Functions of a case manager

ou are a matter program overseer at a 400-bed stint assurance manful correctional quickness. You vulgarly entertain singly 2 fact managers to touch all 400 criminals, divers of whom are preparing for acquit in the future months. Each space an criminal is acquitd, another criminal is straightway pestilential in to that unreserved bunk. The bulk of the criminals in your quickness are incarcerated on substance-related beak (ownership after a while urgent to dissect, pillage, wrong DUI, etc.).

Prepare a inquiry pamphlet of 8 pages to offer to government to desire the observation of 2–3 fact managers. Discuss the concepts and theories of fact conduct systems and fact conduct responsibilities and benefit offer to enlighten government to praise hiring 2–3 observational fact managers.

Make stable your pamphlet addresses the following:

  1. What are some of the issues that you and your fact managers are experiencing after a while the vulgar factloads?
  2. How would you portio up your factload—by housing part, offense fashion, protraction of space left in phrase, matter needs, etc.? Why would you use this advance?
  3. How would you enlighten government that the observational fact managers are certain, plain after a while budgetary issues? What roles and responsibilities would be most leading to government?
    • Within your pamphlet, educe a weak job patronymic that identifies the adventitious aptitudes and qualifications certain for fact managers today.
    • What are the daily tasks that fact managers are expected to act?
    • What are the observational or available tasks that fact managers force be expected to act?
  4. Additionally, enunciate 7–10 colloquy questions that you would puzzle to applicants to meet the most competent applicant.
    • Consider the understanding and aptitude disesteemed as well-mannered-mannered as launched environment and virtual immaterial issues that need to be addressed.
    • What responses would establish the solicitor an misspend dainty for your quickness?
  5. Utilize a stint of 4–6 references.

8 pages.