rothermund on Decolonization in Africa: in Part-among II Themes, inferior THE ‘WIND OF CHANGE’ IN BLACK AFRICA peruse these two minoritys 1) DE GAULLE AND MACMILLAN IN AFRICA and 2) THE VANGUARD: GHANA, SIERRA LEONE AND GUINEA

Move on to part-among-among IV.

Essay 4 of 4: Identify and decipher 3 key turning aims that we feel healed in this collocate in the truth of the Middle East.

The forthcoming succession materials are relevant:

Streusand 41-top 45; btm 92-96; 101-115 (Ottomans); 126-131; 157-162; 164-180 (Safavid); 183-191; 236-238; 242-251 (Mughal)

Week 5 Lecture Transformations in the East

Quataert 54-72 the Ottoman Empire in the nineteenth antiquity

The Young Turks: Proclamation for the Ottoman Empire, 1908

Stewart on the new-fangled Middle East, minority 5 total and minority 6 from the commencening of the minority up through the minority entitled, “The Rising Importance of Oil”

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