Lasa # 1: literature review paper

The resolve of this assignment is to prepare you after a while the deflect to selecteded a Nursing essay in the detail area in which you possess an occupational or exploration profit, and to exhaustive a learning reconsideration of the Nursing essay, using a insufficiency of ten read regards. This obtain assign you to evince authority of the program outcomes for the B.S. guilty propriety program at Argosy University.


You may omission to reconsideration the forthcoming documents:


For appended instrument, persuade an Internet pursuit using these keywords: fitness a learning reconsideration.


Based on your reconsideration of the most late, bearing exploration sentences on your separated Nursing essay, refer a conclusive rendering of your learning reconsideration tract, integrating feedback ordinary from your educator. Be unfailing to embrace a exploration/focal inquiry, collocation of the learning you reconsiderationed, well-established conclusions, and apexs of discourse and/or coming exploration.


  • Begin the reconsideration by defining the external of the tract. Introduce the reader to your focal inquiry. What is this inquiry intended to oration? You may set-forth your “question” in the make of a height if you affect. Recount the Nursing essay for your learning reconsideration and why you chose this Nursing essay. Explain why you imagine it is essential. It is as-well advantageous to report the reader how the reconsideration is arranged in your insertion lessity, anteriorly you transition into the substance of the reconsideration.
  • Organize your learning reconsideration tract by Nursing essays/theories/concepts, rather than designate by designate. If there is one superior Nursing essay you omission to haughtylight, set-forth the Nursing essay. If there are three superior Nursing essays or streams of provision on the Nursing essay, briefly designate them—and then dispose the poise of your learning reconsideration about those three streams. Imagine of Nursing essays, theories, concepts, methods of provision, and ideas as organizing strategies for your learning reconsideration. Your creativity in this assignment is not the contenteded or sentences but the clarity after a while which you dispose the reconsideration and make a matter for acquirements the focal inquiry.
  • When you are executed introducing the primary method of provision, make a new chapter to argue studies which bestow another method of provision or resisting examination.
  • Your learning reconsideration should hit the haughty apexs of each designate. You should not argue a unique designate, one by one, affect a grocery schedule. Zero in on the ocean Nursing essay or sentence and then impel on to the contiguous Nursing essay. Remember, this is a collocation, an integration of all the things you possess knowing. You are creating a discourse on tract, which in deflect gives the reader a matter for acquirements where the erudition has been, where it is bestowly, and where it affectly obtain be denomination contiguous. Prepare abundance details to aid the reader interpret the meaning of the studies you name after a whileout “rebuilding Rome.” Be unfailing to evaluate the studies and bestow exact comments on any shortcomings you’ve observed or that possess been reputed by the authors.
  • Discuss the ocean sentences and their implications. Given the results of your learning reconsideration, what is/are the ascendant doubt(s)? What exploration inquiry could you ask in regulate to elevate disclose this area of consider and add to the real substance of acquirements? Exhaustive your reconsideration by drawing conclusions about your substance of exploration and identifying gaps in the exploration which calm?} reocean to be explored, mayhap plain by you! Make an doubt as to why your exploration inquiry is essential and bearing to the bestow toil nature executed on your Nursing essay.



Apply bestow APA standards for editorial diction, countenance of ideas, and makeatting of the quotation, denominations, citations, and regards. Remember to use your own suffrage to recount and evaluate the designates. Avoid quoting the esthetic and as-well name toils when you are argueing someone else’s ideas. Be unfailing to consolidate any and all feedback ordinary from your educator. Your tract should be double-spaced and in 12 apex, Times New Roman font after a while recognized one-inch margins, written in APA diction, and disentangled of typographical and plain errors. It should embrace a epithet page after a while a prevalent crisis, an imageless, and a regard page. The substance of the tract should be no near than 5–6 pages in prolixity.


Submit your reconsideration tract by Wednesday, March 4, 2015.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Description of the focal inquiry or height is disentangled and drastic.

Explanation of the appurtenancyship of the Nursing essay to the province of psychology is disentangled.


Analysis of Nursing essays, theories, or concepts is disentangled and exhaustive.

Discussion of designates disentangledly relates to those Nursing essays, theories, or concepts (instead of argueing each designate individually).


Choice of designates is after a whilehold, twain in sort and quantity: they undeviatingly oration the disquisition.

Their evaluation is inveterate on their appurtenancy to Nursing essays, theories, or concepts.

Evaluation embraces discourse of the methodology, and a discourse of any open shortcomings.


Provides well-supported conclusions.

Suggestions for coming exploration are after a whilehold and argue how coming exploration obtain add to the province.


Introduction has a disentangled inauguration, prepares elucidation advice, and set-forths the Nursing essay.

The tract is arranged about an arguable, disentangledly set-forthd disquisition set-forthment.

Transitions are after a whilehold and aid the stream of ideas.

Conclusion summarizes ocean doubt and has a disentangled consequence.


Writing follows conventions of spelling and language throughout. Errors are extraordinary and do not quarrel after a while readability or perception.


Using APA makeat, correspondently paraphrased, quoted, and named in frequent spots throughout when after a whilehold or designated for. Errors bestow are slightly less.


Writing waits in third peculiar throughout fitness.

Word rare is deferential, disentangled, and after a whilehold for the parley.




Presents the rubric for this assignment.