Immigration, Legal And Illegal, Is Becoming A Highly Charged

· COMPOSE A BRIEF ESSAY OF AT LEAST 400 WORDS BUT NO MORETHAN 600 WORDS (NOT INCLUDING YOUR REFERENCES LIST) ON THE FOLLOWINGTOPIC, REFERRING TO AND CRITIQUING RELEVANT IDEAS FROM AT LEAST THREEOF THE WEEK 9 READINGS AS YOU DEVELOP YOUR THOUGHTS: Immigration, legal and illegal, is becoming a highly charged emotionalissue in America’s political landscape. Yet, as ‘Baby Boomers’ retire,birthrates indicate that American citizens are not reproducing at arate sufficient to replace these retiring workers. A concern is thatfewer domestic workers will cause our economy to shrink. Anotherconcern is that tens of thousands of children and teenagers, fleeingpoverty and violence in Central and South America, are congregating onAmerica’s southern border. RACEREPRODCUTION RATEReplacement2. 2Euro-American1. 8African-American2. 1Asian-American1. 8Latino-American2. 4Figure 1: Source. pewsocialtrends. org/2012/05/17/explaining-why-minority-birt”>http: //www. pewsocialtrends. org/2012/05/17/explaining-why-minority-births-now-outnumber-white-births/[1]As we near the 2016 Presidential election cycle, the topic ofimmigration promises to become an issue in political campaigns at theFederal, State and local levels. Some suggest that the solution to illegal immigration is a legalimmigration policy that is enforced and that efficiently addresses thefuture needs of this country. Some of the complexity of this issue includes the availability oflabor, a lack of high skill versus an abundance of low skill workers,STEM and student visas, temporary work visas for agriculture workers,amnesty for the ~11. 5 million undocumented immigrants currentlyresiding in this nation, and ending “chain immigration. “To complete this assignment, use the assigned course readings as wellas your own research. As you know, students need to be careful whenresearching information. Please be certain that any external sourceyou use in this course is legitimate and accurate. If you areuncertain whether a source is credible, ask. Be certain to properlyidentify your sources. (HISTORY) Examine the conflict between the fact that the United Statesis a nation of immigrants and the hostility that is expressed towardeach new group of immigrants who arrive here. Detail and discuss howthis hostility has been overcome. (ANALYSIS) In an effort to secure votes, both major political partieshave immigration platforms. Examine each group’s proposals (there maybe several: pick one and be certain to identify the sponsor). Betweenthe two parties, which ideas are common? What are the ideas thatdifferentiate these two groups?(CRITICAL THINKING) Based upon the individual world-view you developedin the first five weeks of this course, identify the various issuesand founding documents and ideas that bear upon a consideration ofthis topic and critique their importance in relation to this topic. Some values and rights may be in conflict with others. Criticalthinking will help you establish what you believe is the relativeweight each should have in reaching a resolution. In an essay of no more than 600 words, synthesize what you havelearned earlier this semester (equality, rule of law, States Rights,and so on), with your research to build a logical and non-emotionalargument by which you are able to analyze and discuss this issue withsome depth of insight. What are the concerns regarding immigration? What are future issuesthat an immigration policy should address? Be certain to discuss thesimilarities and differences between the proposals of both parties. After carefully examining the proposals of both major parties, which,if any, proposal best addresses national concerns? Properly referencethree of the assigned readings and include at least one, legitimate,external source in your composition. Write in essay form (that is, in paragraphs, not in bullet points). Beas specific and precise as you can be. Use the Discussion BoardGrading Rubric in the Assignments area to guide your thoughts on whatconstitutes a high-quality essay. IMPORTANT ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES: Not following these guidelines willhave a negative impact on your grade for the week. 1. Write in Arial font, size 14 (chosen from the drop-down menuson the create thread box in the Discussion Board forum), unlessotherwise directed by your instructor. 2. Reference specific ideas from at least the three of theassigned readings that illustrate these values. Always name the authorwhose ideas you are discussing (use the author’s full name the firsttime you refer to him/her, after that, identify authors by their lastnames). 3. Provide in-text citations for all ideas, opinions, and factsderived from the course readings, whether you simply refer to them,paraphrase them (put them entirely into your own words), or quotethem. Place the in-text citation at the end of your sentence butbefore the period that ends your sentence. The in-text citation shouldgive the author’s last name (unless you’ve used it already in yoursentence), the year of publication (if known), and the appropriatepage number(s) from the reading (if page numbers are used in theonline text of the essay). Do not use the title of the reading unlessit does not have an author). Here’s an example of a citation for the Thomas Paine reading for Week1: (Paine, 1776). Here’s an example of a citation for the John Locke reading for Week 2: (Locke, 1689, pp. 46-47).

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