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Complete the Message Strategy & Media Plan portion of the plan.
Provide a summary statement of your message strategy that includes the following:
The message execution
The purpose of your IMC message
A description of the target audience
A description of the message personality or tone
Describe how the creative process supports the transition from the message strategy summary to the delivery of creative concepts. Include the following:
Rationale for how you arrived at the description of the message personality
Tools, such as brainstorming, lateral thinking, insight, and so forth, that you employed to achieve your IMC objectives
Create a one-year media plan matrix using the format in the Media Plan Matrix that proposes your most effective mix of media channels selected. Include the following:
A chronological schedule for implementation
A budget requirement to support the plan
Describe why the delivery of your message will be more effective than other approaches.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
University of Phoenix Material

Media Plan Matrix

The Media Plan Matrix is part of you IMC Plan Project. Using marketing strategies, create a one-year media plan that includes the most effective mix of media channels appropriate to your chosen company. Include a description of each IMC function and approximate budget requirement. Delete the example and fill in the matrix.


Media Mix
IMC Functions:
Estimated Budget Total:
Print ad for USA today $5,000


Final Total: $

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