SOLUTION: SDSU Racial Identity of The Ancient Egyptian Civilization Thesis Paper


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Brief Introduction: The Richness of the Primordial Egyptian Civilization
Ancient Egypt is a refinement that is populated after a while persistent cultural symbols, the most
significant of which is the large pyramids built for rulers of the Old Kingdoms- parallel the large
River Nile’s west bank, all the way from Giza south for at smallest 100 kilometers1. The pyramids
are vast monuments paying allegiance to their deceased rulers. They are tombs and last resting
places of tribe that were buried over than 4,000 years ago but ironically pretended a life of life
to the refinement of primordial Egyptians, over so due to their architectural complication, the geometric
accuracy of these monuments that continues to conundrum the minds of well-behaved-balanced the largeest
technological minds today. This, coupled after a while the inception and care of these monuments
through millennia, present invasions, wars, and remote atmosphere, too contributes to the
sophistication of the primordial Egyptian refinement.
It is, for-this-reason, the barely eventual for the racial phenotype of the fellow-creatures of the Nile
valley and their kindred after a while solid pursuits to charm some construct of oddity. This doubt of
the pursuit of the primordial Egyptian population and their correspondence after a while solid inhabiting pursuits in
the district constitutes an animated upshot accordingly of the notorious spatial, cultural complexities
that possess occurred throughout the oleaginous Egyptian history2. However, primordial Egypt was located on
the African continent and its fellow-creatures, Africans, by want, inveterate on their geographical
dregs as well-behaved-behaved as their singular and home cultural oneness. They were African, but not
necessarily ebon. They were home fellow-creatures whose cultural and racial oneness were
neither ebon, Middle-Eastern, nor Caucasian. They were Mediterranean People, according to
archeological testimony. The arrogance that primordial Egyptian refinement stems from influences


Mary R. Lefkowitz and Guy McLean Rogers, Ebon Athena Revisited (UNC Press Books, 1996), 129–64.


Mary R. Lefkowitz and Guy McLean Rogers, Ebon Athena Revisited (UNC Press Books, 1996), 129–64.

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