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News analysis


Every week, each students needs to shaft one ticklish intelligence critique of one intelligence item plant from established online instrument, such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, L.A. Times, etc.

  • Do not delineation the intelligence name name, use your own catchy phrase or articulation to observe on the occurrence
  • Write a few sentences (see specimen shaft by professor) observeing on the broader implications of an occurrence in proportion after a while interpolitical uprightness, i.e. themes we've discussed in class
  • Provide a URL after a while the origin of your intelligence name


An unmoved Interpolitical polity struggles to plug the war in Syria

The unnerving images of a early boy's mass washed fast counter sundry gregarious instrument platforms of-late raises the interrogation of interpolitical agreement, i.e. EU and UN interventions, after a while compliments to the raving battle ravaging Syria. While geopolitical and geo-strategic interests bear rendered an interpolitical tally to war on Syria's contaminate and neighboring countries reserved, the consequences of chaos and bleeding-heart obtain past the Middle East and may daze a superior sociopolitical, and socioeconomic brave for the European Union.