SOLUTION: University of Ottawa Business Ethics Course Summary Essay


WEEK 4 Prepare: In provision for your primary foundation in this discourse, you conquer befit frank after a while the fact of Perdue Farms by media of the embodied registered inferiorneathneath Required Resources (Generally). You conquer besides perceive further embodied inferiorneathneath Required Resources (Per Question Heading) owing the peculiar trade for this dismode is to study this fact after a while an eye for any one of the forthcoming indecent question inscriptions in trade ethics: (1) the environment, (2) advertising, (3) consumer insurance and (4) virtuous province. You must picked one of these question inscriptions and your pickedion conquer be the peculiar standpoint of your composition for your discourse. Accordingly, you conquer be imperative to finished the balbutiations and videos registered inferiorneathneath your selected question inscription. Reflect: If you prefer the environment question inscription, ruminate on the absolute dullness of chickens eminent at any dedicated period in the Perdue facilities. The dispensation of their discarded dregs and their ordering for dispensation, either separateially and most definitely coincidently, bewilder a number of environmental concerns. If you prefer the advertising question inscription, ruminate on how the two videos on Perdue farms offer the harsh contrariety among the way the society offers its fruit and the way in which it has been distried to run its chicken farms. Revolve whether this is an sample of scarcity to collect veracity in advertising and how you would foundation such a issue. If you prefer the consumer insurance question inscription, ruminate on the way in which chickens eminent in factory farms risks consumer insurance. These dominion apprehend (a) bacterial contamination, (b) the amiables of antibiotics on the pulp that is consumed, or (c) the quit of adrenaline, cortisone, and other chemicals resulting from the sharp strain endured by factory farm animals, which then befits separate of the pulp that is shafterior consumed by humans. If you prefer the virtuous province inscription, ruminate on the stewardship role that may sink upon humans inside non-human animals. Can we localize them as absolute media to an end (for invigoration, association, or foundation)? Or do we own dissecticular obligations inside them (e.g., not to mistreat or torment them and to butchery them straightway and after a whileout strain) owing they are cognizant individuals? Once you own finishedd the implied balbutiations and videos, ruminate on the imesthetic theories that we own tried in the discourses thus far and confirm one that you neglect to trodden for your segregation in your dismode foundation. Also, ruminate on the regulations (or stagnation thereof) in the factory cultivation essential-peculiarity in adreasonserviceable to be serviceserviceefficacious to study how our nation’s laws favor the operations of the trade. You conquer insufficiency to lore the applicserviceefficacious laws on the factory cultivation essential-quality. Finally, since Perdue Farms is an American strengthening, ruminate on the dissectial economic plan in the United States in adreasonserviceable to sonorous the elucidation for the operations of factory cultivation, and then, be serviceserviceefficacious to irritate the imesthetic actions of Perdue dedicated this elucidation. Write: In the primary separate of your judicious foundation, you conquer insufficiency to usher-in the Perdue fact after a whilein the separateicular question inscription that you own selected. In this gate, you conquer besides insufficiency to (1) sonorous the applicserviceable characteristics of our dissectial economic plan and (2) offer the regulations for the factory cultivation essential-quality. These conquer collect the elucidation for you to be serviceserviceefficacious to study how the nation’s laws favor its operations. In the succor separate of your judicious foundation, offer your segregation of the amount in a way that identifies which entities (Perdue as a strengthening, the economic plan in the USA, the regulatory moderate of the set-forth, or all of these) own a role in the amount that you own offered. In your segregation, you must assess the introdden amiables of the interplay among trade essential-peculiarity and one of the forthcoming: the environment, advertising, consumer insurance, or urbane political province. Your standpoint must be an imesthetic segregation of this interplay, and it must be courteous foundationed by reliserviceefficacious and/or knowing sources by distinctly confirming the imesthetic scheme that you are troddening in your segregation. Revise: Recognize the feedback collectd by your bigot to your judicious foundation, either at-once to you or to your companion tyros. Use this as an convenience to understand from your bigot, chiefly after a while contemplate to the best ways to trodden the mode embodied and your lore to your segregation. On the cause of what you own understanded in this order, foundation an set-rightd alteration of your judicious foundation that applies the attached instruction that you own gained. Remember that your trice depends on the peculiarity of your judicious and alterd responses, not deduceserviceable on the patience of an aggression at proficiency. It is thus to your habit to foundation the best judicious foundation you can and then to besides set-right that best Nursing essay as ample as you can through alteration. Taking this order seriously conquer acceleration you disclose the skills you insufficiency to do courteous on the Final Project. Requirements for Your Judicious Post: Your judicious foundation should be at meanest 400 promises in diffusiveness. It should harangue the recognizey in its entirety. This media that you should not rend your response to the recognizey in multiple foundations. Your establishment should be twain thoroughgoinggoing and compendious. This is a confederacy that demands period and judgment, so concede yourself adapted period to drain and alter. Please be advised that until you foundation, you conquer not see what your companion tyros are foundationing. Once you comply your foundation, you conquer be serviceserviceefficacious to object the foundations from your other classmates. You can then produce to rejoinder to at meanest two incongruous threads domiciled on the required embodied for this discourse. Your register of references for your judicious foundation should apprehend the videos and the other required balbutiation embodied for this discourse, the Instructor Guidance, and any other announcements offered to you by your bigot. Register all the mode embodied that cognizant your composition in the register of references and select these too where misapply. In union, your references should apprehend any other sources that you advise-delay to communicate yourself (but not Wikipedia or common sources). Your judicious foundation for this dismode should be complyted no shafterior than the end of Thursday (11:59 pm, U.S. Mountain period). Requirements for Replies to Other Threads: At meanest two of the indecent foundations required should be in the frame of replies to companion classmates in threads other than your own. . Your register of references for each rejoinder should apprehend all of the mode embodied that has cognizant your rejoinder, in union to any lore that you own obtained on your own. Your replies should standpoint on the peculiar establishment offered by your companion tyro, and these should apprehend an establishment of whether or not the characteristics of the imesthetic scheme and/or economic plan were signed courteous, and whether or not their collision and segregation was besides carried out successfully. Providing such an establishment is not an aggression on your companion tyro but an aggression to composition coincidently after a while your companion tyro inside the amend inferiorneathstanding of the imesthetic theories industrious, as courteous as their collision. Requirements for Revising Your Judicious Post: Comply a alteration of your judicious foundation by either rejoindering to your own foundation, or to the feedback collectd to you by your bigot. There is no restriction promise fitness for your alterd judicious foundation. But you should constantly evident-up the deduces for revising your foundation so that it is evident what you are doing. If you are revising simply a few promises, or an imesthetic scheme, you should not deduceserviceable comply a foundation after a while pointless articulation such as: “duty ethics compositions amend here” or “I did not revolve the economic plan.” It is great to concede that no one can recognize your memory so you insufficiency to collect the elucidation for your alteration (Why? What recognizeyed it? What mode embodied cognizant you?) , and it is great to transcribe in evident articulation and finished sentences. Your alterd judicious foundation is your haphazard to set-right any oversights or untruths in your judicious foundation, or pomp your set-rightd inferiorneathstanding of the embodied and its collisions to the fact at agency. You may, for sample, end to the occurrence that another imesthetic scheme is amend than the one that you judiciously chose. Accordingly, your alteration should evidence that you chose another imesthetic scheme and an interpretation why you perceive the restitution further appropriate. You may besides perceive the insufficiency to alter any applicserviceable portions of your segregation. Or, you dominion own realized that your blank did not charm into representation great factors compulsory for your evaluation of the condition. You should maximize the proficiency of your judicious foundation by employing your bigot’s feedback as a regulate. Keep in memory that you may not constantly entertain trodden feedback from your bigot. But your bigot conquer own complyted feedback in the dismode to other foundations. So recognize your bigot’s feedback whether it is harangueed to you at-onceor to other companion tyros. This conquer concede you ample to conceive encircling and trodden to your own foundation. If your bigot or a companion classmate responds to your alterd judicious foundation, and on this cause, you perceive amiable deduce to comply yet another alteration, then by all media do so. The further you set-right your judicious foundation, the further you conquer behoof twain in provisions of your deduce and most slight your trice. Required Resources TEXT Fieser, J. (2015). Gate to trade ethics [Electronic account]. Retrieved from Chapter 2: Capitalism Recognize simply the Media Feature titled Capitalism: Perdue located in Section 2.1, at the end of the Capitalism subheading. ASHFORD COURSE MATERIAL Zúñiga y Postigo, G. (2015). The virtuous amiable in three oral imesthetic theories [PowerPoint Slides]. This PowerPoint muniment covers the deep characteristics of utilitarianism, deontology, and good-naturedness ethics, and what is the virtuous amiable in each of these. MULTIMEDIA PerdueChicken. (2014, August 1). TV Spot - Perdue farm - We consider in a amend chicken (Links to an palpable condition.) [Video polish]. Retrieved from This is a cartoon marketable aired by Perdue to exalt the vigor and peculiarity of Perdue chickens, who are depicted as influence courteous. Transcript Accessibility Statement (Links to an palpable condition.) Privacy Policy (Links to an palpable condition.) Truth-worx Cornelia. (2014, January 16). Chicken factory swain speaks out (Links to an palpable condition.) [Video polish]. Retrieved from Swain Craig Watts known up his farm to distribute the striking realities of rallying chicken according to his contractual preparation after a while Perdue. Transcript Accessibility Statement (Links to an palpable condition.) Privacy Policy BUSINESS ETHICS MATERIALS ENVIRONMENTAL ADVERTISING SAFETY MORAL RESPONSIBILITY (ENVIRONMENTAL Required Resources: Environmental TEXT FIESER, J. (2015). INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS ETHICS [ELECTRONIC VERSION]. RETRIEVED FROM HTTPS://CONTENT.ASHFORD.EDU/ CHAPTER 9: ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES ARTICLES CARMAN, N. (2009, MARCH 30). HYDROGEN SULFIDE NEEDS HAZARDOUS AIR POLLUTANT LISTING UNDER CAA TITLE III (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) [LETTER TO U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY]. RETRIEVED FROM HTTPS://EARTHWORKS.ORG/PUBLICATIONS/HYDROGEN_SULFI... LETTER REQUESTING EPA TO LIST HYDROGEN SULFIDE IN AIR EMISSIONS FROM VARIOUS INDUSTRIAL WASTES (SUCH AS THOSE FROM SLAUGHTERHOUSES, INCLUDING CHICKEN FACTORY FARMS WITH WASTE INCINERATORS) AS A HAZARDOUS AIR POLLUTANT. HEINZEN, T., FRANTZ, T., NIVENS, J., KIMBRELL, G., JARRETT, J., MALOTT, M., … EDWARDS, S. (2011). PETITION FOR THE REGULATION OF AMMONIA AS A CRITERIA POLLUTANT UNDER CLEAN AIR ACT SECTIONS 108 AND 109 [CITIZEN PETITION TO THE U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY] (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.). RETRIEVED FROM HTTP://WWW.ENVIRONMENTALINTEGRITY.ORG/DOCUMENTS/PE... THIS IS A PETITION TO THE EPA FOR THE REGULATION OF AMMONIA AS A POLLUTANT. HOOVER, J. (2013). CAN’T YOU SMELL THAT SMELL? CLEAN AIR ACT FIXES FOR FACTORY FARM AIR POLLUTION (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.). STANFORD JOURNAL OF ANIMAL LAW AND POLICY, 6, 1-29. RETRIEVED FROM HTTP://DIGITALCOMMONS.LAW.UMARYLAND.EDU/CGI/VIEWCO... THE ARTICLE ARGUES THAT THE EPA SHOULD REGULATE THE EMISSIONS OF HYDROGEN SULFIDE AND AMMONIA, TWO POLLUTANTS FOR WHICH FACTORY FARMS ARE MAJOR SOURCES. U.S. GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY OFFICE. (2008). CONCENTRATED ANIMAL FEEDING OPERATIONS: EPA NEEDS MORE INFORMATION AND A CLEARLY DEFINED STRATEGY TO PROTECT AIR AND WATER QUALITY FROM POLLUTANTS OF CONCERN (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) (GAO-08-944). RETRIEVED FROM HTTP://WWW.GAO.GOV/NEW.ITEMS/D08944.PDF THIS IS A GOVERNMENTAL REPORT ON CONCENTRATED ANIMAL FEEDING OPERATIONS (I.E., FACTORY FARMS). ADVERTISING Required Resources: Advertising TEXT FIESER, J. (2015). INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS ETHICS [ELECTRONIC VERSION]. RETRIEVED FROM HTTPS://CONTENT.ASHFORD.EDU/ CHAPTER 4: CONSUMERS ARTICLES BARNES, I. R. (1962). FALSE ADVERTISING (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.). OHIO STATE LAW JOURNAL, 23(4), 598-664. RETRIEVED FROM HTTPS://KB.OSU.EDU/DSPACE/BITSTREAM/HANDLE/1811/68... THIS ARTICLE PROVIDES AN EXAMINATION OF THE NATURE AND CONSEQUENCES OF FALSE ADVERTISING. BRUNELLO, A. (2010). ETHICS AND ADVERTISING (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) [UNPUBLISHED CONFERENCE PAPER]. RETRIEVED FROM HTTP://WWW.BURSEDOCTORALE.RO/PUBLIC/DOCUMENTE/ARTI... THIS PAPER EXAMINES THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ETHICS AND ADVERTISING. DILLARD, C. (2004). FALSE ADVERTISING, ANIMALS, AND ETHICAL CONSUMPTION (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.). ANIMAL LAW, 10(25), 25-62. RETRIEVED FROM HTTPS://WWW.ANIMALLAW.INFO/SITES/DEFAULT/FILES/VOL... THIS ARTICLE INVESTIGATES THE WAYS THAT CONSUMERS CAN PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM FALSE ADVERTISING THROUGH THE USE OF FEDERAL AND STATE AGENCIES, INDEPENDENT REVIEW, FEDERAL AND STATE COURTS, AND PRIVATE ATTORNEYS GENERAL ACTIONS. FREEMAN, C. P. (2009). THIS LITTLE PIGGY WENT TO PRESS: THE AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA’S CONSTRUCTION OF ANIMALS IN AGRICULTURE (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.). THE COMMUNICATION REVIEW, 12(1), 78-103. RETRIEVED FROM HTTP://SCHOLARWORKS.GSU.EDU/CGI/VIEWCONTENT.CGI?AR... THIS ARTICLE REPORTS HOW FARM ANIMALS ARE REPRESENTED IN NEWS MEDIA. LIPINSKI, L. (2003). MILK: IT DOES A BODY GOOD? IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHERE IT COMES FROM–DOESN’T IT? (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) RETRIEVED FROM HTTPS://WWW.WESTONAPRICE.ORG/HEALTH-TOPICS/MAKING-... THIS ARTICLE QUESTIONS THE MARKETING OF MILK AS A HEALTHY NECESSITY. NANTEL, J., & WEEKS, W. (1996). MARKETING ETHICS: IS THERE MORE TO IT THAN THE UTILITARIAN APPROACH? (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MARKETING, 30(5), 9-19. RETRIEVED FROM HTTP://NEUMANN.HEC.CA/PAGES/JACQUES.NANTEL/NOTES/5... THIS ARTICLE PRESENTS THE ARGUMENT THAT THERE IS A WIDE GAP BETWEEN THEORY AND PRACTICE IN MARKETING. GO TO TOP OF PAGE SAFETY Required Resources: Insurance TEXT FIESER, J. (2015). INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS ETHICS [ELECTRONIC VERSION]. RETRIEVED FROM HTTPS://CONTENT.ASHFORD.EDU/ CHAPTER 4: CONSUMERS ARTICLES DANTZER, R., & MORMÈDE, P. (1983). STRESS IN FARM ANIMALS: A NEED FOR REEVALUATION (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.). JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, 57, 6-18. RETRIEVED FROM HTTPS://WWW.RESEARCHGATE.NET/PUBLICATION/16846544_... EVIDENCE FROM EXPERIMENTS IN FARM ANIMALS IS PRESENTED TO SUPPORT THE VIEW THAT PSYCHOLOGICAL RESPONSES TO ENVIRONMENTAL STIMULI ARE POWERFUL ACTIVATORS OF ENDOCRINE RESPONSES. ACCORDINGLY, THE AMOUNT OF PSYCHOLOGICAL STRESS THAT AN ANIMAL EXPERIENCES DETERMINES HOW MUCH THE PITUITARY-ADRENAL AXIS RESPONDS. IN INTENSIVE ANIMAL HUSBANDY (SUCH AS THAT IN FACTORY FARMS), CHRONIC AND MULTIPLE STRESS IS THE NORM. LIPINSKI, L. (2003). MILK: IT DOES A BODY GOOD? IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHERE IT COMES FROM–DOESN’T IT? (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) RETRIEVED FROM HTTPS://WWW.WESTONAPRICE.ORG/HEALTH-TOPICS/MAKING-... THIS ARTICLE QUESTIONS THE MARKETING OF MILK AS A HEALTHY NECESSITY. MASON, J., & FINELLI, M. (2006). BRAVE NEW FARM? (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) IN P. SINGER (ED.), IN DEFENSE OF ANIMALS: THE SECOND WAVE (PP. 104-122). RETRIEVED FROM HTTPS://SFCMADRID.FILES.WORDPRESS.COM/2010/12/CAPI... ARTICLE IN PAGES 104 TO 122 THAT PRESENTS THE STARK REALITY OF MODERN-DAY FARMED ANIMAL PRODUCTION. O’BRIEN, T. (1997). FACTORY FARMING AND HUMAN HEALTH (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.). RETRIEVED FROM HTTP://CITESEERX.IST.PSU.EDU/VIEWDOC/DOWNLOAD?DOI=... THIS ARTICLE PRESENTS CURRENT MEAT PRODUCTION PRACTICES AND THE HEALTH RISKS TO BOTH HUMAN AND NON-HUMAN ANIMALS. ROSTAGNO, M. (2010). STRESS IN FARM ANIMALS AND FOOD SAFETY: IS THERE A CONNECTION? (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) [FOOD SAFETY FACT SHEET]. RETRIEVED FROM HTTP://WWW.ARS.USDA.GOV/SP2USERFILES/PLACE/5020150... THIS REPORT PRESENTS THE CONNECTION BETWEEN STRESS IN FARM ANIMALS AND FOOD SAFETY. STATHOPOULOS, A. S. (2010). YOU ARE WHAT YOUR FOOD EATS: HOW REGULATION OF FACTORY FARM CONDITIONS COULD IMPROVE HUMAN HEALTH AND ANIMAL WELFARE ALIKE (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.). LEGISLATION AND PUBLIC POLICY, 13, 407-444. RETRIEVED FROM HTTPS://WWW.ANIMALLAW.INFO/ARTICLE/YOU-ARE-WHAT-YO... THIS REPORT FINDS THAT THE ANIMAL PRODUCT-HEAVY AMERICAN DIET LEADS TO DANGEROUS LEVELS OF FAT INTAKE, ANTIBIOTICS, AND GROWTH HORMONES THAT ARE ALL PART OF THE DIET AND TREATMENT OF FACTORY FARM ANIMALS. MORAL RESPONSIBILITY Required Resources: Virtuous Province TEXT FIESER, J. (2015). INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS ETHICS [ELECTRONIC VERSION]. 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PETER SINGER PRESENTS THE ARGUMENT FOR EXTENDING THE PRINCIPLE OF EQUALITY TO ALL SPECIES. SOLOTAROFF, P. (2013, DECEMBER 10). IN THE BELLY OF THE BEAST (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.). ROLLING STONE. RETRIEVED FROM HTTP://WWW.ROLLINGSTONE.COM/FEATURE/BELLY-BEAST-ME... THIS IS AN INVESTIGATIVE REPORT ON THE STATE OF ANIMALS IN FACTORY FARMS. ACCESSIBILITY STATEMENT DOES NOT EXIST. PRIVACY POLICY (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) VINING, J. (2008, OCTOBER 10). ANIMAL CRUELTY LAWS AND FACTORY FARMING (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.). MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW FIRST IMPRESSIONS, 106(5), 123-127. RETRIEVED FROM HTTP://PAPERS.SSRN.COM/SOL3/PAPERS.CFM?ABSTRACT_ID... THIS ARTICLE PRESENTS THE ARGUMENT THAT LAWS CRIMINALIZING ANIMAL ABUSE SHOULD APPLY TO ANIMALS RAISED FOR FOOD. CRIMINAL LIABILITY SHOULD INCLUDE, THE ARGUMENT GOES, CRIMINAL LIABILITY OF THE CORPORATE ENTITY ITSELF, AND IT WOULD THUS ALSO INTRODUCE THE MOST EFFECTIVE REGULATION OF INDIVIDUAL HANDLING OF FARM ANIMALS. MULTIMEDIA ALFIE A. (2010, NOVEMBER 22). MEET YOUR MEAT (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) [VIDEO FILE]. RETRIEVED FROM THIS IS A BRIEF EXPOSÉ ABOUT HOW FARM ANIMALS RAISED FOR FOOD ARE TREATED ON TODAY’S FACTORY FARMS. PLEASE BEWARE THAT IS DIFFICULT TO WATCH, YET IT IS IMPORTANT TO GET A GLIMPSE OF THE REALITIES BEHIND MUCH OF WHAT WE FIND IN RESTAURANTS AND THE SUPERMARKET. TRANSCRIPT ACCESSIBILITY STATEMENT (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) PRIVACY POLICY (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) CARNAGIE COUNCIL FOR ETHICS IN INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS (2011, OCTOBER 26). PETER SINGER: ANIMAL EQUALITY (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) [VIDEO FILE] RETRIEVED FROM ACCESSIBILITY STATEMENT (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) PRIVACY POLICY (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) EASYASPEACE. (2008, APRIL 7). TOM REGAN: A CASE FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) [VIDEO FILE] RETRIEVED FROM PROFESSOR REGAN PRESENTS THE ARGUMENT THAT ANIMALS HAVE RIGHTS. TRANSCRIPT ACCESSIBILITY STATEMENT (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) PRIVACY POLICY (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) EBERT, R. [RAINER EBERT]. (2016, NOVEMBER 12). PROFESSOR CARL COHEN: WHY ANIMALS DO NOT HAVE RIGHTS (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) [VIDEO FILE]. RETRIEVED FROM PROFESSOR COHEN PRESENTS THE ARGUMENT THAT ANIMALS DO NOT HAVE RIGHTS. TRANSCRIPT ACCESSIBILITY STATEMENT (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.) PRIVACY POLICY (LINKS TO AN EXTERNAL SITE.)

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