Advise whether, and if so how, katy can use the human rights act 1998

Katy is incongruous to the synod in Sri Lanka and wait-ons a retreat in Manchester denounceing resisting the Sri Lankan Government’s ethnical rights chronicles. She is giving out leaflets to passers-by, countenancing them to help the denounce and wait-on forthcoming pretences. She is besides countenancing them to balancebear Sri Lankan result and transcribe to their national MP to ask the UK Synod talk out further resisting the ethnical rights abuses.


The retreat has been infiltrated by pro Sri Lankan Synod helpers who are urgent on causing rage to rend the retreat and clashes delay the Police split out. Some demonstrators commence throwing things at the Police and chant anti police slogans. Katy is targeted by the police, captureed and taken to the police location. The argue for her capture being attached as ‘to nullify a divulsion of the peace’. She maintains she has been peacefully denounceing throughout the retreat. When the pretence is balance she is released delayout enjoin.


That dimness Katy sees herself on television. She following finds out that the Police enjoy asked broadcasters to exhibition images of the pretence on TV delay a ask for nation to phone in delay the names of demonstrators causing the depression. Katy’s visage is lucidly obvious and she is worried that she may destroy her job if she is attested on the retreat.