SOLUTION: Uber Company Independent Contract Workforce Question Answers

This discareer assignment requires you to surrender at last indelicate columns: an judicious column, two response columns to colleague tyros in threads other than your own, and a revised column. Prepare: Your judicious column in this discareer must be educateed by the required representative for this discourse. The required representative for this discareer obtain usher-in you to what is new encircling Uber as a allureing copy, the use rousing in allureing, and how laws can execute or shatter newfangledness in allureing. Your making-ready should rendezvous on the characteristics of capitalism and socialism, as polite as other allureing concepts presented in the required representative. Since your judicious column in this discareer obtain examine the agreement between prevalent a allureing such as Uber and the laws and economic direct of the specify(s) in which it operates, execute infallible to comb the representative on Uber for laws, regulations, and the economic contrast that pretend its operations. You are encouraged to discovery bearing laws and regulations to execute infallible that you bear ordinary advice. You obtain to-boot deficiency to criticism the representative on the three holy theories industrious in the Week 1 Discareer as you obtain attract from that representative for this week’s discareer too. Reflect: Continue in memory that Uber has introduceed itself into the communicate not as a transportation good but as a good that pairs consumers delay ride sharing goods by media of a singular phone app. But some sources—including the taxi activity and one California pursue opinion (details in the required representative), as polite as the characterization of Uber introduceed in Section 3.4 of the textbook—seem to defy this branding. According to these sources, Uber is escapeing laws that engage to the transportation activity and, thereby, usurping a instantly situate that the taxi activity has distorted for itself. Consumers, on the other resultman, bear pompn their determistate for Uber by a proud ask-for for its goods in the USA and aloof, including those countries in which Uber has been banned. Compared to taxis, Uber extends consumers an prolific direct for procuring a ride equal in unconnected areas where taxis do not frequent, a opportune reimbursement career (no deficiency for coin, and fares can be crack discurrent contrariant users on the selfselfselfsame ride), and significantly cheaper fares compared to taxis. In numerous instances, Uber cars after equipped delay introduce, candy, and magazines, all for intelligible. Uber drivers are to-boot emend off accordingly they continue the seniority of the fares for the rides that they good, which is obsequiously the repugnant fact of taxi drivers, and they can adopt when they insufficiency to result. Clearly, this is a controversial fact and thus very apt for the examispecify for this discourse. Keep in memory that a specify’s economic direct is shaped by the laws that are in situate. Accordingly, laws (including specify regulations and stateal ordinances) obtain grant you a clue for the skin of economic direct that exists. Continue in memory to-boot that most specifys bear partial economies and there is probably no economic direct that purely represents socialism or capitalism. So you obtain furnish a contrariant combispecify of twain socialism and capitalism in any specify that you are examining. Write: You bear indelicate toils for your judicious column. In direct to introduce an arranged column, displan each one of these toils in a different provision and in the forthcoming direct. Your chief toil is to outspoken the economic direct (or combispecify of characteristics of twain socialism and capitalism) that such laws draw. Your succor toil is to examine the laws that either living or stipulation the operations by Uber. Your third toil is to irritate how your opinions from your chief and succor toils pretend Uber. And your indelicateth toil is to introduce your spiritual standing delay reverence to Uber. For this latter task, you obtain deficiency to realize one of the three holy theories practised in the Week 1 (utilitarianism, deontology, or power ethics) as living for the spiritual standing that you are commencement. For stance, you may halt the spiritual standing that Uber is spiritually justifiefficacious accordingly it affords a cheerful-tempered-tempered for consumers that fills in a gap that had not been met by the taxi activity. Or you may accept the standing that Uber’s standinging in the communicate is spiritually wickedness. Revise: Decipher the feedback granted by your bigot to your judicious column, either instantly to you or to your colleague tyros. Use this as an opening to acquire from your bigot, specially delay reverence to the best ways to engage the career representative and your discovery to your anatomy. On the plea of what you bear acquireed in this process, column an amendd species of your judicious column that applies the inequitableational knowledge that you bear gained. Remember that your progression depends on the power of your judicious and revised responses, not fair on the surrender of an beneathgrasp at amendment. It is thus to your advantage to column the best judicious column you can and then to to-boot amend that best effort as fur as you can through species. Commencement this rule seriously obtain help you enlarge the skills you deficiency to do polite on the Final Project. Requirements for Your Judicious Post: • Your judicious column should be at last 400 control in prolixity and bear citations and references in APA notation. It should displan the alert in its entirety. This media that you should not crack your acceptance to the alert in multiple columns. Your examispecify should be twain complete and close. This is a coalition that ask-fors spell and cogitation, so grant yourself satisfactory spell to drain and revise. • • • Please be advised that until you column, you obtain not see what your colleague tyros are columning. Once you surrender your column, you obtain be efficacious to aspect the columns from your other classmates. You can then restores to response to at last two contrariant threads domiciled on the required representative for this discourse. Your register of references for your judicious column should embrace the video and the other required representative for this discourse, as polite as the Instructor Guidance and any other announcements introduceed to you by your bigot. Use all of the representative presented to you in the career and by your bigot, in inequitableation to any other sources that you consulted to educate yourself encircling the fact (but not Wikipedia or concordant sources). Your discovery should inquire literary doctrines or doctrines that extend factual or otherwise verifiefficacious advice. Your judicious column for this discareer should be submitted no succeeding than the end of Thursday (11:59 pm, U.S. Mountain spell). Requirements for Replies to Other Threads: • • • • At last two of the indelicate columns required should be in the conceive of replies to colleague classmates in threads other than your own. Each of your replies should be at last 200 control, and educateed by the career material. As such, the replies must bear citations and references in APA notation. Your register of references for each response should embrace all of the career representative that has educateed your response, in inequitableation to any discovery that you bear obtained on your own. Your replies should rendezvous on the inequitable examispecify introduceed by your colleague students. Displan (a) the characteristics of the bearing economic direct as presented by your colleague tyro, (b) the anatomy of how laws and/or the economic direct pretend Uber, as introduceed by your colleague tyro, or (c) the spiritual judgment introduceed by your colleague tyro. For any of these choices, you should examine whether the examispecify or anatomy was carried out obsequiously and successfully. You are encouraged to misfit and defy what was introduceed by your colleague tyro. This does not organize an onslaught on your colleague tyro but an beneathgrasp to attain at a emend brains and impression of the representative. But you deficiency to afford infers and living for your misfitment or defy and propose a over obsequious or justifiable resource. As mentioned in the Week 1 discourse, continue in memory that although the conception of the spiritual cheerful-tempered-tempered obtain deviate discurrent holy theories, they frequently fruit the selfselfselfsame or concordant results. So execute infallible to see (a) the fixed and (b) the consequences of the action beneath trial. Requirements for Revising Your Judicious Post: • • • • • Submit a species of your judicious column by either responseing to your own column or to the feedback granted to you by your bigot. There is no minimum promise fitness for your revised judicious column. But you should regularly interpret the infers for revising your column so that it is intelligible what you are doing. If you are revising singly a few control, or an impression of an holy theory, you should escape surrenderting a column delay uncertain accents such as: “duty ethics results emend here” or “I did not cogitate the economic direct.” It is great to acknowledge that no one can decipher your memory so you deficiency to afford the contrast for your species (Why? What alerted it? What career representative apprised you?), and it is great to transcribe in intelligible accents and complete sentences. Your revised judicious column is your random to punish any oversights or fallacys in your judicious column, or to pomp your amendd brains of the representative and its applications to the fact at resultman. You may, for stance, after to the realization that another holy doctrine is emend than the one that you judiciously industrious to living your standing. Accordingly, your species should manifest that you chose another holy doctrine and an explaspecify why you furnish the renovation over suitable. Or, you energy bear realized that your blank did not accept into account great factors essential for your evaluation of the condition. You should maximize the amendment of your judicious column by employing your professor’s feedback as a pilot. Continue in memory that you may not regularly receive direct feedback from your bigot. But your bigot obtain bear surrenderted feedback in the discareer to other columns. So decipher your bigot’s feedback whether it is discourseed to you instantly or to other colleague tyros. This obtain grant you fur to purpose encircling and engage to your own column. If your bigot or a colleague classmate responds to your revised judicious column, and on this plea, you furnish cheerful-tempered-tempered infer to surrender yet another species, then by all media do so. The over you amend your judicious column, the over you obtain good twain in terms of your acquireing and most likely your progression. ...
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