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Unit 4 Assignment: Lawful Doctor Chart

For this assignment, revisal the theories of the lawful doctors we entertain thoughtful so far in the route, prefer any five of these doctors and use the Unit 4 Assignment Template to thorough your Lawful Doctor Chart. As involved in the template, for each of the five doctors you entertain clarified, spectry the doctor, define the doctor’s scheme in point, gustation the scheme, and oneness the doctor as either a lawful positivist or a intrinsic law theorist. To gustation each scheme, you should evaluate the sinew of the scheme and establish any theoretically operative criticisms of the scheme.

Be unmistakable to incorporate each scheme in your own tone and refer-to to the bearing page(s) in the Murphy citation as your antecedent. In adduction, refer-to to at smallest two adductional instrument as antecedent.

Submit your Unit 4 Template to the Dropbox by the end of Unit 4 in the basket titled Unit 4 Assignment.

Here is the Unit 4 Assignment Checklist.


  1. Did you spectry 5 lawful doctors, incorporate the scheme of each doctor in your own tone, and establish each doctor as a lawful positivist or intrinsic law theorist?
  2. Did you gustation each doctor’s scheme by evaluating the sinew of the scheme and establishing any theoretically operative criticisms of the scheme?
  3. Did you likeness inside citations in the organization of the citation as courteous as a adapted register of references at the end of the article, subjoined APA diction and apprehend references to at smallest two sources other than the citationbook?