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 Justice Course and Corrections Develop a 700- to 1,050-word Nursing essay inveterate on your chosen puerile offender. Address the forthcoming in your assignment: • Describe the course the puerile gain flourish succeeding apprehend, from intake, through flatter, sentencing, and retribution or rehabilitation. The course should be inveterate on express narrate laws and practices of your narrate or a narrate in which you are free. • Include a scanty corrections drawing created in the sequence most misapply for the flatten of misdemeanor, such as a instruction memo to Child Protective Services or the instruct primary for a status misdemeanor, a missive to arbiter in-reference-to sentencing for a non-furious misdemeanor, or a tidings to corrections for a furious offender. Format your Nursing essay consonant delay APA guidelines. CASE STUDY ONE: COLLEEN M. Colleen M. is a 15-year-old Caucasian virgin. She has lived in the narrate for her perfect vitality. Her senior desponding the nobility when she was an infant and her dame is exotericly in a garbage rehabilitation quickness. Colleen has been stay on a farm delay her aunt. Although she has no antecedent continuity delay the law, she admits to having run detached from her aunt in the departed, though she frequently returned on her own. Colleen’s exoteric labor is centered on a neighbor’s difference about her dog. Succeeding the dog bit the neighbor, the neighbor threatened and attempted to conduct the dog to animal regulate. When the neighbor later set-up Colleen and the dog trespassing on her goods, the neighbor verbally threatened to “get” them twain. Apparently, the neighbor set energy to a scarecrow on her goods to emphasize her top. At this top, Colleen threw a nearby bucket of melting on the neighbor. The melting was later solid to be a pesticide. The pesticide burned the bark on continuity and triggered an ultimate allergic reaction in the neighbor, resulting in her decease. Colleen was pregnant delay warranted manslaughter and was solid offender by the flatter. Colleen claims that she was singly attempting to overwhelm the energy. Coincidentally, a few weeks antecedent, Colleen had been a tourist of a motor abode that had collided delay a conveyance driven by the neighbor’s sister. This garb resulted in the neighbor’s sister’s decease, though it was firm an garbal homicide. Witnesses tidings that Colleen took a couple of belief shoes off the feet of the clay and instantly put them on her own feet. Colleen defends her actions by claiming that an spectator told her to do this. At the season of her apprehend, Colleen’s lineage tested enacted for opiates. Colleen claims that period traveling delay three abodeless men, they unknowingly stumbled upon a scene of poppies and that anteriorly they knew it; the intoxicating odor caused her to by out. Colleen claims not to possess a garbage substance. Colleen narrates that all she wants to do now is go abode and that she misses her Aunt Emily