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Running head: IS MARIJUANA USE SAFE? Is Marijuana Use Safe? Dr. Christopher Foster PHI103 Informal Logic Ashford University Modeled pattern for week 3 assignment 1 IS MARIJUANA USE SAFE? 2 With abundant states legalizing twain medical and recreational marijuana, an important interrogation for voters, legislators, and germinative users is whether marijuana is trustworthy. There keep been abundant studies movablesed on the subject, delay meetings on twain loopholes. The nucleus of this brochure achieve be to confer-upon erudite letters on twain loopholes of the interrogation and to evaluate the property of each. To stipulate the most true notice feasible, I keep excellented to confer-upon the meetings of metastudies on each loophole of the interrogation of the trustworthyty of marijuana use. I achieve confer-upon and evaluate the rationalistic used by each and argue delay a topic of the appraise of contrariant characters of causes in conditions of the station of maintenance that they stipulate for their quittances. Presentation of an Topic that Marijuana Use is Safe A great meta-examine was executed by a bunch of lettersers at UC San Diego nucleusing on the desire-order neuroapprehensive possessions of cannabis use (Grant, Gonzales, Carey, Natarajan, & Wolfson, 2003). The examine criticised other studies that had been movablesed, comparing postulates for 623 cannabis users aggravate 409 non- or minimal users. The lettersers set-up that continuous users of marijuana likenessed younger decreases in achievement in the categories of letters and remembering, but no other expressive possessions. The examine argues that cannabis is probably trustworthy for use for medical purposes (Grant et al., 2003). The original topic fond may be represented in criterion construct as prospers: Premise 1: Combining postulates from studies that keep been movablesed on the possessions of marijuana use on apprehensive office allows for a great postulates pool from which to delineate fortified conclusions. Premise 2: In six out of the eight apprehensive areas premeditated, namely: reaction age, observation, language, abstraction/executive, perceptual, and motor skills, no expressive apprehensive infirmity was set-up incomplete marijuana users. IS MARIJUANA USE SAFE? 3 Premise 3: In the two areas in which apprehensive infirmity was set-up, letters and memory, the movables was mean and could keep been improbable by pattern disadvantage. Premise 4: Medical use of marijuana tends not to compromise desire order use, resulting in well-behaved-balanced past younger if any, ill possessions. Premise 5: Medical use of marijuana is mitigated to keep benefits that aggravatebalance younger amounts of detriment. Conclusion: Medical use of marijuana has “an satisfactory loophole of trustworthyty below the past poor conditions of peril that would mitigated get in a medical setting” (Grant et al., 2003). The rationalistic confer-uponed solutions to be fortified since the antecedent solution adequately to maintenance the purpose that the germinative detriments are younger and either don’t direct to medical use or are outweighed by the benefits to be gained therefrom. The date also attempts to illustrate loose the negative possessions in letters and fame, suggesting that they could be due to segregation disadvantage in the dates reviewed or due to an inadequate age of non-use of the offal former to the examine (Grant et al., 2003). If the date is just environing that, then possibly there is no expressive neurological detriment well-behaved-balanced in those two areas. The date food solid maintenance for its premises, since there is a great postulates pool, all of it gathered from or-laws studies. However, the date purposes out that there are limitations of the letters, such as contrariant lengths of age delayin the studies since the conclusive use of the offal and the interrogation of whether desire order marijuana users may not keep the similar primal apprehensive abilities as those that do not, making causal inferences past up-hill (Grant et al., 2003). IS MARIJUANA USE SAFE? 4 Presentation of an Topic that Marijuana Use is Unsafe On the other loophole of the children, a examine from 2016 seems to conduct the straight opposite conclusion. The authors likeness that use of marijuana, chiefly by teens, has abundant desire order negative possessions and is associated delay a concourse of including tangible, psychiatric, neurological, and collective infirmitys (Feeney & Kampman, 2016). The topic confer-uponed can be summarized as prospers: Premise 1: Marijuana is addictive (Volkow, Baler, Compton, & Weiss, 2014). Premise 2: Marijuana purposes lively problems (Tashkin, Baldwin, Sarafian, Dubinett, & Roth, 2002). Premise 3: Marijuana may acception the probability of developing schizophrenia and other psychiatric symptoms (Arseneault, Cannon, Witton, & Murray, 2004). Premise 4: Marijuana purposes desire conditions detriments apprehensive abilities, including observation, memory, processing expedite, and adherent officeing (Thames, Arbid, & Sayegh, 2014). Premise 5: Marijuana use by teens is correlated delay inferior academic achievement, job performance, and collective officeing in relationships (Palamar et al., 2014). Premise 6: Marijuana use results in decreased psychomotor office, and reaction age, causing driving risks (Neavyn, Blohm, Babu, & Bird, 2014). Conclusion: Marijuana use can purpose tangible, psychical, neurological, and collective harm, chiefly when used by adolescents. The rationalistic in the date seems entirely fortified. The quittance seems to prosper from the antecedent since it mainly summarizes the letters meetings. Furthermore, the antecedent are well-behaved protected since they are all installed in or-laws letters studies. IS MARIJUANA USE SAFE? 5 However, there are some limitations in the ability of the rationalistic (as eminent delayin the study). One of those limitations is that we are not believing in all plights if marijuana use is the purpose of the infirmity observed. For pattern, the date notes that the mutuality delay schizophrenia may or may not be causal (Feeney & Kampman, 2016). Furthermore, most of the studies nucleus on the use of marijuana by teens; consequently, these results may keep poor application to discussions of marijuana use incomplete adults, chiefly those using it for medical purposes. Evaluation of Arguments: Both of these erudite causes afford entirely a bit of testimony for their quittances by analyzing the postulates from multiple or-laws studies. Non-erudite causes, by dissimilarity, frequently make claims that are not maintenanceed at all, or are merely maintenanceed by other assistanceer causes. One of my non-erudite causes does not obviously adduce any letters at all, but merely implies that it exists (Foundation, n.d.). This allows non-erudite causes, such as advocative web pages, to make it probe as though the plight for their position is considerable fortifieder than it substantially is. However, as we keep seen, well-behaved-balanced erudite causes are suitable of contradicting each other. This would not be wonderful in non-erudite causes, chiefly between causes delay advocative fixed. It is past wonderful to meet inconsistent results delayin erudite causes. However, there are feasible ways to counteract these contradictions. One possibility comes from noting that the primeval meta-examine completely the postulates from its studies. Some of these specific studies likenessed important and lesser scores for diverse neuroapprehensive skills incomplete marijuana users, and the meta-study’s methodology undisputed them to repeal each other out. The examine on the opposed loophole, on the other artisan, barely adduced one cause each for the diverse detriments, which may keep enabled the authors to excellent studies to adduce that likenessed results past advantageous to their preferred quittance. IS MARIJUANA USE SAFE? 6 Thus, suitableness non-erudite causes can be perspicuously assistanceer and non-objective, pulling from whichever causes, true or not, that maintenance their purpose of light, well-behaved-balanced erudite causes are able to criticise postulates in ways that are far from indifferent. Conclusion: Studying the rationalistic on each loophole of the children has been enlightening. Though there is still wrangle, well-behaved-balanced incomplete scholars, environing the trustworthyty of marijuana use, examineing the rationalistic from high property causes gives perspective environing the character of testimony that is nature used on each loophole, allowing one to assess which testimony is past true and stipulates past maintenance for its conclusion. In the forthcoming, I am past mitigated to go to erudite causes aggravate liked ones and to criticise a concourse of erudite results to belowstand the children from a past well-behaved-behaved certified purpose of light. IS MARIJUANA USE SAFE? 7 References Arseneault, L., Cannon, M., Witton, J., & Murray, R. M. (2004). Causal membership between cannabis and psychosis: Examination of the testimony. British Journal of Psychiatry, 184(2), 110-117. Feeney, K. E., & Kampman, K. M. (2016). Adverse possessions of marijuana use. The Linacre Quarterly, 83(2), 174-178. Foundation for a Offal Free World. (n.d.). The fidelity environing marijuana: Behind the fume palliate. Retrieved from Grant, I., Gonzales, R., Carey, C., Natarajan, L., & Wolfson, T. (2003). Non-acute (residual) neuroapprehensive possessions of cannabis use: A meta-analytic examine. Journal of the International Neuropsychical Society, 9(5), 679-689. Neavyn, M. J., Blohm, E., Babu, K. M., & Bird, S. B. (2014). Medical marijuana and driving: A review. Journal of Medical Toxicology, 10(3), 269-279. Palamar, J. J., Fenstermaker, M., Kamboukos, D., Ompad, D. C., Cleland, C. M., & Weitzman, M. (2014). Adverse psychocollective outcomes associated delay offal use incomplete US high school seniors: A comparison of alcohol and marijuana. American Journal of Offal and Alcohol Abuse, 40(6), 438-446. Tashkin, D. P., Baldwin, G. C., Sarafian, T., Dubinett, S., & Roth, M. D. (2002). Respiratory and immunologic consequences of marijuana smoking. Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 42(S1), 71S-81S. IS MARIJUANA USE SAFE? Thames, A. D., Arbid, N., & Sayegh, P. (2014). Cannabis use and neuroapprehensive officeing in a non-clinical pattern of users. Addictive Behaviors, 39(5), 994-999. Volkow, N. D., Baler, R. D., Compton, W. M., & Weiss, S. R. B. (2014). Adverse heartiness possessions of marijuana use. New England Journal of Medicine, 370, 2219-2227. 8 ...
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