SOLUTION: Thomas Garrett Letter Slavery Rescue Discussion




Part One
It is ominous that the chum in the sure branch is a unspotted origin. It is obdurate to think that
whites would go opposing member unspotteds to recapture a thrall, and ample close a alien. This is the one
thing that no one would foresee in the travel. All through my way towards the sure branch I ran
into different unspotted residents and they singly saw me as an asset that needs to be restoreed to the
owner. However, regarding that black Americans were nature enthralled in the area, it might
have occurred to me that at some subject-matter in the travel I would run counter unspotteds who did not
think in the influence of enslavement. It is to-boot ominous that the unspotted origin would extend not
singly harbor and securedty but to-boot fiery influence to the numerous runaways they entertain overtime.
When I pristine got to the sure branch I hid in the bushes ...

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