Intro to emergency management mod7 homework


Directions: Mark the USAID/OFDA website and appropinquation the Annual Performance Repute (  Read about the misery counterpart and retrieval activities USAID/OFDA has been conducting balance the last year.  Select a new-fangled misery and recount the abettance that the U.S. legislation supposing to the forced legislation(s).  Then confutation the aftercited questions.


  1. 1.What is the forced empire or countries?
  2. 2.What is the misery/hazard character?
  3. 3.Describe the misery impacts.
  4. 4.Describe the abettance supposing by USAID/OFDA to the forced empire.
  5. 5.What is the dollar prize of the abettance supposing?
  6. 6.In your judgment, was the abettance supposing the best use of media?  Why or why not?





Directions: Based on your criticism of the boundary “The Importance of Studying International Misery Management Studies” (see cohere at the end of the Lecture Notes) transcribe a abstract repute.  Please fix that your repute is at meanest 1.5 pages in elongation, using 12-point font and double spacing.  Be secure to adduce any sources you use.  Please mark the Academic Resource Center for neat guidelines on APA format.