Information Security Plan

Research and write a 5 page paper on one of the following topics below. You are required to submit the paper through TurnItIn. You may choose to write a paper on a current cybersecurity topic of your choice if it is submitted in private messaging and I approve it prior to your beginning work on the paper. I encourage you to find a current and relevant topic that is scholarly in theme as a choice. · Change Management Plans for Secure IT Systems (CSO’s role in approving changes)· Assessment and Authorization for IT Systems (SSAA’s, DAA’s, ATO’s, etc. )· Information System Security Plans (see NIST SP 800-18 Appendix A)· Information Security Metrics and Measurements (Audits and/or Governance)This project is your only paper assignment for this course that will be a written assignment based on originality, research, compliance with APA format, stringent assessment with Turnitin for compliance, and thorough analysis of a current and relevant cybersecurity topic. Opinions must be supported with a citation. A reference list must be provided. A cover sheet must be included. Instructions for submission to TurnItIn have been provided and an originality report must also be submitted in your assignment folder. Your paper must demonstrate high level college work with text citations throughout the paper that correlate with your reference list entries. This is the only assignment that is not a policy in this course. Ensure that you have reviewed the APA tutorial for the 6th edition. Also, review TurnItIn requirements.