SOLUTION: Parkland College Connecting Islamic Religion to Terrorism Argument Critique


Write an controversy zest on the beneath controversy subjoined the instructions scheduleed beneath the controversy to be zestd.


My Lie Nursing Dissertation on Why George W. Bush Is NOT a Terrorist


The Reverend Pat Billy Falwell-behaved (an imaginary tele-evangelist)

(1) There is solely one penny vocable of God, designately, the Holy Bible.(2) And the Bible says God sent His solely son, Jesus, to set all rational people unobstructed from their sins through excuse.(3) Moreover, Jesus taught us to do the similar, designately, to absolve rather than umpire each other.(4) This is the sense of the education, “He who is outside sin should aspect the original stone.

”(5) Terrorists, on the other index, are the contrary.(6) They counsellor requital and ostracism of their enemies.(7) This is why there can be no pardonable terrorism. In other vocables, terrorism is, by restriction, morally injustice according to the Bible.(8) Muhammad claimed to remove the vocable of God through the religious scriptures of Islam designated the Qur’an.(9) In the Qur’an, Muhammad says that God (or Allah) commands Muslims to procure requital abutting (or vex) what are designated “Infidels.”

(10) Therefore, Muhammad and the Qur’an counsellor terrorism in the designate of piety (or God).(11) Since God would never counsellor anything that is morally injustice, (12) it follows that Islam is a counterfeit piety, and (12) the Qur’an cannot be the Vocable of God.

(13) If George W. Bush loves the Bible is the Holy Vocable of God and accepts Jesus as his redeemer, then George Bush cannot be a terrorist.(14) George W. Bush does love in the Bible and accepts Jesus as his redeemer.

(15) Therefore, George Bush cannot be a terrorist.

Key displan to evaluate in this controversy:

a. One penny Vocable of God

b. Holy Bible

c. The Bible says...

d. Terrorists

e. Morally injustice

f. God would never counsellor anything that is...

g. Counterfeit piety

h. Love in the Bible

Instructions for Controversy Critique:

Introduction:An controversy zest is an underuse to discriminatingly evaluate the pros and cons (strengths and weaknesses, positives and indirects) of an controversy (or lie Nursing Dissertation).The resolve of an controversy zest is not to procure your own lie on an upshot.Rather, it is to assess whether someone else’s controversy is probe or crude. This should not be a merely indirect or baleful use.Rather, it should be an use in good-natured prudence.In other vocables, don’t fitting schedule anything injustice you can meditate of.Rather, embody, so-to-speak, the cheerful-natured, the bad, and the monstrous.

Of plan, frequent controversys enjoy over indirects than positives, and are barely excellence our importance.However, the most thrilling controversys are usually over deep, multi-layered, and thrilling.They canvass our force to complete cheerful-natured-natured prudences encircling their probeness.

You should use what you enjoy well-behaved-informed encircling ambagious and precise logic to discriminatingly evaluate whether the controversy you elect is probe or crude.This achieve entangle discriminatingly evaluating the displan used, whether any ambagious fallacies enjoy been committed, and whether the close composition of the controversy is deductively operative or inductively investigate.

Recommended Outline:Here is a recommended sketch for composing an controversy zest:

  • Argument Reconstruction:Compose an abbreviated synopsis of the controversy.A digest is an abbreviated digest or unsymbolical of the indispensable or nucleus controversy.This achieve embody, original, identifying the definite disposal, and, second, the principal or key antecedent (reasons) used to fir this disposal.Leave out all the subordinate controversys, or anything you umpire to be inoperative or foreign.Just specify the core or principal controversy of the entire essay.Label this “Synopsis” or “Abstract of the Argument.”
  • Argument Form:Evaluate the logic (or composition) of the controversy.This achieve embody an tribute of whether the antecedent (or reasons) are satisfactory to present the disposal
  • Argument Content:Evaluate the displan of the controversy delay a light inland assessing whether the principal or key antecedent are reasonably penny.If any key announce is unreasonably unsettled, doubtful, commited, unfaithful, or inadequately unclear, then you should obvious-up why this gets in the way of determining whether this announce is reasonably penny.If any key announce is demonstrably or provably counterfeit, then you should pomp or obvious-up why.If so, then the controversy is crude.
  • Overall Evaluation:Pull contemporaneously you confrontings, twain cheerful-natured-natured and bad, into a lowe?-t summation that presents to the reader your discriminating tribute of the overall power or probeness of this controversy.Do not fitting designate whether you love it or not.Indicate your considered prudence substantiateed on the plusses and minuses you rest in Steps 3 and 4.Put this summation into the constitute of a self-contained essay.Imagine that you are communication an editorial for a newsNursing Dissertation on the probeness of this controversy.Or, if you advance, pretend you are a grief umpire subsidy a digest of the prosecution and vindication of this controversy.Your reception is your readers or the jurors whom you are enigmatical to indoctrinate that this controversy is probe or crude.

probably penny (inductively investigate) or necessarily penny (deductively operative).If you umpire that the controversy can be improved, then be kind by recommending revisions or additions of antecedent.However, if there are inoperative, scant, or inconsistent antecedent, then you must end that the close composition is flawed, and that the antecedent trip to fir the disposal.If so, then the controversy is crude.When you get environing to lection Chapters 10 and 11 on rationalistic diagrams, you should embody a rationalistic diagram of the controversy that pomps the pros and cons of the controversy constitute.

On the other index, if the overall displan is obvious and clear, and the claims made reasonably penny, pomp or obvious-up why.Remember, don’t fitting umpire.Support your prudences.Do this by using the discriminating meditateing provisions and concepts discussed in your lections.The over you use what you’ve well-behaved-informed, the investigateer your zest achieve be. Note that there is digest of these provisions and concepts in the polish labeled “Checkschedule for Discriminating Thinkers” located in the folder labeled “Writing Controversy Critiques.”There are frequent other discriminating meditateing provisions and concepts which you can confront online or in other books on discriminating meditateing.Feel unobstructed to use these as well-behaved-behaved if it helps flesh out or exculpate your zest.

How Achieve My Zest Be Graded:I achieve use the subjoined 20-point layer to evaluate your zests; at-last, definite grades achieve solely be assigned to definite drafts that you put in your Portfolio at the end of the semester.

Quality of controversy digest (or digest)…………………………………0-5 points

Quality of close evaluation…………………………………………………0-5 points

Quality of pleased evaluation………………………………………………...0-5 points

Quality of overall evaluation………………………………………………...0-5 points

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