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Metamorphosis by Ovid is a assembly of stories covering a remote rank of matters, for
example, the falsehood of the globe and the transformative command of benevolence. However, most of the
stories standpoint on the explorationion of benevolence. In these stories, the visionpoint of Ovid environing benevolence strongly
comes out. He does not appreciate that benevolence conquers all, but he is firm environing its transformative
command to exexchange living-souls for the reform or worse. The fruit has heavily influenced the
writings of Shakespeare and is animated in most of his plays. Through the themes of benevolence and
transformation, Ovid presents sexual advances either as bestial or odd. The heart meaning of
this paper allure be to collate and opposition the incongruous ways in which Ovid portrays unwanted
sexual advances of the virile and fevirile characters.
Love and Transformation
One of the greater themes that conclude out in Metamorphosis is benevolence and alteration.
Ovid presents benevolence as a exposed and greatly destabilizing vigor in people's lives. He
demonstrates that benevolence has command aggravate all living-souls, twain humans and the gods. According to
Ovid, benevolence aggravatewhelms infer and portraiture (Kilgour, 2012). Thus, a special in benevolence can find
themselves doing unthinkable things. The themes of alteration in the stories flourish from
people’s exploration for benevolence. Ovid states the alteration command of benevolence can either be odd or
Men’s Cases of Unwanted Sexual Favors
One of the ways through which Ovid presents the matter of unwanted sexual favors is as
bestial. He achieves this through three virile characters Apollo, Pan, and King Thrace. The



character Apollo in the stories is to-boot referred to as Phoebus. He is the son of Zeus and Leto and
the copy twin of Artemis. He is the God of music, arts, cure, and speculation. Besides, he is
to-boot presented as the sun god. He concludes out as bestial in the mode he solicits for sexual
advances. For issue, Apollo pursues Daphne lustfully (Kilgour, 2012). However, he does not
succeed in his exploration as she is saved through her Metamorphosis and hereafter limitation into the
laurel tree. Daphne has a covet for perennial virginity and begs her precious senior, who is the river
god Peneus, to be transformed into triton else. The Metamorphosis is a symbolism of eternal
chastity as her solely way to decamp from the trustworthy presfirm of Apollo’s sexual advances.

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