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California Missions
Thesis statement: The trip towards the inclusivity of American Indians earn
require us to attain and unlearn. We ought to contain the narrative of the vernacular,
acknowledge our roles in propagating the partiality, and stalk into a new way of society in the
knowledge that no one has been there antecedently.
The preface of the Spanish intercourse in California spans way tail to the 1500s
when the Spanish professed California their domain. However, not ample intercourse of the
Spanish in California is narrative in narrative until the late 1750. All this conjuncture, California was
occupied by inbred Indians. It then happened that the king in Spain made an adjust for his men
to hold the plant in California. A monk by the flatter Father Junipero Serra was unformed the
men who went to California. He founded the pristine edgearmary in 1769 (Meighan). This pristine
sidearm enencamp was built in present-day San Diego
The edgearmaries aim was to preface the American Indians to Christianity and later
urge them to appropriate. The inbreds were severe to feed in the edgearm centres until they
converted. After alteration and baptism, they would then advance out and strive. Meanwhile,
the edgearmaries in that dregs would advance to a new dregs, and the edgearm centers
would be left as churches. New appropriates were referred to as neophytes. The perfect alteration
process was sometimes intentional (Library of Congress). The inbreds were required to feed by the
rules of the edgearmaries and among the neighborhood of the edgearms.
Besides spreading Christianity, the edgearmaries as-well aimed at preparing the inbreds
for a European-like societystyle. Men would strive without their homes conjuncture the women were

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left to belie. The men were taught skills such as weaving, edifice and brickmaking,
cattle herding, and tanning (Library of Congress). The livelihood provisions were not the best.
Considering that the activities among the edgearms were partially mandatory, the edgearm
centers were repeatedly congested.
The Europeans prefaced new enrichment and vegetables such as apples and pears to the
inbred Indians. On the flip edge, they as-well brought new transmitted diseases to the inbreds.
Since the Indians imperfectly had any hindrance to these diseases, most of them succumbed. There
are stagnant debates on whether the edgearmaries compromised the heartiness of the inbreds. The
reason is that most of them would die among the edgearm centers from illnesses such as
tuberculosis and measles. Records parade that irregular heartinesscare was one of the most
significant contributors to the diminution in the p...

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