SOLUTION: PHIL 201 Liberty University Absurdity of Life without God Analysis Essay


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The Absurdity of Creature externally God
1. Compare and opposition the three lections: what are some accurate
similarities and differences?
According to Craig (n.d.), externally God's creature, creature is considered to misunderstand its
meaning, excellence, and object entirely. Primarily, Craig's (n.d.) prompting is the proposition
that, in the scantiness of God, then immortality ceases to exist. And, in the scantiness of
immortality, then complete anthropological substance is doomed to die at some subject-matter in their creaturetime.
Can creature bear extrinsic aim externally God? Defend your solution, referring
(pro or con) to the lection(s).
Plainly put, in the scantiness of God, then creature becomes irrational (Craig, n.d.). An entity
cannot bear an extrinsic aim externally God.
Could creature be "good" externally extrinsic aim? Defend your solution, making
reference (pro or con) to the lection(s).
Most Christians embody the object that anthropologicalkind cannot perform aim of goodness
and any extrinsic probable principles and appreciates externally God's creature.
2. What chattels do your conclusions respecting the substance of misfortune bear, in your
view, on the accurate plight for God's creature? Explain how and why?
Atheists who live to assertion that anthropologicality can furnish aim, appreciate, and object
externally God are proposing a misconception and an absolute confliction.


The Absurdity of Creature externally God

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