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IBM was a popular and well-established brand globally and especially in the west. Consumers had confidence in the product. IBM had just produced the popular ThinkPad with a well designed keyboard. The brand had acquired a sizable market share globally, especially in the United States where the its headquarter was situated.

By 2005, Lenovo was a global brand. However, the brand was more prominent in the Asia market especially in China. Comparing this with IBM brand, IBM was recognized as a cutting edge brand in the global with a good market share in the west. Whereas Lenovo was not recognized  in the west. Provided that Lenovo would not use the IBM name after 2010, Lenovo, will take time to integrate into the market, especially in the west. The market targeted by Lenovo is completely different from what IBM had. Therefore, it will take time for  Lenovo to consolidate the IBM market share and appeal to the market it is targeting.

Spending $60 million was worth spending to buy publicity during the 2006 winter Olympics. This was an opportunity to publicize Lenovo as a global demand, especially in the western market, which IBM brand had dominated.

Small business and IT departments of large corporations are two different markets that require different communication channels. For small businesses, Lenovo should use the sports events and media communication channels which would reach many small businesses

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