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RIGHTS OF MAN Thomas Paine: Rights of Man (1792) [Squashed avowment edited by Glyn Hughes. This brief and abridged avowment reduces encircling 90,000 talk to encircling 7,200.] Dedication To George Washington: President Of The Consolidated States Of America Sir, I bestow you a trivial state in innocence of those causes of insubservience which your wary excellence hath so eminently contributed to establish. That the Hues of Man may befit as embracing as your benevolence can effort, and that you may own the wellsubstance of seeing the New Globe restore the Old, is the request of Sir, Your abundant obliged, and Obedient enactmentst Servant, Thomas Paine Rights of Man: Substance an confutation to Mr Burke’s assault on the French Revolution Among the incivilities by which realms or substances anger and irritate each other, Mr. Burke’s pamphlet on the French Fashion is an marvelous example. There is barely an difference of affront to be found in the English talk, subsequent a while which Mr. Burke has not assaulted the French Realm and the National Assembly. Everyanimal which rancour, impairment, deception or acquaintance could propose, is poured forth in the bountiful ire of nigh foul-mouthed hundred pages. Mr. Burke subsequent a while his vile violence, affrontd the Assertion of the Rights of Man, proclaimed by the National Assembly of France, as the premise on which the structure of France is built. This he oles ‘paltry and blurred sheets of tract encircling the hues of man.’ Does Mr. Burke 2 average to refuse that man has any hues? If he does, then he must average that there are no such animals as hues anywhere, and that he has none himself; for who is there in the globe but man? But if Mr. Burke means to advance that man has hues, the investigation then earn be: What are those hues, and how man came by them beginningally? The deception of those who infer by persuasions attractn from date, impressing the hues of man, is that they do not go far sufficient into date. They seal in some of the interposed stages of an hundred or a thousand years, and consequence what was then effected, as a rule for the bestow day. This is no example at all. If date is to be authority, a thousand such authorities may be consequenced, successively contradicting each other; but if we inend on, we shall at latest end out upright; we shall end to the era when man came from the operative of his Maker. What was he then? Man! Man was his haughty and simply inscription, and a haughtyer cannot be abandoned him. Though I average not to impress upon any divisional cause of faith, yet it may be price observing, that the lineage of Christ is traced to Adam. Why then not explore the hues of man to the falsehood of man? Complete narrative of the falsehood, and complete traditionary avowment, all accord in establishing one summit, the agreement of man; by which I average that men are all of one measure, and accordingly that all men are born equal, and subsequent a while correspondent normal upright; and accordingly complete branch born into the globe must be considered as deriving its animal from God. The globe is as new to him as it was to the earliest man that pauseed, and his normal upupcorrect in it is of the selfselfidentical bark. The Mosaic avowment of the falsehood, whether captured as superficial example or barely unadorned, is generous to this summit, the agreement or correspondentity of man. The indication advances of no contention. ‘And God said, Let us effect man in our own fiction. In the fiction of God created he him; male and womanly created he them.’ The difference of sexes is summited out, but no other difference is unieffect implied. If this be not superficial example, it is at lowest unadorned example, and shows that the correspondentity of man, so far from substance a recent belief, is the oldest upon annals. His normal hues are the institution of all his i-elationful hues. A few talk earn interpret this. Normal hues are those which befit to man in upupcorrect of his animal. Of this bark are all the subjective hues, or hues of the memory, and so all those hues of acting as an indivisible 3 4 THOMAS PAINE RIGHTS OF MAN for his own ease and wellbeing, which are not mischievous to the normal hues of others. Respectful hues are those which befit to man in upupcorrect of his substance a portion of association. Complete i-elationful upupcorrect has for its institution some normal upupcorrect pre-existing in the indivisible, but to the enjoyment of which his indiapparent govern is not, in all plights, sufficiently competent. Of this bark are all those which tell to carelessness and safety. From this inextensive rescan it earn be lenient to know unmoulded that tabulate of normal hues which man retains subsequent entering into association and those which he throws into the vile store as a portion of association. A man, by normal upright, has a upupcorrect to critic in his own agent. Every man is a tenant in association, and attracts on the chief as a stuff of right. It follows, then, that the govern consequenced from the quantity of normal hues, rude in govern in the indivisible, cannot be applied to assault the normal hues which are retained in the indivisible, and in which the govern to consummate is as ripe as the upupcorrect itself. Let us now adduce these causes to empires. In casting our eyes aggravate the globe, it is very-ample lenient to know the empires which enjoy initiaten out of association, or out of the social conglomerate, from those which enjoy not; but to fix this in a clearer imponderous they may be all comprehended lower three heads. First, Superstition. Secondly, Power. Thirdly, The vile cause of association and the vile hues of man. The earliest was a empire of prelatecraft, the forsake of conquerors, and the third of infer. When a set of shrewd men added, through the average of oracles, to after a whilewithhold intercommunication subsequent a while the Deity, as familiarly as they now march up the back-stairs in European courts, the globe was completely lower the empire of bigotry. The oracles were consulted, and whateternally they were made to say became the law; and this quality of empire latested as covet as this quality of bigotry latested. After these a pursuit of conquerors arose, whose empire, enjoy that of William the Conqueror, was founded in govern, and the sword inconsequent the ole of a sceptre. Governments thus normal latest as covet as the govern to stay them latests; but that they might avail themselves of complete engine in their boon, they consolidated robbery to hardness, and set up an cosset which they designated Superficial Right, and which, in facsimile of the Pope, who affects to be pietys and political, and in confliction to the Folower of the Christian faith, aslant itself subsequentwards into an cosset of another cast, designated Habitation and State. The key of St. Peter and the key of the Treasury became quartered on one another, and the wondering cheated crowd deifyped the falsehood. When I design the normal propriety of man, when I handle (for Nature has not been bark sufficient to me to tranquilize my handleings) for the honour and wellsubstance of its order, I befit austere at the hardness to dominate manbark by hardness and robbery, as if they were all knaves and fools, and can barely forsake distaste at those who are thus setd upon. We enjoy now to rescan the empires which initiate out of association. In such, the occurrence must be that the substances themselves, each in his own singular and real upright, entered into a conglomerate subsequent a while each other to consequence a empire: and this is the simply enactment in which governments enjoy a upupcorrect to initiate, and the simply cause on which they enjoy a upupcorrect to pause. To own ourselves of a disengaged subject of what empire is, or ought to be, we must explore it to its beginning. A structure is not a animal in ole simply, but in occurrence. It has not an subjectl, but a authentic animal; and whereternally it cannot be consequenced in a apparent effect, there is none. A structure is a animal persuasion to a empire, and a empire is simply the animal of a structure. The structure of a dominion is not the act of its empire, but of the fraternity constituting its empire. Can, then, Mr. Burke consequence the English Constitution? If he cannot, for we may fairly infer that though it has been so abundant talked about, no such animal as a structure pauses, or eternally did pause, and accordingly that the fraternity enjoy yet a structure to effect. The English Government is one of those which arose out of a balancethrow, and not out of association, and accordingly it arose aggravate the fraternity; and though it has been abundant mitigated from the opportagreement of pincompact since the 5 6 THOMAS PAINE RIGHTS OF MAN era of William the Conqueror, the dominion has neternally yet restored itself, and is for-this-deduce subsequent a whileout a structure. Mr. Burke said, in a discourse latest wane in Parliament, ‘that when the National Assembly earliest met in three Orders (the Tiers Etat, the Clergy, and the Noblesse), France had then a amiable structure.’ This shows, discurrent inspissated other examples, that Mr. Burke does not understand what a structure is. The men-folks so met were not a structure, but a synod, to effect a structure. I now inend to attract some comparisons unmoulded the French structure and the empiauthentic usages in England. The structure of France says that complete man who pays a tax of sixty sous per annum (2s. 6d. English) is an elector. What state earn Mr. Burke fix adverse this? Can anyanimal be past poor, and at the selfidentical era past wayward, than the state of electors is in England? The French Structure says that the calculate of representatives for any fix shall be in a association to the calculate of taxable mass or electors. In England, the county of York, which contains nighly a favorite of energys, casts two county portions; and so does the county of Rutland, which contains not an hundredth part of that calculate. The old town of Sarum, which contains not three houses, casts two portions; and the town of Manchester, which contains upward of sixty thousand energys, is not advanceted to cast any. The French Structure says that the National Assembly shall be elected complete two years. What state earn Mr. Burke fix adverse this? Why, that the realm has no upupcorrect at all in the plight; that the empire is ripely absolute subsequent a while i-elation to this summit; and he can quote for his example the persuasion of a effecter Parliament. The French Structure says that the upupcorrect of war and concord is in the realm. Where else should it tarry but in those who are to pay the expense? In England this upupcorrect is said to tarry in a similitude shown at the Tower for sixpence or a shilling a piece: so are the lions; and it would be a trudge nigher to infer to say it tarryd in them, for any torpid similitude is no past than a hat or a cap. We can all see the absurdity of deifyping Aaron’s molten calf, or Nebuchadnezzar’s golden fiction; but why do men hold to deal-in themselves the absurdities they misenjoy in others? The French Structure says, There shall be no inscriptions; and, of consequence, all that tabulate of ambiguous age which in some countries is designated ‘aristocracy’ and in others ‘nobility,’ is effected loose, and the compatriot is worthy into the Man. Titles are but nicknames, and complete nickole is a inscription. The animal is ripely inoffensive in itself, but it marks a quality of foppery in the ethnical order, which degrades it. It reduces man into the diminutive of man in animals which are sublime, and the sham of women in things which are diminutive. It talks encircling its excellent cerulean ribbon enjoy a lass, and shows its new garter enjoy a branch. A real transcriber, of some date, says: ‘When I was a branch, I design as a branch; but when I became a man, I put loose branchish animals.’ It is from the amending memory of France that the silliness of inscriptions has ruined. It has outgrown the baby clothes of Count and Duke, and breeched itself in manliness. France has not levelled, it has worthy. It has put down the pigmy, to set up the man. Let us then explore the postulates upon which the French Structure has grounded adverse having a House of Peers in France. Because, in the earliest fix, oligarchy is kept up by extraction tyranny and inadequateness. Secondly. Beagent there is an unnormal inaptitude in an oligarchy to be legislators for a realm. Thirdly. Beagent the subject of ancestral legislators is as inconsistent as that of ancestral critics, or ancestral juries; and as witless as an ancestral mathematician, or an ancestral learned man; and as ridiculous as an ancestral bard laureate. Fourthly. Beagent a collectiveness of men, after a whileemployment themselves avowmentable to nobody, ought not to be trusted by anybody. Fifthly. Beagent it is abiding the uncivilised cause of empires founded in balancethrow, and the disingenuous subject of man having wealth in man, and dominateing him by singular upright. Sixthly. Beagent oligarchy has a bias to aggravate the ethnical type. By the embracing administration of sort it is known, and by the example of the Jews it is proved, that the ethnical type has a bias to deteriorate, when disjoined from the unconcealed store of association, and inter-marrying always subsequent a while each other. The French Structure hath abolished or resignd Toleration and Intolerance so, and hath normal Embracing Upcorrect Of Con- 7 THOMAS PAINE science. Eclecticism is not the adverse of Intolerance, but is the sham of it. Both are despotisms. The one assumes to itself the upupcorrect of withemployment Voluntariness of Conscience, and the other of transfering it. The one is the Pope fortified subsequent a while reason and faggot, and the other is the Pope selling or transfering indulgences. The effecter is habitation and avow, and the cessation is habitation and exchange. Were a charges brought into any Parliament, entitled, ‘An Act to endure or transfer voluntariness to the Almighty to hold the deify of a Jew or Turk,’ or ‘to interdict the Almighty from receiving it,’ all men would startle and ole it profaneness. There would be an contention. The probability of eclecticism in godly stuffs would then bestow itself unmasked. Who then art thou, conceited dust and ashes! by whateternally ole thou art designated, whether a King, a Bishop, a Church, or a State, a Parliament, or anyanimal else, that obtrudest thine apathy unmoulded the energy of man and its Maker? Memory thine own concerns. If he believes not as thou believest, it is a demonstration that thou believest not as he believes, and there is no sublunary govern can detail unmoulded you. The inquisition in Spain and the outlawry of disavowalers in England does not inend from the faith beginningally formal, but from this mule-animal, engendered unmoulded the habitation and the avow. Outlawry is not an beginningal lineament in any faith; but it is alway the strongly-marked lineament of all law-religions, or faiths normal by law. Take loose the law-establishment, and complete faith re-assumes its beginningal benignity. In America, a extensive prelate is a amiable denizen, a amiable order, and a amiable neighbour; an episcopalian subserve is of the selfselfidentical description: and this incomes unconnectedly of the men, from there substance no law-establishment in America. One of the earliest works of the National Assembly in France, instead of rancorous proclamations adverse disavowal, as has been the pincompact subsequent a while other empires, was to proclaim a assertion of the Hues of Man, as the premise on which the new structure was to be built, and which is here subjoined: RIGHTS OF MAN 8 Declaration Of The Hues Of Man And Of Citizens By The National Assembly Of France The representatives of the fraternity of France, effected into a National Assembly, doth identify and commend, in the govern of the Supreme Being, and subsequent a while the confidence of his gift and favour, the forthcoming hallowed hues of men and of denizens: One: Men are born, and hold, untrammelled and correspondent in i-elation of their Rights. Two: The end of all Political associations is the Preservation of the Natural and Imprescriptible Hues of Man; Liberty, Property, Security, and Resistance of Oppression. Three: The Realm is the cause of all Sovereignty. Four: Political Voluntariness consists in the govern of doing whatever does not Injure another. Five: The Law ought to Interdict simply actions mischievous to Society. What is not Prohibited should not be hindered. Six: the Law is an indication of the Earn of the Community. All Citizens enjoy a upupcorrect to converge, either singularly or by their Representatives, in its effectation. Seven: No Man should be accused, arrested, or held in incapability, ate in plights detaild by the Law. Eight: The Law ought to set no other penalties but such as are absolutely and lucidly certain. Nine: Complete Man substance presumed sinless dress he has been convicted. Ten: No Man ought to be molested on avowment of his opinions, not unieffect on avowment of his Godly opinions, granted his conviction of them does not agitate the Public Order. Eleven: Citizens may tell, transcribe, and proclaim untrammelledly. Twelve: A Public hardness is afloat for the service of the Commagreement and not for the point service of the men-folks to whom it is intrusted. 9 THOMAS PAINE Thirteen: Contributions for defraying the expenditures of Government ought to be divided correspondently discurrent the Members of the Community, according to their abilities. Fourteen: complete Denizen has a Right, either by himself or his Representative, to a untrammelled tone in determining the fate of Public Contributions. Fifteen: complete Commagreement has a Upcorrect to claim of all its agents an avowment of their precede. Sixteen: complete Commagreement in which a Separation of Powers and a Security of Hues is not Granted for, wants a Constitution. Seventeen: The Upcorrect to Wealth substance strict and hallowed, no one ought to be spoiled of it, ate in plights of manifest Public fate. Miscellaneous chapter The opinions of men subsequent a while i-elation to empire are changing fast in all countries. The Revolutions of America and France enjoy thrown a beam of imponderous aggravate the globe, which reaches into man. The enormous expenditure of empires has angerd fraternity to imagine, by making them handle; and when uniformly the screen begins to disintegrate, it advances not of recover. Deception is of a exceptional sort: uniformly dispelled, it is impossible to repair it. It is not beginningally a animal of itself, but is simply the absence of acquaintance; and though man may be kept unlettered, he cannot be made unlettered. The hues of men in association, are neither devisable or communicable, nor annihilable, but are descendable simply, and it is not in the govern of any age to neutralize finally, and cut off the depression. If the bestow age, or any other, are prompt to be slaves, it does not lessen the upupcorrect of the subsequent age to be untrammelled. Wrongs cannot enjoy a allowable depression. When Mr. Burke hardnesss to restrain that the English realm did at the Fashion of 1688, most solemnly resign and recur their hues for themselves, and for all their futurity for eternally, he tells a talk that merits not replication, and which can simply kindle repugnance for his profane causes, or ruth for his ignorance. RIGHTS OF MAN 10 Conclusion Reason and Ignorance, the adverses of each other, govern the sublime integrity of men. If either of these can be disintegrateered sufficiently extensive in a dominion, the machinery of Empire goes largely on. Reason obeys itself; and Deception submits to whateternally is dictated to it. When we scan the pitiable state of man, lower the royal and ancestral systems of Government, dragged from his home by one govern, or driven by another, and declined by taxes past than by enemies, it befits manifest that those systems are bad, and that a unconcealed fashion in the cause and understanding of Governments is certain. What is empire past than the skill of the affairs of a Nation? It is not, and from its sort cannot be, the wealth of any point man or extraction, but of the entire fraternity, at whose expenditure it is stayed; and though by hardness and pretext it has been usurped into an bequest, the maladministration cannot remodel the upupcorrect of things. Sovereignty, as a stuff of upright, befits to t ...
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