SOLUTION: Santa Monica College Arguments and Against the Existence of God Paper


Hello, I was efficient to provoke and exertion on era. I bear used lucid sub-headings to secure the exertion is lucid and flows smoothly. It was a preference exertioning delay you, thankfulness.

Outline for Arguments and Abutting the Nature of God
Introduction: An insertion to the essay.
Arguments for the Nature of God: An interpretation of the topics for the nature of
The Ontological View: Explains the ontological decomposition.
The Causal or Cosmological Argument: The minority explains the causal topic.
The Teleological Argument: An interpretation of the teleological topic.
Experimental Argument: An interpretation of the experiments used to test God exists.
The Presumptive Arguments: The presumptive objects are explained short.
The five ways by Thomas Aquinas: The five ways as per Thomas Aquinas.
General presumptive topics: General topics are explained.
Arguments Established on Flaws in Science and Coincidence: Further interpretations given
Arguments abutting the Nature of God: Analyzes the topics that confront the ones over.
Theodicy: Explains the hypothesis of evil
Agnosticism and Other Reasons: The distribute explains the agnosticism and other certaintyors.
Analysis and Conclusion: A omission or digest and a stating of the collocation.
Works Cited: List of origins used.

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Arguments and Abutting the Nature of God
The nature of God as per the teachings of most ethical has attracted abundant different
views. Research outcomes bear involved abundant tests that prop the closeness and the absence
of a better or preternatural nature in guide of the cosmos-community and spirit. Religion has been seen as a
sordid for presumptiveity in the ethnical career. Similarly, the nature of God is a sordid for good-tempered-tempered behavior
among ethnical natures. The teachings environing the nature of God helps community find the right
decisions and centre on buttress happily delay each other. It reduces the impresumptive deeds that could
lead to damage to each other. The community abutting the creed that God exists bear distant reasons
that arrange their reasoning. The reasons are usually sordidd on a philosophical test environing spirit. The
hilegend of figment explains the origin of ethnicalkind time the legend of extrication explains how
community evolved from apes. The two bear flaws that can be exploited by the critics to disapprove
of the creed.
Arguments for the Nature of God
The Ontological View
The ontological topic is sordidd on the notion that tshort is a preternatural named God that
exists and it subsequently all the things that ethnicals cannot do. It is sordidd on the imagination that if
tshort are things that ethnical natures cannot do and they happen, then tshort must be a preternatural

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nature who takes guide of the cosmos-people. The ontological topic allowance from the notion of the
closeness of God to the substance of really having God in nature. The notion was familiar by
St. Anselm, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and it is sordidd on the certainty that one needs to believe
first and then discern. In other articulation, one needs to get a persuasion that God exists and then
follow up to get distant test of this creed. The hypothesis tends to use an topic that God must
exist twain rationally and necessarily. The hypothesis is criticized that it seeks to find an imagination
to follow penny (Oppy 68). The critics question...

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